Question about the SOAS-20

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by reydelchicken, Jan 13, 2014.

  1. reydelchicken

    So I just bought the soas-20 rifle a bit ago, and I'm wondering if it's a good weapon or not, for me it works wonders, but people think that this weapon sucks, not sure why?

    ADS is great, firing two round bursts works good against far away targets, and hipfire is decent enough in knife range.

    The loadout I use is compensator, foward grip, and reflex 2x sight. The big question is, should I keep using the weapon, or is there a similar weapon that fits this role that I should save certs to buy?

    Just for reference, here are my usage stats with this weapon and the emperor pistol as a sidearm:
    I'm not sure if I'm using these weapons to the fullest due to my bad accuracy, but at least I can hit a decent amount of headshots.
  2. Benevon

    If it works for you, then keep using it. Dont use a "good" weapon if you dont like it.

    That being said, the auto scouts are rising in popularity and I have been using it a lot myself. It plays well for a mid range ambush playstyle. Use cover a lot and keep on the move, compensator is great if allies are around otherwise I switch to suppressor (or just swap to NS7 if I want to stay more hidden). I am bad at extreme close quarters, so the SOAS fits me pretty well for a more aggresive style than sniping while being more conservative than the faction SMGs.
  3. Ravenorth

    Automatic Scout Rifles are pretty decent nowadays, if you are accurate you´ll find these weapons to be a pretty viable option as Infiltrator.

    Only real downside about them is the small magazine.
  4. reydelchicken

    Oh, I'm not actually asking for a 'good' weapon, I think I asked my question wrong.

    Just asking if there are other weapons that fit the role of the soas, midrange combat, and switching to sidearm + knife for close up.
    I'm a bit new to this game, so I don't really know the weapons too well, outside of VR training that is.

    Mostly looking for suggestions from other players that enjoy the midrange game, to try those weapons out, since I'm a bit lost with all the options...
  5. Darkelfdruid_LOL

    Well your only other option for 'mid range' is the NS SMG. although in the right hands scout rifles are fantastic. Especially artemis without the bullet drop - a crazy wep.
  6. Stinneyt

    The SOAS-20 used to be a terrible weapon. You'd do more damage throwing stones.
    Unfortunately for me, in my n00bishness, I spent 1000 certs on it, thinking "If its expensive, surely its better.".
    Which is a lot for someone who doesnt pay anything to play the game.

    After watching Mustardes latest video on the weapon, I decided to dust it off and give it another go.
    Now I've got many more hours/kills in the game than I did back then, but they've also gone through some changes.

    Now I'm more than happy to use this weapon. I'm still finding my feet with it a little bit, but I really like it.

    And now I think its price has been brought inline with its performance.
  7. Benevon

    I only quoted good because IMO, there arent many weapons that are better than others, just better in certain roles/playstyles. And there are still some that say the auto scouts are just plain bad, which just isnt the case (it may be bad for them, its all preference). The hipfire isnt nearly as good as SMGs, but still useable in close range if needed.

    I personally run with a commissioner myself. Great for a finishing shot (and its forcing me to improve my aim). I would also recommend the ammo belt since the SOAS has a pretty small ammo pool coupled with a small magazine.