Questions about CQC Infiltrator loadouts

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by KRE8R125, Apr 24, 2013.

  1. KRE8R125

    I have played primarily HA since I started playing the game which was shortly after official release. I decided that since there are SMGs available to INF now I figured I would go ahead and get one and give the CQC INF a try. I bought the Blitz (which I love) and had enough for a HS/NV scope. I will get the red dot at some point.

    Here is my question: Is soft point ammo worth the purchase or is the difference negligible? Same goes for forward grip. Since I am really using this thing at very close quarters will it make a big difference? Just curious what others have experienced. I figure I will set it up with a suppressor as well at some point.

  2. Fantom_17

    soft point is great. suppressor is a must. I think suppressor is worthless on everything else, but it literally makes this gun 98% silent. the gun feels like it has no recoil so no need to get forward grip. I got advanced laser sights but you dont really need it.

    just over 1000 kills with my blitze

    also if you set your graphics quality to high your NV scope vision gets double range. (just that one bar not all your graphics to high)
  3. AnuErebus

    At the range you'll be using an SMG you can't go wrong with softpoint.

    Forward grips work if you want to add a little more range to your SMG but the benefits of the advanced laser sight far outweigh any gains from forward grips. You basically have the same cone of fire with advanced laser as you do aiming down the sight. Hipfire also increases your reaction time (No entering scope delay) and allows you to maintain full movement speed while you shoot.

    Suppresor is a great addition if you're going for stealth. While it has the same drawbacks as it does on every other gun, as an infiltrator staying silent is a huge bonus.
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  4. EViLMinD

    I don't recommend using a suppressor and SPA together. Use one or the other. Both attachments slow bullet velocity. This means you'll have to lead your shots more for moving targets. Plus, you'll lose more engagements at 1-10 meters because of this travel time. Still, I found that I got more revenge kills that way. My kill shot would strike the target after I died. Nice to get some extra exp, but I'd rather live so I can keep on killin'.

    Use SPA when you don't need to be covert. This will be in a big fight where most enemies won't bother to pay attention to your blip on the map.

    Suppressors will keep you hidden from radar, and will make less noise. I use them when I'm in a solo situation, and can benefit more form not being detected.
  5. SGTWOLF68

    Soft point if your a cqcer then yes forward grip waste of certs there's very little recoil anyway.
  6. Ravenorth

    For some reason I really didn't like soft point ammo, I hardly noticed much difference with the ttk, only that my bullets were much slower, which was the reason why I returned to use default ammo. For me faster bullet speed is more important than a slight damage buff on range.