[Guide] Rabid Construction: Episode 5, Echo Valley Substation

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  1. RabidIBM

    I was digging through my screen shots for another reason, and found I already had some of this build, so here goes:

    So, to start, why even build here? Let's look at the map:
    This base is intended to be built from the southern warpgate, and asserts dominance over Echo Valley Substation. As you can see, ownership of that base makes the difference between having 1 attack option in this area, and 3. It also is on the end of a lateral push lane. I don't know what the devs were thinking making that, I don't know why anyone would ever push a lateral push lane when it is much easier to just cut it at either end. It's a real shame too, Terran BL-4 crash site is a cool base that rarely sees action, and so is East River Sky Station. BL-4 Recovery point is supposed to be there specifically for builders like me, but I won't touch it because it is pointless to fortify that. Anyways, that is what it is, and Echo Valley is a critical hold.

    Next, I need to address what this base is and isn't. In my first write up on construction I stated that there are 3 major benefits of construction: Logistics, firepower and sometimes fortification. This base is not a fortification base. It includes fortifications to protect the firepower and logistics, but it is not here for the sake of the fortifications. If Echo Valley falls, enemies can quite easily go around this base due to the flat layout of Esamir. This base is primarily a firepower base, that also provides logistics.

    So, what is the center piece building which this base is built to support? Of all things, it is a short AV turret.
    Echo Valley is one of those bases that has an obvious best spot to place the sunderer, and if attackers don't have one here they are at a disadvantage because longer run time from the spawn point is effectively a longer respawn timer. This AV turret shoots the best spot to place attacking sunderers, which is that curved "banana building".

    Ok, now an aerial view of the rest.
    The numbers are the order I recommend placement to make everything fit.
    1. The silo at the back of that flat. Building on a slope is basically impossible, so put it as close to the slope as you can. This way you are using terrain as cover from tank fire from across Echo Valley. As you can see, I also put a blast wall up to help. This is an easy drop off for ants too.
    2. That's the AV turret this base is made for.
    3. Vehicle gate. It's a bit awkward to place that, but it will go if you wiggle enough.
    4. The infantry tower, this is a close to the no build zone as allowed, and has decent sight lines too.
    5. Standard Sundy Garage full of modules and a pain spire.
    6. The vehicle pad, I didn't quite get the rotation right here, it's meant to send new vehicles down that snowy ramp, in this case a few might flip on spawn.
    7. The air pad. It's difficult to get this one to place, but it will go. And of course there is the trusty routing spire beside it. This base is centrally located on the map, so it doesn't take long to get a router anywhere.
    8. The OS, again a tight placement, but it really helps when the enemy have a router on A point. It doesn't do that much for the actual infantry fight, as everyone is indoors, and it is not enough firepower to instant kill a sundy.
    9. This wall protects you troops from snipers while they draw vehicles. It is placed after the OS because you might not be able to fit the OS if you place this wall first.

    Here's a couple more screen shots for good measure.
    Now, again, it's easy to go around this base, and while I didn't really show it, you needs a gate and rampart walls on the south side. Don't place anything on the road but gates, as friendly vehicle traffic still needs to get through.
  2. vonRichtschuetz

    Same problem as with every other PMB. As soon as it's actually in the way, it gets nuked.

    I'd love to build actual bases, especially roadblocks, but if outfit orbitals don't receive a hard nerf in usability or PMBs can get protection that withstands more than one hit, it's just not doable.

    I've had some of the most fun in this game at PMB battles. Sometimes even had the other faction thank us for the battle. It was one of the few situations where combined arms actually happened.

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