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  1. Darkelfdruid_LOL

    Good day.

    Not a whine thread, just would greatly appreciate your opinion.
    So my question is what is your take on OHK's to you while you are flying. Does it happen often to you in particular? Do you think it's annoying but fair?

    I my self play LA quite well but as my main is an infiltrator, im sure I'm no where good as some of you guys and gals, so I wanted to ask your opinion.

    I know there has been a million discussions on the topic of nanoweave and if it should stop the OHK, but I'm making a certain project, and i would greatly appreciate if you could give two cents on the matter. Do you think it's acceptable to not die from a bolt action from YOUR perspective, as it still makes you run for cover and be ineffective for a bit


    From your perspective getting OHK is usually you standing still for a second thus essentially being your fault.

    Any opinion will help out a lot.

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  2. Gundem

    All bolt actions should OHK, regardless of Nanoweave level.
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  3. Iridar51

    Kinda didn't understand, so you want an opinion about being OHKed by sniper rifle while flying with jet packs? Happened to me maybe once or twice. Too rare to really care.

    If you want my opinion on OHK headshots from BASR in general, then here it is.
    I think there should be a protection from every damage source in the game. So you could make a conscious choice: "man, those snipers always get to me, so I will use this X suit slot to protect me from them", or "man I sure hate when those rocket pods splash all over me, so I'll use flak armor".
    Nanoweave, however, is a universal choice, it increases your survivability from all damage sources. It's fine to have such universal choices, but it's a little too strong.
    Currently nanoweave protects from headshots from 75 to 100 meters, and it's completely fine in my opinion, it is not too close of a distance to render cloak useless or to be spotted by sound of your shots.
    However, I would be fine if nanoweave would be redesigned to not give protection from headshots, and an another suit slot would be created, specifically designed to protect against those.

    In the end, yeah, it's your fault for staying stationary. Only a good sniper will be able to sync in with constant twitching and fidgeting of his target.
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  4. Leivve

    They are annoying and I'll hate the guts of a good sniper, but I'll never actually suggest they should be nerfed in any way.
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  5. Kronic

    If I understood your first question correctly, no, I've never been OHK'd by a sniper in mid-air.
    With how nanoweave is now, I don't think snipers have it fair though. There's a vid of somebody headshotting a guy across a room with a suppressed BASR and not getting a OHK which is pretty stupid. Reduce nanoweave back to it's old value (+125 health @ rank 5) and it'll be fine. Snipers at extreme ranges don't get OHKs but the guys that are decently close will OHK anybody. Another thing I'll add is that if snipers didn't have cloak then I wouldn't mind OHK headshots on any target. Sometimes you're completely at the mercy of a sniper just because you can't suppress them with your gun as they'll just cloak as soon as they get hit (if they're not already cloaked that is) and of course appear in a different place for an easy follow-up shot. Any other game you get hit and you just shoot the sniper in the face to either kill him or suppress him enough to make him do something else for a little bit at least.
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  6. Corezer

    Headshots for LA are fine the way they are.

    only a really good sniper is gonna get a shot off on a moving target, especially if that movement is on both the X and Y

    That being said, there is a much lower cap for movement than aiming, so if a good sniper can get that shot off, is it fair that there should be nothing the other player can do, even if they are 100x better than good? currently flinch is such that you cant reliably take their sights off of a head sized target within 100m. You can either match skill or loadout to counter most things in this game, as I said before with the movement caps matching skill for counter sniper is out, so loadout must be in.

    There's a lot going for snipers on an individual basis, what they need is a way to have an impact on a larger battle, which is the same problem we face. People love to think teamwork, but all of the necessities (medical, survivability, anti armor, logistics, anti infantry) are taken care of by medics, heavies and maxes, heavies and maxes and engineers, engineers, and all of these cases have AI firepower eclipsing the remaining 2. that leaves 2 classes with nothing left to contribute directly to the team, and outside the box contributions are scoffed at by most leadership.

    In short, I feel your pain, but no, your infantry combat prowess is fine.
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  7. Kyouki

    I think BASRs need a higher Headshot multiplier so they always get a 1 shot kill with headshots. Leave Nanoweave as is after that.
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  8. Aegie

    The highest powered sniper rifles should OHK with a headshot against any infantry from any distance.

    That being said, I run Adrenaline Pump always so they will always OHK me with a headshot.

    No, I do not frequently get OHK while flying- however, the LA having a COF multiplier while flying is ridiculous, it should be a recoil modifier so there is actually some skill to flying and shooting. Most people forget that even if there was no modifier whatsoever a flying LA is just as easy to hit as it is for the LA to hit the ground target because relative motion is equal.

    Finally, while I agree that getting OHK while stationary is fine- I think infiltrators get a bad name thanks to all the ones who do this from the comfort of the invincibility room. Fact of the matter is that no one can spawn room warrior quite like infiltrators (well, maybe MAXs) and yes I know about LOS and all that it is just sad so much gameplay revolves around playing against an invincibility room. I do try to pay attention to LOS to the spawn rooms but there have been times where an invisible+invincible infiltrator has caught me from standing in just the right corner and catching the fragment of my helmet that is happens to be peaking out from behind cover (even though I cannot tell this from my perspective since my eyes are in my chest).
  9. LownWolfe

    Whenever I land a headshot on a flying LA, I literally crap my pants. I almost never happens.
  10. RadCavalier

    What would you guys say about a suit slot that was something like a "Reinforced Impact Helmet" which specifically granted enough of a damage reduction to barely survive a headshot from a sniper, but did NOTHING else? (assuming Nanoweave got an associated buff that did not give the same ability). Would you guys prefer suit slots to be much more situational as a whole? (I'm thinking Flak for explosives, helmet for sniper headshots, padding for impacts like getting hit by vehicles or falling damage, etc.)
  11. Sandpants

    The frequency of being headshotted by a sniper as an LA is about as often as an LA is asked to squad up.


    Not an issue. Ever.
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  12. Batisat

    Getting headshotted by a sniper while flying or moving is annoying but you have to remember the dude took some time lining up that shot.
    Gotta give credit when it's due
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