Question about vehicle ram damage

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  1. Weterman

    How does the ram damage work? I find it odd that when my harrasser scrapes against an enemy vehicle it gets damaged so much. Why?
  2. Demigan

    There is a server-side problem since forever. When a vehicle scrapes another vehicle, the bump damage happens as fast as the server can create the messages. So if you bump into another tank for 1 damage, you might get 1 damage every 0,01 seconds for as long as you are bumping into eachother.

    This is also the reason why debris is so dangerous. Rather than 1 damage, you get 20 damage as fast as the server can throw it at you for as long as you are touching the stuff. I also think it has to do with minimum collision speeds at which you get damaged, which (I think) are lower for debris, meaning they start to deal damage faster.
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  3. Lucidius134

    Collisions are handled client side. This is why you can 'collide' with a vehicle you physically are not contacting with.

    A light brush on their screen is probably you ramming into them very hard. Get used to thinking the game is happening several seconds behind what you see on your screen for other people.
  4. Mythologicus

    As the poster above me described, but the problem can be even worse with higher latency. You can drive across someone's nose on your screen, but on theirs you are plowing straight into and through them. Physics proceed to go crazy - you start dragging them across the terrain at high speed until you smack into something and explode. This is accompanied by insane amounts of damage from repeated 'collisions'. This is also how it is entirely possible to drive past an oncoming vehicle and suddenly get splatted by it for massive damage.
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  5. JudgeNu

    This would explain the guy in a Sundy that is lagging hard and can begin to destroy any friendly vehicle he teleport through?
    Is this guy lagging or a bad hack?
    Either way when I see him I destroy him asap and encourage others to do so.
  6. FateJH

    As expected of the NC.
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  7. Liewec123

    ram damage is horrible in general, my biggest gripe is the roadkilling logic.

    ride right through an enemy...nothing happens.
    ride within 15m of an ally, they're dead.
    do the exact same thing with the enemy as you did with the ally, nothing happens...
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  8. Movoza

    Well this is a clientside issue. Infantry being hit is done clientside, meaning that only hits registered on their computer will do damage, not on yours. With latency and such, they could be a few extra m out on your screen but you are actually leaving a thread imprint on their head on their screen. This still has the problems of the hits registering. Like Demigan said, sometimes it registers a lot more per second than at others, making damage inconsistent. Sometimes the damage will be ridiculous for low speeds, sometimes it will be insignificant for high speeds. Also to do with how fast their client thinks you are going.

    Tanks is more complicated. It is unknown to me from where the damage is registered, but I think there is a dual system in place. You ram someone, your client sends out that they rammed them and did damage. Their client registers a ram, applies damage and sends it over the server. Then it receives the other damage report and deducts that too. Include the strange hit detection and you'll have one of the most random damage dealers in the history of gaming. This is why you can get damage being bumped on your screen, or get damage if you aren't bumped on your screen. Include that one might move through the other with the latency and it will warp the physics even further, possibly instakilling your vehicle.

    Ramming is risky business, and few things are able to withstand a ram. Do it as a last resort, or try not to do it at all is my advice. Unless you are against infantry. Then just circle around them until they suddenly die in the middle of your circle.
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  9. JonboyX

    Being rammed in a max by a flash: and the flash taking NO damage.
    Why does that happen? :rolleyes:
  10. Goldmonk

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  11. ronjahn

    lol. OP thinks there's logic behind ram damage.

    Next he'll be asking about debris and the intricacy of how they work.

    It's all random.
  12. Jake the Dog

    OP hasnt tried running people over in a magrider yet...

    Friendlies instantly die, while enemies survive.
  13. Goldmonk

    I just duck into a ditch and place a nice, friendly block of C4 on your underbelly.
  14. Jake the Dog

    Ducking seems to work usually since I rep my tank from underneath anyways...
  15. Calisai

    See... its not random. Magriders are the king of friendly kills.. they use bloody spandex as a fuel source.
    However... all is not lost. Magriders began using this fuel of bloody spandex to gain a resistance to debris fields. Most debris just causes the Mag to tilt while it slides off.
    It's asymmetrical balance. (At least for the Mags... VS engineers are a brave breed... and short lived)
  16. Weterman

    Sigh, I cannot wait for the day that these problems are eliminated.