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  1. tost

    Auto respawning is a bad idea without some sort of permanent opt out. Please make it so that there is a settings option that prevents auto spawning or make it so that you are required to press space to auto respawn when the timer is over.

    Edit : It also seems to reduce the effectiveness of medics since quite a few people just auto respawn which makes it difficult to identify who needs a revive - clear the immediate area - get behind some cover - start to revive within the 10 or so seconds it takes for the auto respawn.
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  2. Mylon

    That's a good point. As a medic my goal is to kill the guy that killed my ally first (or make sure he's off licking his wounds) and then pick him up. The auto-respawn would take him away if I do anything but charge mindlessly into enemy fire with a medic tool.
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  3. Gokki

    The respawning UI needs to be WAY more prominent. With red and green colours denoting if i'm spawning or not (text is not useful and ambiguous).
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  4. Pikachu

    I noticed auto quick spawn too and it seems to be random.

    Note about dearhscreen, its worse than ever at telling the correct damage source. Have your vehicle destroyed by a rocket and it shown suicide often.
  5. Phyr

    I don't like it being tied to the spacebar, and I want the deathscreen to go away as soon as I hit the button.
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  6. Akuma

    Also, the text seems very small where you will spawn to, could be bigger in my opinion.
  7. _Kip

    I kinda like the new quickspawn. It can let most people get back into it as fast as possible.

    There is an issue though. While Space can toggles auto-respawn (which is good), clicking also toggles the auto-respawn.

    So if I'm sitting waiting for a medic I know is near my and I decided to spin the avatar of the guy who killed me ( I'm a sucker for spinning things ) I've just toggle respawning back on and vanish as the medic is doing their job.

    Having the option is great though, and people who don't like it can still press escape and pick where they want to go manually (like before). Just wish it was harder to toggle back and forth on auto-respawn.
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  8. Benwah

    It's really disorienting going from "click to exit death screen" to "click to do a quick spawn." Perhaps there should be a specific button that you press for the spawn, then same old operation for everything else.
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  9. WinchesterLock

    I agree, while I like having the option of quick spawning, I would like a way to opt out. It is also a bit annoying that left click also causes quick respawn (which isn't shown on the death screen).
  10. LCTR

    I was enthused when I heard the idea....

    But after trying it out I'm really not sold in its current implementation.

    As a medic I'm finding people are respawning VERY quickly - and of course they then have to to the run from the spawn location back to the front lines.

    There needs to be some sort of proximity alert on the death screen to tell people: "wait, you're probably about to be revived".

    Additionally, this 'tied to previous spawn location' idea actually stops people using more advantageously positioned sunderers. The one you spawn from may be theoretically closer, but the one on the other side of the base is in a more tactical position.

    I know people can opt to see the map as normal but there is the obvious incentive just to respawn again...

    Although good in concept and intention, I have to say I think it needs some major tuning before pushing it to Live.
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  11. Schlauke

    +1 for being able to opt out of the quick spawn system with some game option, or at least make it so that it ONLY triggers on space bar push, better yet make the key rebindable to whatever we want.
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  12. Firejack

    Overall I thought the new Quick Spawn system was OK but needed some changes.

    I like.....
    • the fact there is no loading screens between respawning.
    I don't like....
    • This was driving me insane. I couldn't work out why I was Quick spawning sometimes when a medic was standing over me. Then I realised Space + left click trigger the Quick spawn timer... annoying.
    • When your last spawn point is taken/destroyed and you have hit Quick Spawn it spawns you at the nearest base instead of bringing up the old spawn screen giving you a choice where to spawn. I found myself having to Redeploy a few times after using Quick Spawn and it added more time overall instead of saying it.
    • Finally when I was a MAX and went to Quick Spawn I found there was no feedback that I was unable to Quick Spawn as another MAX because I was out of Nanites. The current Spawn screen needs to be shown in this situation.
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  13. Astriania

    Getting rid of the load time when you respawn into the same location is excellent.

    However, I'm not liking the 'respawn direct from the death screen'. By not hopping back to the map, you lose context about whether it makes sense to spawn there, and on live this will just encourage people to Viper/PPA farm Sunderers and let the pubbies keep respawning into the line of fire. It saves you one click at the cost of any tactical orientation. In addition, with such a short timer, people are respawning before a medic can get to them.

    I'd prefer not to see the respawn option on the death screen at all. What we have now on Live is fine in terms of usability. I don't think that new players are seriously put off by having to select a deployment point, but if they are confused by it, highlight the previous spawn option in the deployment list on the normal deploy screen.

    If you insist on adding this, it needs some changes:
    - it should never auto-deploy
    - the key to deploy at the default location should be 'U' or your current Redeploy bind, not space and not clicking
    - if you're still waiting, having pressed 'U' too soon, and a medic starts to revive you, it should go back to not spawning
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  14. sixoo

    i "suppose" , this is also a console thing. you die, you just press a button and you respawn at the most near location/sunderer you were before.

    it will be fast and simple, like you spawn in a deathmatch game or any map of Destiny... many ppl will play as this.

    i think soe it's already making some choices with an unified mind for both the platforms, so they don't need to make everything different at all.
  15. drhead

    The system would be fine with a few tweaks:
    • Stop the timer if there is a medic within a certain distance (about 15m)
    • Prevent the user from respawning for 1-2 seconds after a medic starts to revive you
    • If you die in a vehicle, spawn where the driver spawned. If you are the driver, spawn at the nearest base that allows you to pull a vehicle of the type you lost.
  16. Neodym

    I think the system would be pretty nice IF the system remembers your LAST spawn and not the nearest spawn. And if your last spawn is destroyed or gone you automatically open the old respawn map.
  17. Mexiguy

    Honestly it feels like it takes too much from the game and offers very little in return, it need a serious reworks as it was pointed by several people.
  18. Kisswhere

    I certainly hope we can do something in game options to keep the old system. I like to pause after each death and evaluate the situation, and I prefer that pause to be the default action.
  19. Qel

    I'd really like it if we could have a way of locking our spawn. For example a tick box that only takes outfit/platoon spawn points into account and another option where you can simply say I want to spawn here. I say this because in the most recent fight for example we were attacking Allatum bio lab, so the sunderer was set up next to a teleporter. Someone then placed a sunderer closer to the base but in a pointless location and people ended up spawning there instead.
  20. Mexiguy

    It also would be helpful if it told you what Sunderer are you gonna spawn in, I was happily quickspawning from a well-placed sundy on a biolab fight until it got killed an I didn't realized it until I spawned on a random Sundy on the other side of the bioilab