Quiting PlanetSide 2 For A While, What Really Bothers Me

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Chronicle101, Sep 21, 2013.

  1. Chronicle101

    This isn't anything bad with the game, just a population issue. I notice Connery and Waterson usually have more bigger battles in certain areas than the server I am no now, Matherson. I am NC and have logged 63 hours so far on Planetside 2 and I have about 253 certs right now. I am hoping Matherson and Waterson will be merged when Hossin is released and I probably won't go back to playing until this happens, since I am in eastern time zone. Both these servers are Est servers.

    Another thing that is bothering me is I keep contemplating whether I should switch to Vanu or not. They do have overpowered default starting weapons but I really like their colors and music, their tank is great to, still I don't know about the spandex look, I keep comparing them with NC and I just can't choose! It is really bothering me that I can't form a decision on if I should switch or not, I keep contemplating it.

    Can anyone provide their opinion? Maybe it will sway my decision and I will actually switch to Vanu.
  2. Kodaa

    Wait, so you're saying it took you 63 hours to earn those 253 certs? I'm not judging, just looking for clarification.
  3. ({x})Kyoji

    you clearly haven't been playing long then.
  4. LibertyRevolution

    Make a VS on waterson, VS need pop on waterson.
    Go look up Xoo and run with them, they will get you off to a good start.

    Leave your NC, no reason to delete it, just log him in for his daily certs and roll VS for awhile.

    I also am hoping they merge Waterson and Matterson after hosin.. I'm tired of playing indarside2..
  5. Chronicle101

    I have only been playing for one week and I have earned more certs than that, I spent a lot of it.
  6. Kid Gloves

    Normally I'd make some kind of quip about 'don't let the door...' but I'm kinda hunting around for something else to play until this WDS blows over.

    I totally understand what the dev's are trying to do, but I'll probably start playing a bit more seriously once they've actually done something about the population problems rather than preparing to do something.

    But hey, on the plus side my lack of playing is still valid data.

    And I can always count on forumside for my PBP PvP action :)
  7. thepackett

    There are no overpowered starting weapons, just saying.
    On a more related note, feel free to stop playing for a while. It's good to have a break from a game you're frustrated with. The one good thing about planetside 2 is that if you leave it for long enough it will have changed. Or if you want to keep playing then maybe watch videos on how to improve, or roll with a faction that will help you get better at the game. Just have fun no matter what you do, this is a game after all.
  8. Chronicle101

    The Vanu light machine gun and light infantry rifle are highly overpowered, you can kill people very fast at close range with the light machine gun and it has better range than the Gauss with more accuracy and no bullet job.
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  9. Kid Gloves

    The Orion is a really good CQC machine gun, and it is fairly nifty out of the box. It sucks at ranges beyond ~80m, because the CoF blooms up and the damage-per-shot is pretty lousy. It makes up for this by having a 0.75 move speed modifier when ADSing, making it more like a carbine on sterioids than a LMG.

    The Gauss SAW, on the other hand, puts out insane amounts of damage and is effective at larger ranges. Its problem is its recoil is a ***** to control and its optimal range wants a scope. The out-of-the-box SAW is pretty awful to use as a new player, but with some cert investment in a scope, a recoil compensator and a forward grip it turns into a truly devastating weapon - it got the nickname 'God SAW' for a reason.

    This is part of what I see as a much bigger problem through PS2 in general: there's insufficient consideration to the new player vs. skilled player experience. The TR have the best new-player weapons, with the VS a close-ish second and the NC might as well hold up a 'go away' sign due to how poor their new player experience is. However, the NC weapons scale better with skill.


    A TR vs NC where both are newb, the TR has the advantage. His weapons are easier to handle, his weapons are easier to be effective with.

    A TR vs NC where both are skilled, the NC has the advantage. The TR weapons are pretty much at 'maximum performance' from the get-go, but the NC soldier 'grows into' his gun and turns it into something much deadlier.

    The fault is with the NC weapons: the TR player can spend certs/SC in picking up a new gun that allows for higher skill cap, while the NC needs to spend certs/SC to get an -easier- gun. By the time an NC player has sufficient certs/SC to invest, they don't need an easier gun anymore.
  10. Jalek

    You can't play on Mattherson without being VS, I think it's a rule.
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