Pumpkin event waste of time?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by yoericup, Oct 3, 2014.

  1. yoericup

    So i've been playing 4 alerts today and the first 2 alerts went fine i guess , found about 5 seeds at both of them. After that... none. Is looking for the pumpkins to win the alert a waste of your time? I'm playing NC on Cobalt and so far as ive seen at the 4 alerts , NC has won none, especialy the other factions had 3 times more pumpkins hunted than the NC. Besides buying a knife or a gun u would barely use , or a helmet u can only wear during the event.. is this all worth it?

    Lets say u would play 4 alerts a day , which is 4hours of gameplay at least , and it would take another 2h to get another alert. You will need at least 5 seeds on every alert to get 20 a day and 600 by the end of the month. Right now im done with playing for the event so i would like to know ur opinions about it.
  2. S7rudL

    Its more than 4 hours, you need to wait for the alert to start first if there is none.
  3. Nano(zip/zap)

    Never been a big fan of seasonal events in MMOs just cause they always seem to come with a large number of problems. Oh it's nice walking around and seeing seasonal stuff put up in a MMO but you pretty much have to expect the first day or so of the event will have serious bugs from all the new data. About all I can vote for is the sticky grenade cause it was only a cosmetic change but feels like SFX for it causes increased lag. I think it would be much better if they just gave a few limited time use things like masks or change rockets image to a flaming pumpkin image you know just silly graphical changes like that. I mean how many people really show off the things they got during an event unless you are in a MMORPG with a house and all that.
  4. mavie999

    If you are a normal player there is no chance to get the slasher or a mask.
    You need to be a no-life to hunt for alerts all day or use cheats to locate them.

    Total waste of time for normal people. You will never find enough seeds.
    This is why there is a price tag on those items, that's creative marketing SOE-style ;)
  5. RRRIV

    i believe the seeds should be awarded for participation and wins. like if you are on the continent for a specific amount of time, you get participation seeds, and if your faction wins, you get more seeds. that seems a lot more fair than a FFA find-it event
  6. Swooped

    I've played in a lot of mmo holiday events and this had got to be one of the worst. It forces you to not play the game in order to win the alert, the pumpkins are very rare, the seed cost for any of the items are insane, and the items can't even be used for 11 months of the year.

    They should honestly just cancel this event. I really don't want to have to deal with these events for an entire month.
  7. LodeTria

    The rewards aren't permanent, so of course it's useless.
  8. PhineasDerp

    So wanted that flaming skull helm! But once I saw the rewards are only usable for the duration of the event, I stopped caring.
  9. queue

    i can't imagine the amount of time wasted programming this crap when there are major issues with the game.
  10. squarebug

    A: Hunt down 300+ "pumpkin seeds" for a mask you can use temporarily.

    B: Spend SC and play the game how it is supposed to be played and forget about pumpkins.

    C: Pumpkin alerts provide 30% exp bonus, play normally.
  11. queue

  12. Mangopizza

    What's sad is most games use seasonal events as a way to get people back in the game. It gives developers a chance to showcase improvements that were made while those potential paying customers were absent. Most games do not even allow you to buy seasonal items as they need to be earned in the game for a reason.

    But SOE raises the bar knowing a few players will drop some dough just to be one of the cool kids. Although I bet it cost them more to implement all that content then what they will actually make in terms of profit. I have seen very few using the candy gun and that's probably because it sucks. I bet many who bought the masks are going to regret that too once the event is over.

    Not that it's a great deal of money as people spend far more on a costume they will likely discard after Halloween. But in many other games you can still show off your pumpkin head or share some candy from an event long after the event has passed. This is just a strait up cash grab from a company struggling to stay afloat due to mismanagement.
  13. xromancex

    I did read that they are going to add cert cost. Hopefully they will do that or no one will be able to get pumpkin event items .
  14. NXR1

    knife and candycannon are for sell for certs so just gotta get those 25 for the first mask and i can get all the directives i need
  15. DQCraze

    These events remind me of traveling carnival games. You got no chance to win jack, thanks for playin'.
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  16. yoericup

    the gun and knife are but i agree its a waste reay , specialy when playing NC they have only won 1 alert so far..
  17. CNR4806

    As long as they remain non-permanent and removed after the event is over, I don't care if they cost me certs, seeds, SC, Septims, Galactic Credit or Gold-Pressed Latinum.

    It is still as worthless as originally announced.