Question on the Butcher

Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by brutes359, Dec 10, 2020.

  1. brutes359

    So, has the Butcher been given a legendary affect yet? I only ask because I remember a fiew rumors saying it was supposed to have a 400 round magazine at one point (hence its name), but it had a glitch that ruined it. I know the NC GODSAW has AP ammo that can damage tanks. VS has Betelgeuse has the cooling mechanic instead of ammo. What does the TR Bucher have going for it?

    If the answer is still nothing. Than I would ask why that still is the case being how long the game has been out now, and would ask the devs here to address this quickly as they have now had roughly 8 YEARS NOW to fix it.
  2. JustGotSuspended

    Yeah before the butcher had a 300 round mag and a spin-up mechanic, which made it worse than a carv in a sense because since you have to burst fire it, you ended up never being able to use the spin-up mechanic and got stuck with a slower firing 300 round carv.

    They tried a pts model with 500 rounds, which had some issues with reloading or whatever. So instead of working to implement a special mechanic, they stuck a 150 round mag on the carv, boosted the rate of fire by 19, added auraxium plating and called it a day.

    So no, the butcher doesn't get any special features, unless you consider the changes above something special. It's no surprise, TR seem to have the worst directives, and given the fact directive weapons are trash, it says a lot. :(
  3. brutes359

    Figures. probably too busy creating new cosmetics to sell for macrotransactions to actually care about weapon stats....maybe they could try adding a healing mechanic to it. Like triggering health regeneration on every kill. If your under fire from multiple enemies, it wouldn't help. But if your fighting lone targets, it would be a valuable tool that would allow the butcher to own up to its name.

    While where at it though, They should also consider changing AP ammo on the Godsaw to do more damage to MAX suits and lightly armored vehicles like harassers and ESF's. I would much rather have that then being able to tick tanks. The relative rarity of GOD SAWs, due to directive requirements would more than make up for the increased lethality.
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  4. bubbacon

    Butcher is absolute garbage. Sounds just like a Carv(You would think they could have atleast given it a distinct sound). To make matters worse, the Carv performs better!
  5. Novgdea

    I will not say it's garbage, and the sound is not really the biggest problem.

    But yes, a Carv with forward grip is WAY more easy to handle/use, still really effective, and if you put a flash supressor, it won't make you completely blind in 10S.
  6. OneShadowWarrior

    It’s a T9 Carv with an extended mag and no other outstanding traits. Probably out of the Auraxium LMG’s, the least unique or outstanding weapon in it’s class with nothing special.
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  7. bubbacon

    Here's the deal for TR players, and I have been one for 10 years. Stop wasting your time on this faction(s) traits. Their weps are broken and Wrel hates TR. Get an NSO Bot and enjoy what real weapons are supposed to do. I did and haven't looked back at any of my disfuctional TR crap. As far as the Butcher...the Devs should be ashamed of themselves over this wepons performance.
  8. Knjaz136

    Literally a weapon that could take a few minutes of stat-fiddling to fix.

    Like, I don't know, 800rpm 1.5x HS modifier?
    Or Naginata-like mechanics?

    There, unique machinegun, unique trait (lazily done, but still unique), done.
    The fact that it stays in current form for so long says everything about how much person in charge cares.
  9. JustGotSuspended

    Yeah it's a wonder all the directives have barely been reworked if at all. In fact the only one that seems to get attention is the betelgeuse.

    It's also super disappointing to see the new NSO directives take the same route. I had gotten excited given how the old rewards were more like what directive weapons should be. But they decided to take 3 steps backwards, cuz why give satisfactory directives to your veteran playerbase, when you could just give them memes!

    Goes to show they're quite intent on keeping directives the way they are.