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  1. 4JlEH30CM


    yesterday was Miller Rally Grandprix and i didnt know before how much cool it is! its really amazing diversity for gameplay.

    i wish to see Event continent for rally and/or flying races with gates through which you need to fly/ride. continents unlocked in weekends on short time and everything in automatical mode, if you not going through checkpoint then you can't be in finish results.

    1. weapons locked
    2. weapons unlocked on some segments of the path
    3. some random obstacles on paths like thunderstorm, orbital strikes, hardlight barier, caltrops etc
    4. without obstacles
    5. without models collision because who on starting first line is have benefit so without col everybody can be on first line
    6. with collision and obstacles, messy race

    i know that i can just play on another racing game but i love Planetside and its just so cool when you do it one game and its its good diversity. you fight bam you race a bit bam you fight again.
  2. Blue_Lion

    The guild I am in (the wild cards) does a race to determine who will be the next pilot of the bastion. Basically we all get in harassers and racing ants, then have to drive around the map through several combat zones. Who ever crosses all the points first and gets to the end gets to be the next bastion pilot. Getting through combat without a gunner is part of the race.
  3. JibbaJabba


    General rules:
    All participants divided in two groups. One goes clockwise, other counter clockwise.
    No weapons on harassers.
    Anyone killed may spawn at the finish line area and place deployables.
    OR - spawn on the bridge and pull a decimator.
    4 laps is usually enough to kill most participants and determine a winner from remaining.