Question: Why no leaning or going prone?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Xien, Feb 17, 2014.

  1. Xien

    People talk about PS2 being a "tactical shooter", and how cover is so important. So why can't... snipers go prone to increase accuracy? (Or really anyone). Why no lean keys to actually... engage from behind cover?

    I've played games that had prone/leaning and I loved the tactical aspects of it. I mean, at least PS2 doesn't have the spinning/jumping/spaz shooting you get in other games (personally I would love to remove ALL shooting while jumping but w/e), but I would still like those lean keys at least.
  2. Taemien

    I don't personally see leaning being used too often, but definitely prone. Going prone is something I'd love for PS2 to have.
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  3. Tommyp2006

    No thanks, I don't want a bunch of snipers laying around in the hills making them even harder to hit, the cloak is more than enough. The game doesn't need to be any more tacticool.
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  4. LT_Latency

    Because snipers can stealth. They don't need prone.

    If they add prone then have to tighten up the cone of fire so you can spray streams of bullets at someone laying down which is a smaller target.

    This will raise the skill cap and make the game much harder for weaker players as shooting streams of fast head shot kills will become more viable at longer rangers.
  5. LibertyRevolution

    Cover is non existent in this game due to the great netcode/client side hit detection.
    Prone is not wanted in this game, there are plenty of campers already.

    Who told you this is a tactical shooter? This game has some of the worst gunplay I have ever experienced.
    Guns in this game just randomly put bullets no where near the crosshairs, its like shooting with a RNG more than a gun.
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  6. Metallic123

    Don't need a buncha prone heavies not fulfilling their role as front line units. With the clientside hit detection leaning would cause such a flame war.
  7. Phyr

    Game isn't balanced for lean.
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  8. Pikachu

    No cover? You want chest high boxes every 5m? Bullets seems pretty darn accurate to me.

    Having prone or not affects base design cover much SOE said and bases are currently not based on the use of prone. If they were to add prone then all the bases would need adjustments.

    I have never used lean on games and the only reason I would want prone stuff is to use bipod for machine guns.
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  9. LibertyRevolution

    Yes, I would like more cover. More rocks, more trees, more boxes.
    But, I want the cover to actually cover me, not let my head stick out while I think I am in cover.
    I want said cover to stop the enemy bullets from hitting me, as opposed to how it is now where laggy players shoot you when your behind cover, as your still in the open on their screen.

    So they need to add more cover, and have a 150ms ping cutoff on the severs.

    And yes, obviously LMG need to get bi-pods, but we don't need prone for that, just have it deploy like an ENG turret.
  10. Erilis

    Who the heck uses lean in any game?
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  11. SpcFarlen

    Lean and prone are really more suited to slower based tactical shooters where positioning is more key than movement. In low TTK games, its all about movement. Many compedative players in BF4, since they added a elan mechanic, actually turned it off because it impeeds with movement and mobility. Sure you get a smaller profile but it cripples how you can react when receiving fire since you have to go through an animation to get out of lean then move as normal.

    Personally i dont feel its needed in this game at all. Its a design choice. Would it be cool if it were in? Perhaps, but dolphin divers and prone bush wookies dont make the game fun. Just frustrating.

    The guns behave the same way in many other shooters. The only time a bullet isnt on reticle is when strafing where it still fires middle of the screen but lags behind to the left or right depending on movement. Its a design choice so strafing at longer ranges isnt as viable, though its easily compensated for.

    As for netcode issues, no its not a netcode issue. Its a player lag issue. Wrel did a great video on how it effects PS2 and it applies to any modern online game. If you are running your character is actually slightly behind where you currently are to others, proportionate to your latency to the server. Thank god, right now you can hit tab and see it in game. Anything above 100ms you should expect to get killed around corners a lot. Simply because it takes the data you do that much longer to get relayed to the server then to other players. Knowing how this works can actually work to your benefit, since you can round corners and shot a target before they even see you on their side. Clientside hit detection goes both ways, it doesnt like campers and it loves movers.
  12. Pikachu

    Maybe it works as a way in single player games to see the enemy without the AI enemies reacting.
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  13. z1967

    There would have to be free server transfers before I even consider that a good idea. So yeah, no.
  14. MFP_TK_01

    Spcfarlin beat me to the dolphining comment
  15. plek

    i would like prone and leaning.
  16. LT_Latency

    Why wouldn't you use lean??

    It gives you a smaller profile when shooting from behind a wall
  17. Erilis

    Yeah, that's the only time I've ever used it but I think I've used it a total of 2 times in my life. I've never seen players using it online.
  18. Masterofm

    Depends on what gun you are using, but as far as an actual tactical shooter is concerned this game has atrocious gun play. Most games will at least have your first bullet be accurate. Using certain rifles or carbines with iron sights at a 50 meters and you can still miss your first shot aiming center mass while stationary.

    I hate spray and pray in any game. I always try to aim for guns that will will punish hipfire and reward aiming.... yet a lot of this game seems to be more about hip firing spray and pray then actually trying to aim down your gun sights to take someone out.
  19. MFP_TK_01

    Probably because it's not very common in games. Honestly I think the one time I saw leaning was in one of the early Cod's with the ww2 campaign.

    Leanings a meh for me because strafing can perform the same action, and as said above, in this fast action game it is actually better to do than leaning. Actions like crawling through the mud and peeking slowly around doors are just gonna make you a massive target. Moving is what keeps you alive
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  20. phreec

    I frequently use lean and much more in ArmA 3. But it's not like it's needed in such a (relatively) fast paced shooter as PS2.
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