[Suggestion] Punish bad flight practices

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  1. Sierra331

    As of right now one of the absolute most annoying things I encounter when flying an NC Reaver is encountering a Liberator. Not only are things things armed to the teeth with the hyper-potent Tank-Buster nose cannon and the Walker on the tail, but even taking a proper interceptor tactic of attacking at the "weakpoint" that being the top side of the Liberator I've found to be a futile effort.

    The reasoning behind the perceived futility is a simple one, liberators can simply go "belly up" and apparently fire their payload at you with extreme precision. This not only is unrealistic, but is a bad mechanic that defies proper physics, where such a bottom heavy and cumbersome aircraft should have trouble performing tight maneuvers, let alone performing inverted flight.

    I think bad mechanics like this and those that exploit them should be punished, the absolute best way I can consider is to make it so a Liberator stalls or crashes exponentially faster when going Belly Up, or simply make the thing incapable of inverting.
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  2. Aldaris

    Realism argument is a poor one. The proper counter to Libs is don't be anywhere near them that the tail gunner/belly can realistically kill you. You, on the other hand, can kill one at range and be immune to the Lib.
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  3. BlueSkies

    This is a game where dogfighting involves planes circling backwards...
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  4. Jac70

    The ESFs do not generate lift from wings so the fact they can hover and even move backwards is not surprising. A Harrier JJ can do pretty much the same thing now. Looking at the model it appears all the thrusters point either down or out the back so if they invert they should lose altitude very quickly.
  5. I play by many names

    The flight physics in this game have always and will likely always be trash.
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  6. Aldaris

    Not following realism != trash.
  7. I play by many names

    I said nothing about realism.
  8. Paperlamp

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  9. Aldaris

    Seeing as you're replying to a threat were the OP is asking for more realism, yes you did.
  10. DFDelta

    So old, but still one of my favorite PS2 videos.
    "I'm helpiiiiiiiiiiiing"

    Back on topic:
    Aside from the realism problem I don't think the Liberator belly up tactic is very problematic.
    With some evasive rolling, distance and creative use of ctrl and spacebar you can usually avoid them long enough to win "1 on 1".

    It is kinda like fighting capital ships in a fighter craft in the X games, or taking on large to capital ships in fighters in Allegiance, though I doubt anyone still knows that game today. :D

    Call my crazy, but I actually like it.
  11. TheXenonCodex

    "extreme precision"? what the hell are you smoking? if you've ever seen the people who are 'practised' at shooting air while llib gunning, you'll see how hard it is, and why they always seem to celebrate when they get a kill. and it ALWAYS takes them MULTIPLE shots to nail their target. somebody shoots you down in a lib, you mentally send them a GG, and pull again.
    also, what do the callouts class libs as? gunships. except libs double as BOMBERS. y'know, B52's? they had tons of guns too. FOR FENDING OFF AIRCRAFT.
  12. Siilk

    Generally, fighting a 2-man Lib 1 v 1 in a Reaver is hard, yes. But people shouldn't expect a 2 v 1 fight to be fair. To level the ground, ESF pilots should engage 2 player Libs in pairs at the very least. And if that's a confident 3-man AA Lib (Tankbuster + shredder + walker/hyena), a team of 3-4 ESF is preferred to ensure victory. And if you're in a pinch, remember that ESF has better manoeuvrability and speed so you can always break off and disengage, if you see that Lib crew skill is superior.

    Lol yeah, there is a similar vibe to it. (Hey DF, long time no see:))
  13. Kraken160

    it would make sense if the liberator had a slower vertical rotating speed so you had time to react to the belly up gun and get in it's weak spot again. and aside from people on this level: I doubt many can hit you out of the air, but on servers like connery where there is a lot of skilled br 100s I can see where this is a problem
  14. Frostiken

    I think the Liberator should only have, like, a 0.5 TWR with its horizontal thrusters. If it goes nose-up, it should immediately begin falling out of the sky.
  15. Daikar

    I'm sorry but this is simply you getting killed by players that are vastly better then you at flying. I take on all off the good lib crews on cobalt and probably have more wins than loses, you just need to learn how to dodge the dalton rounds.
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  16. Tiili

    Better listen to Daikar, I'm afraid of going after this guy with a 5/12 op gal fort, with a lib I could at least run away faster.. xD

    No but rly, these are not planes, they're UFOs, use em like that and life will be easier and funnier :)
  17. [HH]Mered4

    How to not get hit by a Liberator gunner:

    Don't fly in a straight line.

    Presto! Your problem is solved! Now, all you need to do is tofigure out how to follow my advice! Good luck with the learning curve wall!
  18. Sierra331

    $5 says that the dudes defending this abuse it themselves.
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  19. Brahma2

    "Abuse" is such a strong word.
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  20. Haquim

    Imo the aircraft are strange and the ESF is the only one that remotely behaves like I would expect it (altthough personally I would like a dedicated A2A and A2G vehicle instead - an ESF and ESB(bomber) if you will)

    Galaxies are harder to take down than a shielded Vanguard, and also thanks to 4 guns, 2 of which usually have 1km/s bullets even better armed to deal with ESFs. WAAAAY too much survivability for the amount of weapons it carries imo.
    Liberators are so agile and fast that a single ESF has little chance taking it down without rocketpods - which leads to the strange concept of equipping an A2G weapon to take down aircraft.
    (Don't believe Libs are agile and fast? Maybe the ESF is too slow and cumbersome. Either way try taking one on who decides to take you down - you will be busy flying away from him to get some distance most of the time while his nanites repair him - OR risk being very, very close and getting oneshot by him, which will happen more often than not.)