Quick question about Performance fix

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  1. Kunavi

    Is it coming after all? Just that. Cuz even on SOE Live I heard nothing about it, nothing but vague words that there might be a solution "Soon" ETC ETC. I want to know if it's time to cancel my subscription at the end of the cycle. And playing all Low and all Off just to have 60 FPS in large fights is getting sooo old, my eyes hurt from the garish colours and bad rendering in these options. Also does anyone else get their ESF rekt in 2-4 Burster shots(At least it sounds like that plus I just get almost InstaGibbed in 1"), while they need 2-3 clips each hand to down enemy ESFs? Am I missing something? Cuz I sure as Hell am not missing my targets according to the hit markers. It's kind of like the same that happens with Infantry.
  2. gigastar

    1) Make sure your hardware is up to the job.

    2) Even assuming your hardware is up to the job, fixing a performance issue is not easy.

    3) It might not even be a performance issue, it could just be the sheer number of players in a given area.
  3. Allin

    My thoughts exactly. Apart from the fact you can be targeted by 2-5 burster maxes at once camping in spawnroom (seems to be popular after roof removal) there's no explanation for that.

    On the performance though - you SHOULD NOT play on low. Many, many players confirmend that medium settings with AA, shadows, ambient occlusion off got them much better frames than going bottom low.

    On the other hand, this game behaves as it wants. My friend has worse cpu than me (me i7-3770k, him i7-2600K) and better graphic card (me R7970 3GB, him Nvidia GTX 780), FPS counter say I am CPU LOCKED, meaning my graphic card still has power reserves, while cpu is on max capability - he gets solid 60 fps in massive massive fights where my fps dip to 30-35. So, if the CPU is the cause of bottleneck, how can it be dipping on my system and not my friend's one (it says CPU locked for him too).

    Engine is better than it was, but honestly it's still crazy. With the game like that though, it's not surprising. It's not another corridor shooter after all.
  4. Kirbs

    I seem to get some pretty harsh frame rates on Hossin compared to Indar, but honestly its to be expected because Hossin is unfinished. I realize that the developers want to see how the game is actually played first before optimizing the content, which to me seems completely logical considering a test server could never give the feedback a live server can give.

    Having said that, Hossin has been out a while now and any changes that need to be made should really have been addressed. Not necessarily through an in-game implementation but at least some communication saying "Here, these are the problems we plan on addressing very soon".

    Are you guys finding you are having a problem on all continents or just some of them, and if so, when and what server?
  5. kadney

    Afaik they implemented some fixes for the PS4 version that will make it's way to the PC someday soon™.
  6. Halo572

    It is very important to accept that:

    a) the Internet is broken
    b) all PC technology is broken
    c) physics is broken

    The top brains are working on fixing the world and when it eventually does catch up to Planetside 2 you will experience it how it should always have been played.

    Until technology and the natural laws are fixed you'll just have to bear with the Universe, it isn't perfect you know

    Luckily The Broken Everything is good enough for everything else apart for PS2 to work perfectly, so be thankful for that.