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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by codeForge, Nov 21, 2012.

  1. Xavstar

    I hope SOE never release BFR's/Mechs in PS2 as it ruined the game balance in PS1. But currently PS2 is a very good game. My rig can run the game fine though I do have one generation old top of the range gfx card that often is at 100%.
  2. Hashlak

    Yea i have noticed for some reason, higher graphics settings give better fps on medium to high end systems lol :s...

    Currently i am running everything on Ultra quality on my laptop !!! And im getting 40-80fps, where it goes down to 30ish fps in massive massive battles. Otherwise it plays fine and looks AMAZING !
    Its crazy how well it is running on my notebook :)

    But ye try putting the settings on Ultra. You need to modify your ini file.

    Also i found HUGE HUGE improvements by changing the pre-rendered frames setting in Nvidia Control Panel. If you change it from default value of 3 to 2, you will see massive improvements when your system gets CPU bound. Helped me alot anyway.

    Check out this thread for more info:
  3. XRIST0

    Well iv been tweaking this game since the day i downloaded it to get smooth performance .

    I have come up with a config that nets me 60fps at all times , even in huge battles .

    All settings on high , disabled shadows and fog shadows , render quality set to 85% and render distance set to 1000 .

    May not look as pretty , but it never drops under 60 at any time and it runs amazing . Definatly helped me kick some *** in big battles where i would usually be skipping around at 30fps on ultra , just so the game would be pretty ? i got over it .

    Still looks pretty good anyway .

    I have seen the graphics and how awesome they can be but i prefer performance now , sick of getting killed always because of fps lag ... Not anymore
  4. Wolvers

    Doesn't that render distance change affect seeing enemies at distance though? I'd rather have shadows on as it can be a big part of game play in helping to give away an enemy's position. Fog shadows I could probably do without, I might look into turning them off.

    Sadly, I'm starting to think this is what will happen. Even if they release some kind of performance optimization patch it will just be a sticking plaster. I only hope they'll start work on PS3 in DX11 ASAP.
  5. Hashlak

    Yea sorry but just had a look at the game with shadows disabled and it looks like CRAPP !! lol would never play something that looks so bad.. and also render quality at 85 realy makes everything looks smeared on and blurry.. Thats unplayable for me. I prefer Ultra and for some reason it runs better with it too lol..

    Low performance and input lag can be fixed easily by changing the pre-rendered frames figure from default to 2 !!
  6. Ceseuron

    Well I have to say I was going to give up on this game, but the original post for this thread has me wanting to stick with it. At least until after this optimization patch comes out. It seems no matter what settings I choose, I always end up with 20-30fps even in small battles. FPS tanks badly in large battles. I've got my misgivings about this ForgeLight engine, as I am able to run nearly every other game I have with close to max graphics settings (Diablo 3, Guild Wars 2, etc..) I've gone through and updated every single driver I can think of and spent a considerable amount of time tweaking the UserOptions.ini file and horsing around with nVidia settings.

    In short, if the optimization patch is good enough, I might consider plunking down some money in the store. As it is now, I can't really justify it though. Performance is just...terrible.

    System Specs:
    Dell Precision T7400
    2x Intel Xeon E5450 3.0Ghz Quad Core CPUs
    16GB DDRII FB-DIMM in Quad Channel mode
    nVidia GeForce GTX 550 Ti 2GB
    Dell PERC5/i SAS RAID Controller w/ 256MB cache
    4x Seagate 160GB SATA II 7.2k ES drives in RAID 10
  7. Xavstar

    Dual Xeon, very sexy. As mentioned I created a profile for planetside2.exe in control panel->nvidia->3d settings. I set render ahead 2 frames. It seems to have made a good difference on fps.
  8. Ceseuron

    Xavstar: I did the same thing. No change really. For some reason the game refuses to go above 30-40fps, no matter what I tweak.
  9. husse

    lets hope that patch gona be good or i rage quit :D
  10. Hatamoto

    So whats the release date for this patch?
  11. DreadKnight

    I agree, if they dont optimize the game to the point where the game doesnt drop to 25 fps for no reason, il quit also.

    i7 950 @ 3.07ghz
    GTX 480, 1.5gb @ 384 bit bandwith.
    8gb ddr3 @ 1600 mhz.
  12. OmniscientQ

    I won't go so far as to threaten "ragequit" if the performance isn't improved. That's just a bit too juvenile, even for me.
    Unfortunately, the end result will be the same. My computer weeps tears of blood when I ask it to start Planetside 2. It's not a great computer (I haven't had much money to drop on new parts lately), but neither is it some $200 thing assembled by Compaq. It runs just about any other game just fine.

    I understand that PS2 is at the very forefront of gaming and whatnot. But... This game is free to play. Doesn't that business model kinda depend on getting as many players hooked on it as possible? I would think Sony would want Planetside 2 to run on as many machines as possible. I know, I know. Planetside has to stand out from all the rest of the shooters out there. It has to be shiny. But I simply cannot crank the graphics down low enough to make the game playable on an average machine, and average players should be able to get in on the action, too.

    I spent far too many hours (days-- years...) of my life serving the Sovereignty back in the First Auraxian War. I'm eager for more. I hope I get the chance to join in.
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  13. Athropos

    I'm getting extremely wildly different FPS in a high end rig. Like 40 fps in big firefights and 120ish when sitting idle. You'd think these specs would be able to get a steady 60 fps in the game.

    i7-3770k @ 4.5ghz
    SLI GTX 680s
    16 GBs of Ram

    Nothing I do can enable me to maintain a steady 60 fps in battles in this game. I absolutely refuse to go under medium since Battlefield 3 multiplayer runs at 60fps for me on ultra at 2560x1400p. A shooter that can't be played at 60 fps on such hardware is sort of doomed :(
  14. TheTrueLM

    Well, I'm glad I saw this post.. I was about to ***** and moan some more about that stinkin G19 error saying that my PC ran out of memory. But if you guys are working on it, hopefully so that I dont need to waste money on a new rig just to play PS2, then I will trust you guys.

    I played the crap out of Planetside 1, so with that said, I have full faith in you.. Just as long as you dont add BFR's:D...
  15. XZiggsX

    Dear Planetside2 team,
    I have no issues with my framerate (yet) but my Memory card just can't take the battles of ps2. I tried to put the settings on low but that made it even worse. When I play the game I use 80% of my memory (+steam). while playing Battlefield or such games I use 40-50%... pleas try to do something about it... I want to follow TOBUSCUS ;P. still thanks for reading this comment and already working so hard on the performance. you guys are awesome!
  16. Quarterbrew

    I went ahead and decided to upgrade my system instead of waiting after the optimization patch(es).
    Currently I get 10 to 22 fps with my current system when not in a battle.
    I get 1 to 5 fps in even the slightest battle. No Bueno.
    Current specs are:
    CPU: Athlon Duo Core (i forget the exact specs - crappy tho).
    RAM: 3GB DDR2
    GPU: 768MB Geforce 8800 GTX
    Windows 7 64 bit
    500 GB HD Sata 3 gb/s
    Using Razer Game Booster too.
    My game style was basically engineer and go repair stuff where there wasn't any battles going on.

    My new system will be:
    CPU: i5 3470 3.2 Ghz Ivy (will overclock to 3.6/3.8ghz
    RAM: 16GB PC 2400 DDR3
    GPU: 2GB Geforce GTX 650 Ti SSC
    Windows 7 64 bit
    250 GB HD Sata 6 gb/s
    Plan on using extra RAM for a RAMdisk.

    Hopefully with the hardware upgrade I can get to playable fps (20 to 50). And with optimization patch, 60+ fps.

    I have two 19" monitors (square ones), looking to upgrade that too. And suggestions? Gaming Mouse, Keyboard?
  17. Xavstar

    PC 2400 mhz memory is not really required for gaming. 1600 mhz DDR3 will be fine.

    If you smoke buy cheap Dell, Compaq 2nd hand keyboards of ebay. Thats what I do. Would be nice if someone made a smokers keyboard that had a detachable ash plate at the bottom like what toasters have arf!
  18. Quarterbrew

    Thank you Xavstar. I wish I would have known about the PC 2400 mhz vs 1600mhz - would have saved me some money. I did some research on almost every component except the RAM. For the Gaming Mouse, I was looking at Logitech G700. Maybe Razer Naga 2012 Expert MMO. I don't smoke & play at same time. :p
  19. Xavstar

    I have a Razer Naga mouse that has the numeric buttons on the side. It has good fluid movement.
  20. Trapin

    This is a CPU intensive game, but since I've went to an Intel i5-3570k, I have a BIG performance boost