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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Bape, May 8, 2014.

  1. Bape

    I don't know if higby said anything about this but will I be able to transfer my PC character to PS4? and if not will I be able to transfer all my stuff I bought to the PS4 version?
  2. IamDH

    No i dont think you will be able to transfer accounts
  3. Bape

    I need a 100% accurate answer which decide whether I keep playing on PC or wait for PS4 version for a bigger population.
  4. IamDH

    Sorry i dont have a source and can't confirm. What i can confirm is that this question has been asked many times on the forums and the general answer was no
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  5. bPostal

    There has been no answer to the 'directly transfer characters' question other than No.You will not be able to take a BR100 from the PC side and switch over to the PS4 version. Nor will PC players share servers with PS4 players.

    As to what extent your account will transfer (SC unlocks, etc) still remains to be seen.
  6. DaninTexas

    Hoping for SC unlocks. Have spent enough on this game I could of bought a PS4 and then some. If they don't carry over I won't bother.

    I'm hoping for this too. I want LOLpods on my toon the day of PS4 release. I want to rek some noobs.
  8. Udnknome

    This is the exact situation I think they want to avoid on PS4 release. (I lol'd)

    Do you log into PS2 with the same credentials as your PS4? I'm betting it will somehow be linked that way.
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  9. Goretzu

    I'd imagine it precisely is, it's not really (from SOEs) point of view going to help the PS4 version allowing transfers, but rather would probably just cause issues for the PS4 version.

    I'd likely be different if they weren't new (and seperate) servers I guess, and who knows maybe they'll allow some sort of transfer after a little while.
  10. Sixstring

    Nope sorry,I was really hoping for this but in this interview PlanetSide 2 creative director talks 2014 and - Video Game News, Videos and File Downloads for PC and Console Games at Higby throws it in real quick (kinda sneaky,but understandable) that the two platforms will be completely seperate. I guess it's only fair and besides my playtime on PC has given me plenty of experience and I know what I should and shouldn't spend my certs on now so I will start off building a better,more focused foundation on PS4.
  11. NinjaTurtle

    Yeah because what SOE want is for the PS4 player base to get ***** by a bunch of PC players moving over with maxed out characters, mass weapon unlocks and a ton more experience to take full advantage of it.

    No one will have good counters too air at launch, no dual bursters, no top tier pilots as they will be learning the flight mechanics, no lock ons (though this is a good thing). Even a bad pilot could go there and cause havok.

    If SOE want a good PS4 launch this can not be allowed to happen,