QQC: MSW vs. Rhino Debate

Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by Torothin69, Nov 1, 2013.

  1. Torothin69

    After playing with both for over 2 weeks. With the following laod out:

    Laser Site
    High V Ammo
    Flash Supp
    Red Dot Site

    The only difference being the ADV laser site vs the laser site. I have come to the conclusion that for QQC the Rhino is superior in so many ways and the main one being the size of the mag. It allows for more kills due to being able to sustain spray for longer periods of time. I was way more effective with the Rhino than the MSW for QQC.

    Mind you I roll with a TM-50 loadout for mid-long range engagements. But why on earth would anyone choose the MSW over the Rhino for QQC? Aside from cost (which isn't much) I just cannot justify any cause... Thoughts?
  2. Pie Chasm

    At the red dot and laser sites, the laws of physics are clearly different so that the DPS values for the MSW and Rhino are ham and chips, respectively.

    The cause cannot be justified, because Chewbacca lived on Endor.
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  3. Jakko

    The MSW-R spits out 750 rounds per minute. Add soft point ammo for maximum close range dps and it fills the close range LMG well enough. TheT16 sits at 652 rounds per minute. A huge difference in raw damage. The large magazine of the Rhino only benefits you when you win the first battle which is much more likely with the MSW-R. If it works for you then by all means enjoy the playstyle but it's far from the ideal setup for close quarters.
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  4. RockPlanetSide2

    MSW-R feels like a bad version of the Armistice SMG to me :p... it's cone even with LS is bad, and it's bloom becomes unmanageable really fast. The overshield (if they are not HA) is really the only thing that wins battles for me when I use this in CQC, where I can just soak up bullets, until the MSW-R random cone, eventually connects enough bullets.
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  5. KnightCole

    T16 Rhino? CQC? THAT is funny ****. T16 Rhino is a sick joke just like all the other 143@652 weapons. Its accurate, it has nice irons but overall it blows.
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  6. Mxiter

    If you're using T16 for CQC, you don't use it for it's intended role wich is mid-long range.

    MSW-R have better rof, better hip firing COFs, better ADS+move COF, better attachments for CQC (ALS and SPA).
    All that makes it better for close range.

    On the other hand, it have worse vertical recoil, terrible horizontal recoil, worse first shot multiplier and terrible velocity that makes it worse at range. No mention that T16 have adv foregrip and HVA wich are useful for longer range.

    MSW-R (accuracy) or Carv (bullet spam) for close-mid range.
    TMG50 (accuracy) or T16 (bullet spam) for mid-long range.
    T32 and Carv-S are garbage.
  7. Kastrenzo

    T16 is an alternative to the TMG50, They are both medium long range outdoor guns.

    If you want a strictly indoor/closer range gun. go with the MSWR or just keep using CARV.

    T32 is not garbage, it is just a retooled T16, It's the most accurate MG TR has, except it's mostly a medium range weapon.
  8. Flharfh

    Having adv foregrip and no 2x sight is pretty clear evidence that the T16 is a mid-long range gun. Other posters are right, use MSW-R (adv laser + softpoint) for hipfire CQC or use Carv with adts for short range. MSWR is better at point blank hipfire range but the CARV holds up better in mid-range combat.
  9. Mxiter

    Try the MSW-R with foregrip, that thig is more stable (lower vertical recoil) than the Carv.
    Just compensate the first shot multiplier, right bias and low muzzle velocity (wich isn't that hard) and that's a pretty nice all rounder (better than the Carv thanks to better ADS+move COF)
  10. AngryPlayer

    This thread is so full of dumb...

    T16 Rhino doesn't get a 2x scope. It lacks a proper RPM for close CQC. It does however happen to be my favorite TR LMG. It's for medium range fighting. If you're going to be fighting in CQC use the MSW-R with advanced laser or use a shotgun or smg.
  11. redshirt

    Yea I wouldn't be using the T16 for close range work. It does quite nicely in medium - close range though. The extended mags can be a real hoot at times as well.
  12. Nexus2151

    Why ROF + SPA +ADV laser turn it into a better damaging SMG.
    The MSW-R supports an aggressive play style far better than the T16 which is better suited to static defensive play across open ground.

    Take into account that the range we mostly fight between 0-40 metres instances where you go beyond that distance are not very common as mostly you will disembark from some sort of transport and get into a base of operations where these ranges come into play. Take AMP Stations when you look at a AMP Station from above you would think there are a lot of long sight lines but from the ground you find there are a great many obstructions where long range weapons are not so useful.

    Where the T16 comes to its own is in medium range to long range this being 40-65 metres you pay for its longer range accuracy with poor ROF which hurts you in CQB. These fighting ranges are not as common as you would imagine, sure you may foot zerg across an open ground once in a while but most commonly you're doing what I said above fighting short medium range where the manoeuvrability and ROF of the MSW-R comes into its own.

    All that said neither gun is anywhere near as good as the best LMG in the game the Orion which handles far better than either.
  13. Kyouki

    You are doing it wrong. T16 is the best long range LMG the TR have. The MSW-R is the best cqc LMG the TR have. Why are you saying the best long range LMG is the best cqc LMG? It just doesn't make sense.
  14. Hoki

    3 Cuils

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  15. Pie Chasm

    The OP was # 2^2^2^{#|R|} Cuils.
  16. LownWolfe

    wtf did I just listen to?
  17. Van Dax

    I was not aware this was a real debate.
  18. Grimunk

    The T16 is overall a pile of crap. The only thing it has going for it is lots of bullets in a magazine. Obviously it's not a short-ranged weapon, since the CARV and MSW are a good bit better, and it's not really a long range weapon, since the TMG50 and T32 are better. I'm not sure what the T16's purpose is outside of getting us to spend SC on yet-another-useless weapon.
  19. TheBloodEagle

    Seriously disagree about the T32 being better than the T16. T32 is a WASTE of certs.
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  20. bubbacon

    OK....do a very simple test. Next time your in a good cqc fight like a tower, keep an eye on your K/D with the MSW and the Rhino. In my case, its not even close. I can run a K/D around 3:1 with the MSW...the Rhino...maybe 1:1, usually a little less. The Rhino/Bull versions are just what Sony says they are...med to long range. Your not going to get those weapons max potiential at close range; nor will you get the MSW's at med to long range. Another odd way the Rhino and Bull affect me is that I have noticed I'm not nearly as aggresive with those weapons as I am with the MSW. When I strap on the MSW-R, its go time baby!