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  1. RabidIBM

    Here I go building again! This is another firepower/logistics base that doesn't have anything to do with fortification. It's built from the Western Warpgate on Esamir, and the idea (which didn't work out in the example I'm showing) is that it helps secure the southern front so thoroughly that you can mostly ignore it once you've got the job done. Map time!
    Jaeger's Crossing is a real bugger of a base to take, which means once you have it you have a secure position. Not only is it secured by being a 3 pointer, it also has that frozen river which vehicles from the southern warpgate must cross without any cover to get back into it. This means that once you have it you can occasionally redeploy a flash mob defense, clear out the spawn points, and then leave again to deal with your eastern rival. Other than that, if there's even 25% friendly pop of pubs defending it, it won't go down quickly.

    Enough about Jaeger's Crossing though, we're here to talk about a constructed base. The actual base itself is my standard layout:
    -Sundy garage with all the guts
    -Infantry tower or pillbox on one of the bay doors, in this case it's a tower
    -Vehicle pad on the other bay door, spawn tube at this end of the garage so players can spawn right by the vehicle pad
    -Tripod of turrets - Anti infantry turret has line of sight to the vehicle and air pads to deter hackers
    -Air pad, Silo, routing spire and OS placed wherever they will fit, keep it as tight as you can
    -Finally, a perimeter of ramparts, vehicle gates and blast walls placed as required. Make sure spawning vehicles have an easy exit, and ants have an easy drop off to the silo.
    Once you have all this, you have material advantage for the battle of Jaeger's, and occasional Meme Beams, making for a decent, if not overwhelming, force multiplier. The thing about this layout is that one player can build it all. A cortium helper or two is nice, but there are enough crystal spawns nearby that it's not strictly necessary.

    Now, in this instance I built it aggressively, with line of sight to Jaeger's Crossing. With the terrain in the area, it is possible to build it more cautiously, behind terrain, but I decided that didn't sound as fun.
    Now, I have a question for the snipers out there, since nobody in my platoon checked this for me. That screen shot where I'm looking through the scope of my Archer out the window of my infantry tower, is that a good sniping spot? I don't play sniper, I'm garbage at it. I imagined that might be a good spot to suppress the pads of the tower, but could I get feedback on that point? Thanks. Oh, and yes, I did occasionally have to deal with fracture maxes standing inside the tower shields pelting my stuff. They don't score anything unless they kill it, I have a rep module and the cold heart implant, they get bored eventually and stop shooting.

    One more thing I almost forgot, that vehicle pad spawns lightnings in a very dominant position for the fight at Jaeger's Fist. I'll just leave the picture and let you image what even a handful of Lightnings could do from this position.
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  2. MagnusLee

    Rabid, your favorite Magnus here. It looks like a decent spot for sniping, but to be sure, next time we're in that area we can rebuild and check it out. It does look decent though for sniping the air pads and walkways and such, but I won't know 100% until I can put scope on it.
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