Questions about TR assault rifle accuracy at range

Discussion in 'Combat Medic' started by Leonard DeVir, Apr 29, 2013.

  1. Leonard DeVir

    Greetins fellow TR and cannon fodder!

    Right from the start: no, its not a thread where Ill complain about my weapons. I want to get advice so I can improve myself, so please dont derail this thread into a quarrel party. Its riddiculous that I have to state this, but Ive lurked the forums for 2 months now and know that somebody will try to pull this on me.

    That said, I hope aomeone can clarify a few things, regarding weapons for me. I mostly play TR medic, Ive auraxiumed my T1S Cycler (great weapon btw) and went back to my default Cycler and the TRV. Ive created three loadouts, one for short range (TRV), one for long range and one "allround" loadout (both Cycler T1). I dont have a lot of experience regarding other weapons or other factions.

    A lot of people have said that the Cycler T1 is awesome. But sometimes it, especially at longer ranges. If Im shooting at a target Im not as accurate as I think I am. It feels like the red dot (using 1x or 2x mostly) jumps around quite a bit and the bullets are going all over the place, but not where I have aimed the red dot. This sometimes makes it difficult for me to hit or lead someone at longer range. Im talking about ranges like over a canyon, Im fine at up to 50m (VR ranges).

    On the other hand, I had a lot of situations where Vanu or NC dudes could hit me just fine from farther away when we trade shots, even if I was moving, which results in me disengaging because Id die otherwise.

    Long story short: What am I doing wrong? I consider myself a good enough shot, but Im no sniper. I compensate the recoil, but is there a way to compensate those erratic patterns? I switch fire mode to one-shot, but that way I have next to no stopping power. I got the 4x scope and foregrip, which helps, but I simply cant kill someone at those ranges. I have the feeling Im missing something, obviously my enemies can hit me (and kill me, if I wouldnt flee). If I look at the numbers, the Cycler should be ok at long range accuracy wise.
    Is it the CoF? Damage degradation? Or because the Cycler isnt made for long range and Im using it the wrong way? L2P issue? Or is it just the same for all the other people too, I dont know how other assault rifles/LMGs handle at those ranges. The T1S felt smoother, I dont know.

    Feel free to ask me stuff. I want to master this weapon too and improve myself, right now it feels like the Cycler and me wont go well together :/
  2. asdfPanda

    It's been a while since I've seriously played tr or planetside 2 in general, but taking potshots across a canyon may not be the best idea for a medic. Sure, if your playstyle is to hang around the back, go for it, but across a canyone may be a bit out of range. Are you using the foregrip on the cycler? Try it out, but if that isn't doing too much, I've heard good things about the SABR-13. Do you have problems hitting the enemy, or do you have problems landing enough shots on the enemy before they flee to cover?
  3. Dictatorfish

    TRV was the one and only weapon you'd ever want to use before the mysterious stealth nerf. I have no idea what happened: one day it was ****ing awesome and the weapon I had stuck with that all the way to Auraxium medal. The next day, it was awful, as though the horizontal recoil had doubled or something. No idea what it was. Everyone else I've spoken too says they haven't noticed a difference, but I still swear to whichever-deity-may-be-watching that *something* changed.

    So TRV is rubbish for mid range and beyond now, in my opinion. I'm having fun with the T1S Cycler at the moment. The stats say it should be rubbish, but it's currently my go-to weapon for mid range firefights. Like the mysterious TRV nerf, the T1S's abilities at mid range don't make sense. Unlike the mysterious TRV nerf however, many/most of my outfit members have reported the same thing: the thing is surprisingly good at mid range despite what the stats say.

    I say "go back to the T1S unless you're chasing for medals".
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  4. Kuraudo

    Something happened to the Cycler and T1S a while back and I can no longer use either effectively at range.

    Dictatorfish mentioned the TRV getting a stealth nerf, and while that may be the case, I find it orders of magnitude better than the Cycler/T1S at medium range.

    For long range, I would also like to know what gun to go with. It sure as hell isn't the SABR-13 though, I can tell you that. I have no trouble landing kills with the TMG-50 at range as heavy assault; there has to be an assault rifle that can approach that level of precision and stopping power.
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  5. LameFox

    If I want to play TR medic at range I use the NS-11. VR suggested the TAR was ironically not bad at range either. Don't get a SABR.
  6. Kociboss

    Guys, log in on test server and tell me that medic's ARs are not more controllable now - Check out TAR.

    Placebo effect or am I delusional?
  7. }{ellKnight

    Funny thing about the TRV... it has the worst hip fire out of all the TR ARs if I'm not mistaken XD Makes Adv laser mandatory if you intend to fire from the hip.

    But yeah, T1S is quite good at medium range.

    @ Dictatorfish
    Well, maybe it's because I've played with other weapons lately but when I went back to the TRV I noticed I'm having a more difficult time killing people at medium range. Dunno, maybe I'm not controlling recoil as well as I used to.

    If anything changed on it that made it less effective at medium range it's maybe a higher horizontal recoil. Did you try the grip on it?

    @ Kociboss
    Are the stats screens any different?
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  8. EclipsedTerror

    Recoil on the T1S is bad now and no real idea why. Accuracy on the TRV is oddly crap now.

    The only thing I use now is the TAR. I can spit bullets so fast that I'll win anything mid-short range where most fighting happens anyway.
  9. Kociboss

    Nope, they are the same, but recoil isn't illustrated there anyways.

    As I said, maybe Im delusional after seeing what they did to CARV. I don't have any hard numbers, log on test server and check yourself.

    I'll log on both and compare.


    Ok, call me crazy, I was testing TAR on test server and Cobalt with forward grip and the diffrence is more than noticable.

    I can't be that delusional...Right?
  10. }{ellKnight

    The fwd grip is bugged on the test server. It actually completely removes left and right jumping in horizontal recoil. To see it in action grab a T1S and shoot without compensating. You'll notice it jumps from side to side. Put a fwd grip, repeate and you'll notice the jump is gone.

    So the question is: in your testing did you use a fwd grip? If you did it bugs the weapon, even after taking it off.
  11. Leonard DeVir

    Thank you all for your kind answers;

    So many basically agree that the Cycler weapons feel weird now. I thought Im biased because I couldnt handle the T1 at the beginning, and now Im used to using the T1S, but my aim didnt really become better after a few days. Im using the TRV close quarters only, so I can only speak for the T1, but the description stating its a long-range weapon together with a high accuracy is very misleading. I probably wouldnt care if half of my shots hit, usually it takes half a magazine to scare someone away at range. It feels very odd that you see your enemy right over there, they are hitting you and you cant effectively retaliate.

    Ive read the GU08 thread now, with mixed feelings (funny coincidence that I noticed that thread right after I posted this one oO). On the one hand it sounds great, tweaking weapon stats to be more diverse, but Im worried by that "750rpm+ weapons are too effective at range" thing. Most TR assault rifles have over 750rpm, except the T1S and SABR, as someone pointed out.

    TL;DR - long range combat with Cycler weapons isnt the greatest thing, I shouldnt bother trying to hit them that far away, and engage in mid-range/let them be?
  12. Kociboss

    I see now. Yeah I used F-grip.

    Raised my hopes I must admitt ;]
  13. MrIDoK

    The T1 Cycler's (and T1S, of course) horizontal recoil is very high. You can do single shots to scare an enemy off, but most of the times you're better off trying to close in to him, especially against the NC.
    If you're looking for mid-long range effectiveness try the T1B with the foregrip. Its horizontal recoil is 0.175 instead of 0.225 like the other Cyclers, so it's very very accurate with a foregrip. With some practice you can tap the fire button and do well at close range, while at long range the 3-round burst combined with the good accuracy means that 2 of the 3 shos will probably hit the target.
    I still go back to it sometimes just for how good it is :)
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  14. Dictatorfish

    Actually, that's the bit I said was really weird about the T1S: the stats say that it should be rubbish but actually the horizontal recoil doesn't seem anywhere near as bad as the stats would suggest.
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  15. Leonard DeVir

    Solid advice, thanks!

    I had the same feeling, everyone said its an okish weapon, but it handled really good, I never had any problems with it except in CQC against LMB - I win - weapons. Maybe one of the reasons I cant get warm with the T1 now, it feels so clunky in comparison. Thats one of the reason I dont trust the spreadsheets and the number-crunching people, weapon feel and handling is more important IMHO.
  16. Mekhazzio

    TR ARs have some of the worst horizontal recoil in the game, which means they're going to be extremely random within their grouping and have the worst effective cone of fire of...well...anything. The only one that even approaches the usual stats of a mid-range weapon is the SABR. Hope you like burst weapons.

    The T1B also has better than average horizontal, but it's a 143 damage weapon, so you're still at a disadvantage to any other plink gun.

    TR's just kinda screwed in mid-range combat, in general. There isn't even a mid-range carbine at all.
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  17. }{ellKnight

    Dunno, I find the T1S with grip and compensator to work quite well mid range.
  18. HamOnRye

    I did use the NS-11 until I got turned to the Corvus, which is a fine handling weapon (although I wish it had access to the Adv-Foregrip).

    Concerning the SABR, I really wonder why SOE would put an Advanced Foregrip on a weapon that isn't even fully automatic? That's a either a huge tease or some sort of cruel joke.
  19. MrIDoK

    Because the more horizontal recoil you have the harder is to land both shots.
    Also, the SABR's recoil seems to be lower on the test server now, it's actually viable at mid-long range even with high velocity ammo! :)
  20. Frosty The Pyro

    I have found that just about EVERY gun in the game is impresively acurate with stationary ADS and semi auto fireing. That said I dont play medic a lot on my TR so I cant say much about AR's in particular.