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    It's been a bit since I posted a base, and I'll be honest, I'm running out of gas here. This project is almost done. This base is once again not about fortification, it's about logistics and firepower. Lets look at the map:
    This base is built from the southern warpgate to control lattice if your faction is doing particularly well against the north east warpgate. The yellow lines are the territory you are attempting to hold, the Bravo squad waypoint is a valley that the base is built in, and the red arrows are your enemy's attack options. Bravata PMC Compound, being a 3 pointer, is no soft target, and Zotz North Garden is both easier to attack, and a whole lot closer to their warpgate, so much more likely to be attacked first. Zotz North Garden is still decently defendable if you have the population available, and by holding it, you aren't just holding this one base, but a whole lot of territory behind it. Additionally, you deny your enemy access the pop sinky biolab.

    So, all up, the goals here are:
    -Defend all the territory behind an advanced position for your faction.
    -Steer the bio farmers to Acan instead of Zotz.
    -Defend outfit resource production from Zotz Biolab.
    And these goals are accomplished by:
    -Building an OS uplink 200 meters away from the control point to strike it every 5 minutes or so.
    -Building an Air pad extremely close to the fight so your platoon can spam ATG ESFs.

    Next screenshot, the OS
    Now, this doesn't need to be precisely where I have it here, so don't worry about how close up I am, the important point is that my personal waypoint is set on the control point in Zotz North Garden, and this uplink is slightly more than 200 meters away from it. This way my dart doesn't fail to call in the strike because it was only 199 meters away instead of the required 200.

    Other than that there really isn't anything weird going on here. I'll throw in a couple more screen shots, but the components are:
    -A garage with the pain spire on the north end, spawn tube and modules
    -A pillbox on the north end of the garage. Infantry will sometimes wander in from the north, this gives you a position to shoot them from, and it's covered by the pain spire.
    -A vehicle gate on the southern entrance
    -Your 3 defense turrets around the garage
    -The air pad, which you want to test to make sure it isn't throwing aircraft into a branch...Hossin is great...
    -And the OS.
    And like that, you have yourself an aggressively placed force multiplier.
    I'm thinking through the construction I have left to post, and I think I have 3 episodes left in me. There are two other bases that are similar in theme to this one, and I still need to do a post about anti-bases.
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