Pump action shotguns OP ??

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Darkraver, Mar 24, 2013.

  1. Darkraver

    Why need pump action shotguns 1 shot for 1 kill ?

    this is really not balanced .
  2. Loegi

    Slower RoF to offset the higher damage per shot.
  3. Darkraver

    give it more range then but ppl running arround 1 shotting ppl
  4. Loegi

    That was the point of it. A slower RoF CQC weapon but with higher damage per shot.
  5. VanuSovereignty

    All I think it needs is slightly less range. It should 1 shot under 7 meters and 2 shot at 10. 3-4 shots at 15m. Any farther and you should have to expend all shots that are loaded.
  6. Bape

    Phoenix 1 shot infantry but is apparently OP so yes any 1 shot weapon must be NERFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFED.
  7. ih8Darian

    The semi-automatic shotguns are too OP, even if a noob has it and goes in a room with infantry, they can almost always win because you don't need to aim. Even if you sneek up behind a max with one, you can almost always kill it :/
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  8. ih8Darian

    Why should phoenix 1 shot infantry if a fully charged lancer doesn't?
  9. Bape

    Because a lancer has 6 rounds while a phoenix has 1???? The phoenix has a lot of downfalls like standing still like an idiot. But i do believe the phoenix fully charged should 1 shot infantry despite of it having 6 rounds.
  10. ih8Darian

    6 rounds isn't bad, I wish they lowered the lancers ammo to 6 rounds in order to 1 shot infantry, they do work well in groups but almost nobody has one because it's not good
  11. RichardDunn

    This topic has been discussed numerous times on this board, just use the search function. You'll find people who feel it is and those who don't.

    My personal opinion is that it's not OP. Of course it excels in close range, that's where it's suppose to shine. If you miss your shot you usually get dropped. It only one shot targets less than 5ft away. HAs usually take at least two rounds up close and more if they pop their shield. Slugs are deadly at medium and close range but require the user to remain still, any movement will through the slug off course. They hit just as hard as buckshot up close but are harder to use at the range. I mainly use the Uppercut with my LA, but there are numerous times where I wish I had my Carbine or SMG. Carbines are a lot more effective at medium range and can be deadly up close, overall they're more versatile. SMGs are amazing up close and allow for more user error. They're also better slightly outside of shotgun range. Personally I'm killed by Carbines and LMGs more often than by Pump-Actions.
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  12. Lancener

    TTK needs to be higher for all weapons, this isn't Call of Duty or Battlefield. Look at planetside1, TTK was so much higher. If you try a semi-auto shotgun and a pump-action, the fire rate really isn't that much slower either. Can't go to a biolab without one or you'll be killed by someone with one.
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  13. sladuog



  14. Xasapis

    The shotguns are very poorly implemented in the game unfortunately.