Question about NMG+Nanoweave and CQC gameplay

Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by geekrider, Oct 29, 2014.

  1. geekrider

    So my go to loadout is Resist Shield (max lvl) + ASC (max lvl) with my CARV, with cover to cover medium range engagements. Now I've started using the MSW-R which is a CQC oriented weapon. As a result I've switched my loadout to NMG (max lvl) + Nanoweave (lvl 4).
    Here's the thing. I just can't seem to survive and kill as well as I do with my CARV.

    1. Can I get some tips on how to use the MSW-R well along with some effective loadouts(nades, utility, implant, suit slot change etc)?
    2. Does the NWA resistance apply to the over shield?
    3. Will maxing out my NWA for 1000 certs give me an appreciable change in survivability?

    Edit: I posted this in Combat Medic thread by mistake. Mod feel free to nuke the mistake.
  2. MrWolf3

    I haven't used the msw-r much but I have GD-22S aurax and have made a good amount of progress on the anchor. And from what I know the playing styles are relatively similar. The just of it is to remember to tap fire at longer ranges and to rely on hipfire in closer panic situation. The low cap lmg are very accurate and if you can get the headshots(they count as always). As for Nano my opinion not worth the 1000 certs unless you just have it to waste. And to my knowledge heavy over shields are not affected by nanoweave.
  3. KnightCole

    Shields arent, but NMG I think goes with NWA as NMG is basically a 650pt health buff, while NWA gives you 20% bullet damage resistance.

    But NWA and Resist do not stack resistance %.
  4. Lord_Avatar

    The MSW-R is a thing of beauty. Ditch the Adv. Laser since your hipfire will be garbage anyway; slap on a Foregrip. It's more accurate than the CARV, it can hipfire in a pinch and reloads much faster. Also - SPA.

    Overall it lends itself to an aggressive playstyle.

    I'm not sure if the NMG synergizes with NWA, but it's worth having both maxed once you have the certs. Also - CQC tends to be rather chaotic, which is why I'd take NMG over RES for those scenarios. You never know when you might need that "panic button".