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  1. wrenched

    Relax mate - it's a brand new game! We all know that PS2 is CPU heavy at the moment. The Dev's know it and have stated it as a priority. Your poor spelling and angry attitude will help exactly 0%. All for a free game. Entitled much?
  2. Ruxxis

    BF3 has smaller maps, less players ..... and yet has MORE cpu usage.
    BF3 is a shining example of how to fully utilize the cpu in a PC game.
    Can you (or someone else) name one or more dx11 PC games with poor cpu usage? I don't know any.
  3. Toxicmix1

    No mate, im not anger. it´s the internet. ;) I do like the game man. This game has an incredible potential, that´s the reason i care.
    You have for example Crysis 3. Crysis 3 will be DX11 only. "screw people with ancient computer, we will not screw our game because of this people, that´s what they think". And they do think very well if you ask me. They did the mart choice from my point of view.

    Devs i know you guys are reading this, and i think you guys should explain to your´s superiors that sometimes we have to make sacrifices. Let´s face it. who is gonna run this game well with an older dual core with 4gb ram and 512mb vram etc...etc. Lets be realistic for a moment. Off course it will never run the game as it should be, and for sure he will have 10 fps in large battles.

    Think for a moment guys. Explain that to your bosses. They only understand about money, those guys don't understand nothing about cool games and gamers needs.

    We really need something magic guys, we really need.

    Sorry for the writing. ;)
  4. Hashlak

    I fully agree with this statement !!

    screw people with ancient computers !!! lol

    There are just as many hardcore gamers out there that have amazing PC's and can run it so well. In the next year or so no one will be using dual cores and all that crap. Time moves fast with tech so PS2 should be flexible enough and be the BENCHMARK MMO-FPS ! Like Crysis 3 will be the benchmark for Singleplayer FPS Games
  5. ThunderStealer

    um ok since planetside 2 recommends 8 gigs, which is double the minimum amount, that is pretty significant, lets see if you can run as fast with 1 leg. I know why your game must be restarted every 1-4 hours, its telling you to take a break and go outside lol. Im confused with your statement of planetside 2 uses 2-3 cores, yet pc games are designed to be used with 1-3 cores, what the hell does this mean, and doesnt this back my statement of "cpu/gpu has not been optimized for this game yet"??????
  6. ThunderStealer

    you guys are like the blackberry forum, requesting sh*t that is just never going to happen, they wont switch over to a dx11 driver, it will kill over 50% of the playing population.

    Lets put the facts out on the table, out of the 100% total population of planetside 2 players, there is probably less then 10% that actually PAYS to play the game.

    So how do you generate the MOST $$$ possible IN A FREE GAME, creating a game that will get the MOST players to play RIGHT NOW, or DELAY the game and redevelop it to use DX11 for the small % of pc owners that can utilize it, remember planetside 2 did not just get recently developed, planetside 1 debut in 2003, so you would imagine they probably started developing the game when dx9 was the major 3d driver.

    And again the small % of the hardcore PC gamers that have the funds to upgrade their pcs every year, I highly doubt SOE had you 1% hardcore amazing pc gamers in mind when developing a FREE MMO game ROFLMAO
  7. Hashlak

    lol i think you have your stats wrong.. Firstly there are alot more hardcore pc gamers out there with pc's ! There is less people with ****** pc's and those people with crap pc's probably do not have any funds to pay to SOE since they cant even get a decent rig. So we dont need people like that holding this game back from reaching its potential..

    Screw you guys with $hitt pc's !! You have to ruin what could be potentially the best game !
  8. TheVakman

    Do we have a date for the optimization patch yet or is it still early January?
  9. lolmanlee

  10. ArcKnight

    Improve it for the lower end PC also lower the Minimum requirement ( no point in buying a new one in the economics times
  11. Weylin

    Have you guys considered relying more heavily on low frame rate "Impostors" for handling 100s of infantry and vehicles?

    For those who don't know, an impostor is a 3D model which is converted into a flat picture.
    A very distant infantry could be rendered once, and made into a tiny image which needn't be highly animated.

    I have looked at how you guys handle distant infantry, and you seem to do this to an extent, but I think it could be an adjustable setting.
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  12. Hatamoto

    Seriously, they dont have to make infantry into badly animated paper cut outs, they need to fix their HUD. Wonder for how long this little pest will be overlooked nd ignored ?
  13. husse

    well apearantly when i last time check game doesnt use more than 300vram :) mines have 1gb :)
  14. dr_Fell

    And screw You too.
  15. Saint666

    Dear SOE you have a lovely game here, but performance-wise it's running like a pig with no legs. Before you do anything else like balance changes or more delicious weapons, please please please do fix all the bugs and performance issues first. I think currently this is the MOST important issue for your game if you want to keep your playerbase.

    From a fan of PS2.
  16. Hashlak

    Yea i hope we got some official info on this patch soon. If they say something like yea were gonna do it in the next few months im gonna be pissed off :mad:

    Either way, really and truely the fps is not the biggest problem here, the main issues is the entire metagame and progressive nature that the game does NOT have at the moment and without these two things it will surely die very very soon. :(

    About fps, for some reason i get like 20fps boost when i take the hud off completely :s no CPU bound tag shows up when i remove hud.. Could be worth noting for devs to improve the HUD to be less CPU intensive maybe..?
  17. Hatamoto

    I have been saying this since beta, but everything regarding this game seems so damn complcated to have fixed im starting to think the optimization patch wont do anything. The HUD was basically one of the things they could have fixed months ago to keep peoples fps more stable and thus saved alot of greif for the playerbase. Its a huge problem but its for some reason never acknowleged as such. Thank you for bringing this up as well, they really need to fix this silly thing.
  18. Nobby64

    My experience with Planetside 2 has been a laggy experience marred by going back and forth between ini and game to see how the changes affected performance. Over all I have turned everything off or set it to the lowest possible option along with getting rendering quality down to 25% in an 800 by 600 window, I know my laptop can't run it maxed out or even set to lowest with serious downscaling but I would hope that future patches allow for me to hit 10fps in the warpgate. For the interested my system specs are the following
    2.1 Ghz Core 2 Duo T8100, 4GB DDR2 RAM, and Nvidia Geoforce 8600GS. Hopefully the devs can at least allow my laptop to pass the minimum system reqs.[IMG]
    How I've been playing PS2 recently. =/
  19. Darlroc

    do you guys think when your guys optimized enough i could play planetside 2 with more then 10-15 fps on:
    e1 1200 apu duel core @ 1.4 ghz
    amd radeon hd 7310
    4 gigs of ddr3 ram
    windows 7 64-bit
  20. teks

    Hey now. Don't pick on us chaps with low end gaming rigs. Because, unless your rich or use your parents money, you will be on the opposite end of this conversation in the coming years once your rig is older, and we've replaced ours.
    My sexy blue box has made it through six years of gaming. This is the first game I ever had any trouble on, and all I gotta do is dish out a little money for a new processor (I'm OCing my poor processor to the grave to play), and I'll be good for another couple years. Truth is PC tech is stagnating. Call me crazy, but I think quad cores are just a gimmick anyway. Only recently have people learned that windows had parked them in idle, which is something I find pretty hilarious.
    The signs of stagnation have been there for a long time. Processors and graphics cards used to get faster and faster, now, its all about shoving more of them into your PC. *look my computer has FOUR graphics cards, and a QUINTRUPLE core processor.* Meanwhile games are still built by the limitations of the XBOX 360 which my pc can outperform.
    So now they got this directX 11 crap which my perfectly fine geforce 8600 can't use. While many will say 'its the future of gaming' I say its a neat way to force people to waste money. Everyone had the same hype about 64 bit. Where did that go? Besides ram limitations it wasn't revolutionary at all.
    I understand your frustrated that your $2000 gaming rig doesn't really do much more then my 6 year old $500 gaming rig, but don't ask the developers to go windows vista on our *****, and force everyone to upgrade their rig, because it didn't work out so hot for windows and there is no reason to believe it will work out for them. Thats why in windows 7 they went back to the performance level of XP.
    This game here is special it is not limited by the performance of consoles while at the same time it is trying to put unparalleled graphics, and unparallelled multiplayer into one game. I will play this by ear in the coming month, and if I have to, god help me, I will buy a quad core processor.