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  1. dr_Fell

    Anyway, it seems that after some optimisations game should be nicely playable for me. If SOE will manage to reduce HUD impact on FPS, fix (probably) some kind of memory leak that causes FPS drop by 30% after some time of gameplay and manage to raise CPU usage of 4x Phenom II from current 50% to let's say 75% I should have stable 60 FPS everywhere.
    But time will show how this expectations meet the reality.
  2. iller

    I've got a question he might be able to answer... mainly because it's one that Higby in an interview said he'd have to Defer to the optimization Coders to get a real answer on. IE: Draw Distance based on Non-Radial Culling..... Along with this perhaps (b/c it might result in WORSE performance without the following) = Server side culling of all enemy player data where those players should normally be occluded client-side by Walls/Terrain. This seems to be a pretty big deal to people too, Server controlled Draw Distance is one of the biggest complaints I'm seeing lately and Higby did indeed mention over a month ago they could explore the possibility of Cone based Draw Distance limits for Scoped/Vehicle situations where the client isn't spinning 360 degrees for noscopes. It probably wouldn't fix my scope problem, but it would make 1000's of other people really happy.
  3. husse

    i hope that patch will be this month :D cant wait until my frends can play it too :p
  4. PresidentFreeman

    If the patch raises the minimum framerate for me by 10 fps I will be happy.
  5. Orthx

    Getting memory leaks every 1-2 hours lol.... gotta end task the game to fix it :D
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  6. Zerbious

    Same issue. I was following another thread where people are crashing every 20-30 minutes, so that wasn't my issue. Started checking everything I else I could think of. When the game loads and I start playing the process is using around 900mb - 1gb ram, but steadily increases. Once it hits 1.5 - 1.6gb of ram being used (approx. an hour +/-) the game crashes. You can watch the amount of memory being used increase in task manager even while it waits for the task to end.
  7. SillyThings

    As far as performance goes, i recently upgraded my system to some much better hardware as i was having a real hard time having a fluent and fun game of planetside, as soon as the action came on screen my game was stuttering. Not enough to make it totally unplayable but close.

    Old system:
    i7 920 @ 3.0Ghz
    Evga x58 classified
    2x GTX 470 in sli
    6GB 1333Mhz OCZ
    7200rpm hdd

    Game settings: everything on, everything set to HIGH.

    My new system is as follows:

    GTX 680 Asus Direct CUII Top
    Asus Z77 Sabertooth
    Intel i5 3570k @4.1Ghz
    8GB DDR3 1866Mhz Crucial
    120GB sata6 SSD

    Game settings, everything ON, Everything HIGH.

    once i got into the game the first time it was brilliantly smooth, everything maxed out at 1680x1050 and overall it seemed to coope much better then my old system delivering a much smoother experience.

    As soon as i had my first bigger fight in open land my frames dropped to 40-50. A bit later we went to a local amp station only defended by a handful of enemies and although the fight was nowhere near the size of fight we just had in the open, this one now with the amp stations buildings involved, totally gutted my new beast of a gaming system bringing frames down to as low as 29fps.

    The next play session i overclocked my GPU and CPU to the limit (Processor +400mhz, GPU +200MHz)
    and found myself in a large battle over a station with Aircraft, armor and infantry all over the place... frames dropped to a not surprisingly 29FPS and once we closed in on the station the frames took another severe hit and was brought further down to a minimum of 26FPS, on a highend and overclocked system.

    That's when i realised that even with a new system wastly superior then my old system i only achieved 10fps more in large firefights using the same settings, while the overall experience was greatly improved by the added smoothness in all other situations.

    Buttom line is, it will be very very expensive and not to say difficult to brute force the games performance without further optimization.
  8. Nagant

    Whenitsdone? :) (Or as it is SOE, a bit earlier than it's done, but it will be patched!)
  9. Hatamoto

    Set shadows to low, that should keep you from dropping to 20 ish fps
  10. Toxicmix1

    No mate, the problem are not the shadows or the render distance. To be honest, the problem is the c r a p p y multithreading performance sony is giving us.
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  11. Jester7x

    Sounds like a lot of empty words for developers that could care less about a f2p game. All they want is you buying weapons and gear because the ridiculous amount of certs it takes to buy them means you're farming 24/7. I find it hard to believe this game had a beta and this is the final release? Unacceptable.
  12. Cab00se187

    I just recently upgraded from an AMD 1055t hexcore w/ an asus crosshair formula IV to an i7 (specs in signature) and while I didn't get a huge increase in fps(until I fixed my crossfire issue) it definitely smoothed everything out and runs completely stable. I don't dip below 50 fps in huge fights at all now where as before on my old system I would go as low as 15 fps. Everything set to ultra except for shadows which is on medium.
  13. PresidentFreeman

    I love when this game decides to just randomly drop to 0fps and sit there, happens for everyone in my squad who is in the same location. The worst part is I checked the GPU usage while it was sitting at 0fps and it was at 0% usage. Something is seriously wrong here.
  14. Hatamoto

    There is something fishy about how the game handles the gpu atm, minimum fps seems to be fine for me (around 40). After a 30-60 min gameplay session the game decides to hower around 50-60 fps even if there is no action and im all alone looking at the ground. Usually i would get 120 fps doing this. Restarting the game takes care of the problem for a while.

    In the warpgate area i spawn fresh with 80-110 fps with the GPU being the bottleneck. If i spawn here after some fighting fps seems to be stuck at 55-60 fps (this happens even if there isnt alot of movement and vehicle spawning) The fps meter also tells me the CPU is the bottleneck at all times. GPU and CPU temperature is fine during all this. FPS never goes up to max and i have to restart the game.
  15. Malsvir Vishe

    The multithreading support is bad, yes. Hopefully they get it sorted out in the patch this month. I'd prefer if it came out soon.
  16. ERR0R

    Same here. I haven't been playing lately. I upgraded my PC pretty much just for this game... still getting drops down as low as 35 fps in big battles. Definitely much better than the 10-25 fps in battles I was getting before on my q6600, but still not exactly stellar performance. I know optimization is an ongoing process, but I hope we see some performance boosts soon.
  17. piupiu

    I have 20- 30 fps in middle battle. But when I switch a map I have huge decrease performance. I cant even choose where deploy at depoyment menu! Please fix it .
  18. Azarga

    This. Since the last hotfix.
  19. the pestimist

    this makes me feel better to know my ****** desktop computer might be able to handle better than 20fps
    and my laptop can barely handle it at all.
    all have to choose from is a windows 7 acer aspire x1920 and a Toshiba notebook
  20. lolmanlee