question about hate... from former friends.

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  1. Madiadk

    I have bin in a few outfits then left,

    i have bin notorious(first BR 100 on miller)

    an played with notorious players... who later left outfits an or even changed faction an server..

    witch i then came to fight later on we talking months here..
    an i have bin experiencing hate from the other side of my gun..

    in the way i play an my game play...

    i was wondering what a gamer then is... when he can change side an then feel loyalty to his or hers new faction or outfit.. an why these people,. want to create banther with me..

    when i´m just trying to enjoy the game... this is one of the reason i almost not play the game anymore..

    because of the anonymity of the player. The Epeen an the disrespect that is uncalled for... making me wish the enemy would not could not contact you. with these spitefull comments.

    i honestly do not handle banther really well.
    or being hunted down an ShaAAt on by a group of players. over an over but that is what the game is if you are or have bin a notorious player.

    TLDR: its hard to enjoy the game when someone disapproves your gamestyle, even futher so if they where your former friends/acquaintance.

    have you have anything alike happened to you? please share your story.
  2. Zenanii

    Sounds like some pretty ****** "friends" you have there, especially if they were the ones switching sides.
    In any case, ignore is your best friend, if you know you're not at fault then there is no reason for you to feel bad about the situation.