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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Torok, Nov 28, 2013.

  1. Torok

    If anyone can help me.


    So as of yesterday with a Gamestop card comes a bran new shiny Platinum Commissioner, which is all I need to 100% my infantry classes certifications.


    But being an European Citizen is there any chance for me to get my hands on one?
    Can I buy one card on some websites and get the key handed over me?
    I have a SONY account if it matters, if anyone from EU ever bought one Gamestop card before to unlock the NS Platinum Assault rifle could you please tell me how you did?
  2. vsae

    If the Gamestop doesnt ship cards world wide which I'm sure isnt the case, the only way for you to get the card is to ask someone to buy it and hand you over the code.
  3. Torok

    So there is no website that would give you the Cd-key per email like they would do for a game cdkey?
  4. vsae

    Indeed. They sell cards not keys.
    Also, Am I horribly wrong if I say that weapons no longer count in class unlock percentage?
  5. Torok

    You're not wrong, but for certain reasons both the Black and Platinum commissioner show up in my Certification tab.
    Go figure why lol, also on the Test Server it's the same, other than that I am fond of my Commissioner <3
    I'd love the Platinum one.
  6. vsae

    Its clearly a coup!
  7. Morgor

    The pistol being on the cert list is most probably a bug that will be fixed, this new commissioner will be the free weapon you get when you cash in the GameStop cards starting 11/27/13 at 4 pm:

    If you really want one you can try and buy one on eBay or perhaps via PayPal by finding someone on the forums or on PSU. Also with these cards the weapon is gifted to the toon you are logged into when you cash it in, so ensure you log toon that wants it.

    It really sucks that the cards are such a good deal generally and many people can not get them easily, long term this needs to be rectified.
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  8. Torok

    Well since those are NS weapons they should unlock to all characters no?
    Anyway I'll go for Ebay, thanks for the heads up, it's cheap and they ship from germany so it's a good deal!
  9. Morgor

    @ Torok,
    The free weapon is not an account wide unlock even though its NS, it will only be on one toon and that one is the one you are logged onto when you cash the card in. The item pops up in the notification panel to be claimed, again if you are only trying to fill your cert bars up I would just wait for them to patch it out as it is most likely a bug, cheers!
  10. Liquid23

    the NS-11P they use to give didn't
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  11. Torok

    Ok Thanks everyone, anyway as there are no Planetside 2 Game cards on Ebay I'll have to find another way to get myself one :p