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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Leichow, Aug 29, 2013.

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  1. Leichow

    Everyone seems to have an opinion of why something is horrible or why it should be changed, but the reality of it is that you're not the only person who plays this game.. You think you're vehemently right and it's your way or the highway, but in reality some things that make you upset are the same things that others enjoy.

    Take this case:


    What's this? The same faction with two different viewpoints?

    Bottom line, people complain that they are sick of this and sick of that.. .Or this is OP or that is.

    It's time for a reality check, maybe if it's such a problem what you're doing is not working and it's time to reevaluate your methods/tactics because obviously it's not them it's you(unless they're using an exploit). Next time you die and get angry, why don't you just sit back and take a minute to think about what you possibly did wrong and what you could have done differently. Instead of going back doing the same thing and getting the same result and getting upset/angry about the same thing.

    It's a sad sad thing especially with these extremely large outfits and how there are so many aspects and elements of this game that are under utilized that could dramatically change the landscape of a fight. If you guys quit complaining and playing the blame game and start actually thinking about how to be better, then I'm sure a lot of these complaints would dissipate.

    Anyway, I'm not calling everything invalid... I'm just saying take a minute and reevaluate a situation instead of instantly calling things BS. Learn a new way of doing things, or keep getting blasted by the old and complaining how it is BS and why this or that is broken. Who knows you might even find yourself doing better.

    Sometimes things are as simple as slowing your roll and actually taking things one step at a time instead of just trying to use the ever so common barbaric method of brute force.

    This game is run by Dev's who actually pay attention to the player-base, and I can tell you from 15+ years of playing games online, It's not something that happens.

    That's all for now, let the flaming begin I suppose. Then again, if you're flaming that means I got your attention and that's a good start :)

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  2. UberBonisseur

    *Opens both reddit posts*

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  3. TheRealMetalstorm

    can we all accept the fact that there are and will always be some ret*rds on the internet?

    this is a pointless thread
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  4. TheFullCologne

    one person want global alerts (capture 9 bio labs, 9 amps etc) out of the game. the other wants continent conquest alerts more frequently (capture esamir, capture indar etc). they are two different things... but both leading to the argument that global alerts suck and they miss capture continent prime time alerts

    i for one agree, capture indar or esamir or amerish prime time alert is amazing. fights are all one 1 continent (being on briggs, low pop, always good to find a fight). global alerts are so spread out you are lucky to find a 12-24 battle
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  5. v1zor

    don't act stupid. you know what his post is all about.
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  6. Gustavo M

    You can't satisfy everyone, son.
    There will always be idiots.
  7. PyroPaul

    the inability to read past two sentences in a post?
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  8. NinjaKirby

    Congratulating the OP for a beautifully paragraphed, well punctuated and comprehensible opening Thread post. He even remembered to close his Brackets once they had been opened... I hate it when people miss that; big pet peeve of mine. Completely destroys the flow of the entire post, as the remainder of it appears as if it's all enclosed, ugh!

    Disclaimer: My post isn't grammatically pristine either, but it's a fair middle ground.
  9. Redzy

    Nowadays, even capping a continent like Indar is meaningless.

    Faction stops being a judging factor when the two players of said faction are in completely different servers.

    People are upset about facility alerts because they result in fragmented gameplay where everybody switches continents every 5 minutes to try and capture/defend one of the facilities. It may be fun to some, but to most, it's frustrating and the population imbalance is mostly felt in that case, because it's easy to redirect forces every now and then when you have plenty.

    Recently we had an afternoon alert on Miller: capture Indar within the time limit. TR usually dominates around this time when it comes to alerts, but in this case, they placed themselves 3rd and NC won. They also had their usual global population advantage up until a few minutes before the alert ended (ragequitters among fourth-factioners, etc.).

    Continental capture alerts make fourth-faction problems much less of a problem. It's easy for the other two factions to take measures and make sure the overpopped faction doesn't dominate. With facility alerts, the overpopped faction will simply bring more numbers where they matter because they will be able to. It creates the illusion of there being a dominating faction on the server. TR is perhaps the best faction on Miller, but how better it is compared to the other two remains to be seen. VS used to be better at holding the Indar lock for weeks and weeks.

    Also, not blaming Miller TR for anything. Fourth-factioners switch to the seemingly stronger side within an hour from the alert start and yesterday it was a mix of VS and NC on that midnight alert, as a <30% global pop TR ended the alert with no Bio Labs at all. It's only fun the first few times you win, but then it becomes boring to fight against a faction that doesn't have the numbers to compete.

    I miss that massive lagfest that Spec Ops Training Camp was when NC and VS were collectively trying to take the TR Indar lock off more than I will ever miss alerts when they'll be either gone or rendered irrelevant.
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  10. UberBonisseur

    Reading comprehension or the lack thereof ?
  11. Zombekas

    Don't worry, developers use their own heads. Stupid ideas won't get passed.
  12. MykeMichail

    Be glad that decisions in this game aren't decided by a democracy of players.

    If this were so, then the empire with the highest population would be ridiculously overpowered.
  13. CletusMcGuilly

    Read both those posts the other day. If OP had, he'd realize that they're both basically asking for the same thing. Fewer global alerts and more continent cap alerts during prime time.
  14. Corporate Thug

  15. Llaf

    This post needs more up-votes.
  16. Leichow

    Thanks for point out the obvious, although the context of those posts is beyond the point being made; the topic display just helped make the point. Which is that it seems for the most part that no one is satisfied with what they have and it's never their fault. I use a mossie, i get a tell that rocket pods are OP, use a lib - Dalton OP, use a tank - lock down OP, use a Harasser - Vulcan OP, etc etc...

    People much rather blame something and identify that as the reason to why x or y happened then actually evaluating what happened and how they could better handle it next time they encounter the situation. There's a reason I shy away from big clans and open comms in-game, and it's because it's usually just unjustified complaints and whining. Time to shut-up, take some responsibility, and maximize your effectiveness, rather than be some drone who just does the ol' 'rinse and repeat'. In turn creating the inevitable whine-fest that ensues because it's 'not fair'.

  17. DG-MOD-02

    Flaming other players is not encouraged on these forums as it is considered a violation. I am going to close this thread now.
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