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  1. Sil4ntChaozz

    What do you use, recommended, cost, everything. I'm so done with playing on console. It's too clunky, too slow, it's just better on PC. I don't know much about PC so I would need a layman's explanation. I know the same thing happens on PC with freaking walnut dip****s, but it's PC, so maybe I won't think about throwing my rig out the window.

    Screw this freaking clunky vacuum cleaner with dumb****s who'd rather farm then ****in push out to find enemy ****in Sundy! **** IT!*

    Well I feel better. So, any recommendations?
  2. Gundem

    Current PS2 meta is anything Intel and a decent GPU.

    A 7600k with a strong aftermarket cooling system and a good overclock and either a GTX 1060 or an RX 480 will net you decent framerates at a combined total cost of around 800$ once you factor in other non-performance impacting components.

    That being said, don't skimp on the RAM too hard, since PS2 relies heavily on CPU performance and good RAM could help you churn out a few more FPS.

    Ryzen is okay for an all-around build, but with it's lack of overclock and IPC comparable to Broadwell I can't say it's the best option for even a budget PS2 build.

    I'd go into further detail but I need sleep now. Maybe the rest of forumside will be more helpful.
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  3. Rydenan

    I have the Ryzen 1800x, and it never seems to be the bottleneck when I play. Even on low settings (which I usually play on), my GTX 1080 is the limiting factor, as crazy as that sounds.
    Aside from the ingame framecounter saying that the GPU is the bottleneck, changing the graphics settings significantly affects my framerates (from ~35fps in 96+ battles on Ultra, to 70+fps in 96+ battles on Low).
    Additionally, I have a second screen and watch the task manager. Never is any CPU thread maxed out, even in the largest of battles, suggesting that the CPU is not, in fact, the limiting factor.

    (Also, outside of gaming, the 1800x is an absolute monster compared to my old i7-4770K, so Ryzen has that going for it..;) )
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  4. Tankalishious

    Id recommend you building a 2nd hand parts rig(MUCH cheaper) if ps2 is all youre going to play for now.

    I roll on a i5-3570k clocked to 4.2 ghz, CPU watercooling, 16gb ddr3 ram, akd an EVGA 980TI(Still a beast of a card) andPS2 on an ssd. Seeing over 100fps normally, with fps dropping to 60-80 in fights and never below 45 in absolute biolab ****storms. Rig is fine with newer games too, and easily upgradable if needed.
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  5. Towie

    If you don't know much about PCs - some suggestions:

    - Quad core is good - any more leads to diminishing returns, go for higher speed rather than more cores
    - Intel still has the IPC (instructions per clock) crown, although Ryzen has closed the gap considerably. Avoid non-Ryzen AMD chips
    - 8GB memory minimum, more is always better
    - SSD (Solid State Disc) very desirable, PS2 has a lot to load
    - Even the very fastest PC on the planet will get slowdowns in the crazy fights so variable sync monitor tech also desirable (AMD Freesync or Nvidia Gsync - Gsync is technically superior but costs a lot more)

    Unfortunately all of this adds up quickly...
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  6. DeadlyOmen

    CPU should be the top priority.
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