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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by codeForge, Nov 21, 2012.

  1. SupremeJ

    Code Forge thanks for responding to me!!! I thought I was lost in the sauce for a minute. I'm running on Low settings which was recommended to me. Resolution is set to 1280-720 All drivers are up to date and bios is current. Yes My card is crappy but I'm running a fairly low res. I have a gtx 560 so I should see some improvements soon.
  2. SupremeJ

    I'm running at 1360 x 768 res.
  3. Sheeepy

    Many guys still can't get good fps but with my specs, the fps has increased amazingly well. About three months ago when I stopped playing I had Low-settings and fps 30-40, but only 20-30 in big battles. I started playing few days ago and I can play with normal settings (shadows and effects in high) and fps between 50-60 and in big battles the fps is always over 40. Great work!

    My specs are
    HD 6870
    8gb RAM
  4. codeForge

    Supreme, I have a GTx 560 as one of my home machines with an earlier version i5 and I get a much better frame rate than you're describing. Please try hitting the "Reset to Default" or just delete your UserOptions.ini file (which will cause us to reset to defaults) and see if that works. I would expect you to get higher FPS than you're seeing, honestly.
  5. SupremeJ

    CodeForge I just got in to start and extensive test to see if I can squeeze more frames. After I deleted the UserOptions file my machine defaulted to 1920x1080 with Everything set to Medium. Upon hitting the reset to defaults the game switches everything to overall quality medium but everything is set to low.(flora lighting and such)
  6. Bobaflay

    Somehow the game is slower then before. I just dont know why...
  7. Gammit

    and how did it play?
  8. SupremeJ

    Weird to say the least. I can play but my settings are defaulting to medium across the board. When I hit the "reset to defaults" I get put in Medium overal quality with all the effects and such set to low. I have seen an increase in frames in a medium sized battle 80 people or so I would say of about 5 frames sitting around 45-50. But in the larger amp station type stuff. I crawl to 20 frames like I used to. My game does feel smoother so they did something but on my rig I can't see a huge difference. For some reason I feel as if I have a weird processor that they just haven't put through the ringer or something. I play Battlefield 4 at 30 frames in 64 player mayhem on medium across the board so I don't have a clue what's going on.
  9. SupremeJ

    I recently got my gtx 560 back from RMA. (They replaced my 1 gb card with a 2gb card yay!!!) I have seen a major performance increase!! The game now defaults to high everything. I was in a major battle tanks sundies aircraft infantry and saw the game dip no lower than 40 frames. That makes this game playable for me!!
  10. N7Havoc

    I've been getting a lot of frame drops from 40-60 (a nice improvement since pre-PU01) down to 10 or so. They tend to increase in frequency, but only start after my first 10 minutes or so of playing.
    I just send in a support ticket describing all the issues I'm having, I hope there's some solutions out there. The game was running just fine before PU01.
    The real kicker is the weird "hitching" stop and go type movement that starts maybe 15-20 min into every gaming session. It gets worse until I just can't play through it.
    I've tried a number of things including deleting the useroptions.ini file. That was the only move that seemed to help a bit. I haven't had too many frame drops since, BUT that hitching issue is definitely there. Playing at lower settings didn't seem to get rid of it. What is weird is that when I mess with settings (say I turn motion blur on) the hitching goes away for 30 seconds or so. I also tried using Alt-Tab and disabling my firewalls, then when I came back the hitching was delayed another 20 min. I really can't make sense of it.
    I feel like there's got to be something that's changed for the worst since the last update.
    I'm on an alienware m17x r3 laptop
    radeon HD 6900M
    16 gb ram
    2760QM 2.4 GHz
  11. etmecho

    I've been getting smooth fps luckily, not sure why others have huge drops.
    I'm averaging around 45 fps. Some occasions (lots of stuff goin on) I might dip into the 30s.

    Settings: Overall Ultra Setting applied, 1680x1050

    My system:
    AMD FX8320 @ 4ghz
    Visiontek HD7790 - stock gpu clock and mem freq - latest AMD catalyst released sept 2013
    2x4GB Kingston HyperX 1600
    Windows 7
  12. lunate

    I am not sure what they have change to wow, but it was running on a 2D game engine, last i know of. Why cause 2D game engine can support its majority of players, at that time which was 10years ago. Not only that in wow all spells/range weapon auto home to its targets, that's what I know from the last time. Unless of course they changed it. But I doubt it would cause porting over 2mil people from a server to a super computer. Too expensive and too painful. Wow doesn't need as much processing power to calculate where the projectile will land, cause it homes. LOS is base on the player sight, compared to PS2 every bullet have to be individual calculated on the collision course in which it will land. Like BF4/COD but in a larger scale of up to 2000 players. The processing power require for that is so much higher than wow as this is a 3D game engine. So tell me of a game that can calculate each projectiles to know where its shooting, but not home onto the player.
  13. Princess Celestia

    Same boat, running at 1920x1080.
    Dropped from 90-110fps to 20-30.
  14. AlexR

    Guys, all the problems might be on your side. Settings, software installed and other stuff. I have an old Asus G73JH laptop (i7 Q740 1.7Ghz \ 6bg ddr3\ Radeon HD5870 1gb grrd5) and i can play this game on mostly high settings with shadows off on 1600x900 and getting 60fps on warp and other calm places and about 35-40fps during huge battles. Game is fully playable, i like what they done with all optimisation steps. So your low fps might be result of conflicting with some programs or even specific hardware parts.
  15. DeltaDeapool

    Whats with this patch after the so called bug problem? i get like 8 - 14 FPS cant even play due to it and i just bought SC for the holiday sales.....making me want to sell the code if the game is gonna be this laggy.
  16. Saool

    Yesterday I went into PS for the first time since the patch (I was working away last week) and I could not hit a cow's **** with a banjo and medium range and lost every singer attempt at cqc.

    I checked my FPS and found it ranging from 9 - 21.

    I have reduced the graphics setting to medium and it plays very smooth with a fps of 55 - 60. However, I don't like that I have had to down grade my graphics for no good reason. It was fine last week.

    Here are the basic stats of my PC

    Win 7 32-bit
    Intel Core i5 CPY 2.67Ghz (4CPUs)
    4096MB Ram
    DirectX 11
    ATI Radion HD 5800
    Realtek HI-Def Audio (on board)

    Yes it's getting long in the tooth, but I stress again, it was fine pre patch. I see others are having similar issues. I do hope this is a problem that can be fixed, as opposed to the 'make game faster' project just being 'make game slower if you dont buy top end pc'
  17. Saool

    Can you say if whatever changes to memory use that came with the latest patch, that have killed the fps of some of us, are going to stay, or are an issue to be corrected?

  18. Hatamoto

    Wondering this too cause there is a definate loss of performance recently .. its been good times with the first couple of omfg patches, but the game seems to be getting a backwards treatment atm.
  19. Ballto21

    **** i would kill for that fps im pulling 6-10 in small battles. Anything bigger than Bridge Ward and forget it.
  20. Saool

    I guess not.