question about burst firing and crouching

Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by scratch12367, Mar 3, 2015.

  1. scratch12367

    in a cqc fight when you are close but not to close to hip fire is it still worth burst firing to readjust your aim ? and is crouching in ads fights worth it at long range and cqc ads fights or should i never crouch ?i fell like sometimes when my opponent crouches it throws me off and sometimes it does not. thanks for the input in advance.
  2. Leivve

    The point of burst fire isn't to adjust your aim. It's to reset the bloom on your gun. So it depends completely on your gun. In my opinion though, it's better just to keep firing so long as you have your cross hairs over them.
  3. Posse

    If you're fighting at, say, 10 meters, then you should be able to kill the other guy while going full auto, or, in the worst case, in 2 long bursts.

    As for crouching, I definitely wouldn't use it in long range fights, but crouching (and standing up inmediately after) while strafing in close-mid range might help in some situations.
  4. Rikkit

    it's always a good idea to crouch randomly at ads distance, to throw off your oponents aim.
    But don't stay crouched for to long, just so your oponent misses some bullets.
    (you know crouched people move more slowly, and it's easier to adjust for their movement)
  5. iccle

    Be aware that when you crouch you are not always displayed as crouched to other people, be wary of crouching behind fences and short boxes you may believe you are in good cover but the enemy sometimes sees you as standing up.
  6. MajiinBuu

    With my poor framerate I just spray and pray ;)
    Often times one of my stray bullets will hit their head, scoring a kill. If I engage my opponent before they see me, of course I'll ADS. I usually only crouch when firing at long distances, the gun is more accurate that way.
  7. KnightCole

    what hit LMG accuracy and spread? its so damn bad now, I cant even hit guys with 2-3 round burst fire from 100m.....even single shots miss like a *****. Dear god.......
  8. Khallixtus

    I never crouch, I never really see the point. I mean, people sometimes use it against me in CQC battles, but often it just makes it that much easier to hit those headshots because they aren't moving, and if really close, it gets in the way of a large part of their torso. Burst firing is important in those mid-range battles with other HAs, firing off a bunch of rounds, waiting a split second, just so your bloom settles, and firing off again. I don't know about crouching for long-range, I find more controlled burst firing (or just full auto if I'm using Rhino or Bull, it's accurate enough until 75+ metres) at long ranges works fine, and staying in motion always seems to keep me alive. In CQC, you should be able to go full auto without worrying about bloom (unless you're using something like the TMG, trying to hipfire that things for longer than two seconds is horrible), unless you cant hit your target and need to reset, in which case, stop firing, line up the crosshair over their body, and fire again.