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    This one is a very cheeky build that I don't get to do very often. It requires the eastern warpgate, and is only built when your faction has enough advantage to push for a capture of all of the satellite bases of Mani Biolab. This very rarely happens, as the two northern warpgates are so close together that what usually happens is 96+ on either side grind away at Mani. However, once you have them, Mani tower is one of those bases that only has one realistic place to deploy an attacking sunderer, and this build denies access to that location.

    Here's a view of one of the big reasons to build here:
    This AV tower easily pops any sunderer that tries to deploy here. IMO this base needs a do over, but that is what it is, and this really helps you defend it.

    Now, lets back things up a bit.
    Look at my mini map here. You can see there is a gap between the no build zones just barely big enough to fit into.

    And this is the end result:
    Now, the north end is completely open because that's where I run into the no build zone, but the idea is that any vehicles can't linger in that area if this base is defended. Now, my outfit had a bastion pulled while I was building this tonight, and they were having a blast over at mid map. So once the TR sent two squads at me, I got rolled. It wasn't a good test of the base however, as it was just me plus a couple other people who showed up against multiple squads with tanks and a colossus. The idea here is that this can all be built by one person (although a couple cortium runners would have been nice) and provides a second front for defenders of Mani Tower to attack the attackers. It also does help with Mani Lake Satellite.
    If attackers have achieved effective control of Mani Lake Satellite and are just waiting out the timer, getting anything to this garage can be very difficult. The location and angle of this build allows you to much more rapidly get harassers or lightnings to this location to bust the sundy.

    The ultimate goal here is to make Mani the less accessible Biolab for the population among your western rival who don't care about strategy or alerts, and just want to farm a biolab all day. If they can't get into Mani, they might go to Andvari instead, and pop sink your other rival instead of you.

    And for good measure, here are a couple more screen shots:
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