Pump action or Semi-auto?

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by gommer556, Mar 17, 2013.

  1. gommer556

    i have 700 SC left after buying breaker rockets and an SMG for my infiltrator, and i want to try messing with a shotty because others are having some fun and success with it. but i cant decide if i want the Claw or Piston? i like the Claws one shot kill at close range but i dont enjoy the reload, and even if you can shoot in the middle of the reload it still takes time to ready the gun, and i would probably die in that time anyway.

    so im asking you guys what is your fav gun and what shotty do you think i should purchase?
  2. Simferion

    As a Light Assault I have the 8 shells mag semi-auto TR Haymaker and after getting gold medal with it I trialed the PAS. I wasn't impressed.
    Of course if you can get your enemy it's instagib but the delay between the shots is evident.

    I dunno the equivalent NC shotties, but I'll go with a semi-autos 8 mag (12 with the extended mag attachment).
  3. Scumdog6

    Just got my auraxian medal with the piston. Love it. You need the extended mag. It gives you way more killing power. Just remember you get like 30 rounds and it's full auto, so you can't las too long without support.
  4. Lakora

    The Piston is an absolute beast BUT it's very much so on the harsh side when it comes to ammo conserving. Most of the time you'll even waste two-three rounds on a dead body.

    The Sweeper is alright, my aim ain't good enough to keep it centered on my target for the double tapping on my mouse but it varies from person to person. The fact that you can get 12 rounds a mag is very helpful since it reduces the amount of times you'll have to reload.

    Mauler from what I can gather since I don't own it myself it's the fastest reloading shotgun that NC has and with a 10 round mag (Extended) it's not all too shabby in comparison to the Sweeper which beats it by 2 rounds...

    Pump Action... Meh, ain't nothing to write home about really... It's as you say if you need to reload you can cancel it but you might die anyway. Not only that but if you do miss you'll drastically reduce your own chances to survival for each shot you fire n miss cause of the "massive" time it takes to fire again.

    When it comes to stats... Stats wise I can't help you there ain't got the spreadsheet infront of me currently... But personally if I didn't have the Sweeper I'd most likely get the Mauler due to it's faster reload... It's a shotgun so most other stats don't really matter and the fact it's the fastest reload kinda makes it a winner in my eyes.
  5. ih8Darian

    I like the Phobos pump action for the vs, don't really like the semi-auto's mostly because it seems too OP because you don't even need to be a good aim to get a lot of kills, pump actions are a lot more challenging and can be very rewarding
  6. Evil Monkey

    Pump actions seem the new flavour-of-the-month; I'm wishing I saved some station cash. Been getting killed by them more often then any other weapon lately.

    Shotguns are now almost mandatory for biolabs.
  7. pucwyczes

    It really depends, I'm using both piston and claw
  8. Recettear


    don't bother with the 8-shot semi, their biggest advantage was the big ammo-pool, since last patch the 6-shot shares this trait AND has much better reload/pellet spread. having 10 shots/mag instead of 12 wont kill you, being outranged or caught reloading will.
    that said, the pumpaction is propably the best bet right now, but i smell nerfs on that front so beware.
    the automatic is not a real option for LA -> ammo consumption
  9. Somisary

    I went with the automatic shotgun (pandora for vs) and since the ammo pool buff I don't see many reasons not to take it. Sure, you get a OHK with the pump action, but the second you miss that first shot most other guns are going to be able to bring you down. With a full auto shotty, you can just hold down the trigger for the most DPS of any infantry weapon in the game (I think, might need to check). You can even kill a max in a clip if you get into their deadzone and aim for the head.

    Personally, I'm loving it. Got the auraxium medal in under a week - great for clearing bottlenecks and medic nests. If you feel you're a good shot though and can consistently get those OHKs, the pump action is probably better.

    Be aware, there was talk of them releasing a 2nd pump action though, and if the SMGs are any thing to go by... it's going to be godly.
  10. DrTeeth

    I have all the TR shotguns and my favorite is the 10 shot (with extended mag) semi-auto, the Barrage. Semi-autos are easier to use, more forgiving of mistakes than the pump but don't waste ammo like the automatic. The Barrage has 2 less rounds per mag compared with the other semi, but has the tightest spread angle and the fastest reload. I find I can get more killing done in more situations with this shotgun than any of the others.
  11. gommer556

    alright, thanks guys. i decided to go with the full auto Piston with the extended mags. i was just playing with it. hot dropped on a tower and went on a 13 killstreak:)

    EDIT: i do plan to purchase the GD-66 Claw after i get some more station cash. i would love to have a fun challenge. the OHK is also really great
  12. c0r3

    I have only used the claw. Bought it this weekend after gaining the certs. I love it! Can't really comment on the auto shottys since I haven't used them,
  13. belthazor3457

    Video review comparing pumps to non-pumps:

  14. vulkkan

    Wait for the new pumps if you're not a semi-auto or auto person. You can see their weapon designs (much better than the current PAS) on the Planetside 2 Players site, and they supposedly deal more damage than the old pumps, making them better for slug sniping as well. Personally I'd recommend either semi with extended mags.
  15. ladiesop

    The Mauler (for NC, it is a different shotgun archetype for the other factions, 8 round for VS and full-auto for TR) has a better CoF when jumping than the other two.

    The fast reload archetype (for all factions) has the best spread apparently too.
  16. Wolfwood82

    The faster reload rate for all 3 empires has the same spread as the pump action which is better then the 8 round and automatic shotguns.
  17. ladiesop

    Yes, the cone of fire when jumping is different though. It's something that almost never comes up, but perhaps worth thinking about.
  18. Wolfwood82

    Cone and Spread are different factors for shotguns. The cone does virtually nothing to them while the spread is what defines the pellet pattern and effective range of the weapon.

    The 6 shot semi's have a tighter spread and a longer effective range (by a few meters if that). The pump action shares this tighter spread and also uses 4 more pellets per shot, that's what makes it deadly.
  19. Corezer

    I think out used to be the way he described, he just didn't get the memo
  20. Ayre

    I honestly think whichever works best for you. Try them out in VR, I think the automatic and pump action shotties are about equal overall.

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