Pump actions can 2 shoot you at 30 m

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Ghosy01, Mar 18, 2013.

  1. Ghosy01

    I got this in a game by a raging nc after i was destroying with pump action, so i decided to try it out

    with 4 times scope , slug rounds without considering nanoweave armor or shield from heavy and medic.

    yes it is possible why do people even cry about pump actions .

    you need a fully certed shotgun to even get close to 2 shooting people at range and even then you have to be an excellent marksmen
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    guns killing people this is BULLSHlT

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  3. ent|ty

    shotgun and excellent marksman don't really go together.
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  4. JokeForgrim

    Pro-tip, dont move when you shoot. If it had a foregrip like it does in VR it would be lethal. But without it... Scope, Shoot, Strafe, Scope, Shoot, otherwise you get shredded between shots.
  5. Ghosy01

    thats what i think , i believe they have a time and moment but pump actions are far from ideal
  6. Paltry Porridge

    The thing is that the recoil makes adjusting it for accuracy difficult. You also have to realize that the TTK for it at that range is .50 in the best case.

    An NC6 can achieve a lower TTK quite easily with a compensator and fore grip. It still deals 191 damage at that range, so with at least one headshot it's at most .48 seconds, provided you hit with the rest.

    Heck, with perfect headshot accuracy the TTK doesn't change at all...

    The NC really have no reason to complain about their alpha mid-long range weapon, when the other factions have to shell out 1000 certs to get something that is actually still somewhat inferior (larger CoF, lower DPS, higher TTK i.e. Ursa/TMG-50).
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  7. JesNC

    Fully certed? You only need 100 certs for slug ammo and that's hardly a stretch if you just shelled out 1000 for the gun. If you have a decent scope and some practice you can 1-hit people with a headshot.

    The issue with pump actions is that they have too much power for too little operator effort involved - and that goes for both slugs and buckshot.
  8. Ghosy01

    you sound exactly like the nc that was crying in game .sigh
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  9. JesNC

    See, that's what pump-actions do to people. The miniscule amount of effort it takes to do well with them makes bad players think they're some kind of major league guy and that their opinion has any kind of weight on the forums - or anywhere for that matter.

    The pump-action shotguns are the closest thing to no-skill hitscan instagib weapons in PS2 atm. You can deny it all you want, you know it, we know it and the Devs know it, too. So have fun while it lasts, because once the guns are tweaked you'll be eating dirt and threatening to quit on the forums again.
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  10. siiix

    i do not have that experience, i got that thing because it worked well in the training area, but in real combat where targets are moving in an entire hour i managed to get 2 kills... it blows, if you miss the 1 shoot your dead , if the distance is more then 5 meters you wont get the chance of a second shoot to kill... sure it looks good in the training area where the targets are standing still and wont shoot back

    on one occasion i shoot the guy 5 times in the back from about 20 meters, in the end he turned around and shoot me, he has 2 bars left, but i was dead in 2 seconds from 10 meters

    also i not once got killed by it yet

    i doubt i ever use it again, waste of 700SC :(
  11. Ghosy01

    i dotn even own a pump action i tried it for 30 mins thing cryers everywhere , you want to know whats instagib? max scatters thats instagib
  12. Pengalor

    That's funny, according to your stats you have no kill with the Claw. So I'm guessing you tried it only in VR or on a trial and took that to be how it performs all the time in combat. I've used them extensively and I can tell you that you have zero idea what you are talking about.
  13. JesNC

    Additonally, I only have a miniscule amount of kills with the Zephyr and no kills at all with tank HE guns. You don't have to stick your nose in **** to notice the smell - at least I don't.

    As far as ohk shotguns go, IMO the UB shotgun - which I've used a fair bit - is hard on the edge and they nerfed the regular shotties in beta for good reason.
  14. Pengalor

    Actually you DO need to stick your nose in when you seem to think it smells like roses. You have made it clear that you do not actually understand the weapon, your only experience is playing against it.
  15. JesNC

    Alright, I'll just play along - what is there to understand? UB Shotgun effectiveness with 5x the magazine size or am I missing something?
  16. Pengalor

    And with no assault rifle attached to it.

    Oh, and slugs making it an entirely different beast, not 'hit-scan, insta-gib' or anywhere close to it.
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  17. ent|ty

    There's nothing pro about shotguns... in any game.

    THere is little skill involved with most situations in the game at close quarters, other than what it takes to get the initiative or drop on someone.

    [A] in a tower now sucks to defend, because it is a shotgunner's paradise. Can't see where they come from.. Nanoweave and HA Shield completely nullified in 1 or 2 shots from shotty.

    Not that I care about KDR, but shotguns have certainly affected my death count, rising quite a bit just because I happened to come around a corner with a guy with a shotgun, who chews me in 1-2 shots.

    I'm not complaining, I'm adjusting my gameplay for it, but please, do not put marksman and shotgun in the same sentence. You're not going to fool anyone. Shotguns are easy to use in CQC, and will net you kills you probably wouldn't have got otherwise just do to the 1-shot kill gamemode PS2 is headed towards
  18. Sebyos

    Actually you can easily kill people at 20-25 meters without slugs and I know because I've done it a couple of times. It is really OP.
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  19. Slaidd

    Actually, try it out in the VR, pump with slugs actually DON'T one shot targets over about 30m, even with a headshot. It takes two slugs to kill over that range, AND really by using slugs, you're kind of defeating the entire reason to use the gun in the first place. Shotguns have a place to use them, in close quarters, anything longer range than that and you're at a HUGE disadvantage against anyone with a carbine, AR, LMG or anything else.
  20. Chiss

    Did you know nearly all automatic guns can kill you at 50m in less time than a pump action can fire 2 shots?

    In short, if the pump action does not kill in its first hit, it should lose, unless the opponent is bad, or the shotgunner gets the jump.

    Good try though.