Pulsar C vs VE3 vs NS-11C

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Qasar, Nov 26, 2013.

  1. Qasar

    Edit: I've kind of rambled below. The intent of this thread is to discuss people's experience and opinions with these three weapons when using them for ADS mid to long range combat.

    I've set up all three for ADS mid to long range combat, a range I'm most comfortable with, and have my highest KPH and KDR (46 and 2.8 respectively). The VE3 lacks HVA and compensator, but holds its own remarkably well with a 2x reflex, foregrip, and flash suppressor (my KPH and KDR are about the same with this weapon and the NS-11C). I have HVA, comp, foregrip and 2x reflex sites on both the Pulsar and NS-11C but even though I'm unsure about the latter, I've done far better stats wise with it than the former. I'm not sure if that's because of more experience or it just being a better weapon. I'm trying to make it work for me because I think the .75 ADS would be a huge boon for someone like me who prefers aiming over hipfiring. But quite often, I'll get frustrated with it, and put it down in favor of the Solstice. Even though when I look later, I was actually doing pretty good with it (for me).

    Anyone else try these three and have any thoughts about them?
  2. Paperlamp


    I try using the Pulsar C every once in awhile(it'll be different this time I tell myself), but similar to when I try to use the T5 AMC on TR, it just doesn't cut it and comes with too many downsides for that ranged focus. There are really no good long range carbines for VS or TR IMO, you're better off making due using Solstice, VX6-7, or Serpent depending on handling/recoil preferences. Or on TR side the Jaguar or Trac 5 are probably the best choices and similarly dependent on handling/recoil preference.
  3. Hughes

    I use the Pulsar C (2x scope, compensator, adv. foregrip) as my medium-long range "overwatch" weapon versus enemy Light Assaults. I don't rack up a ton of kills, but I always end up driving off the sneaky bastard who was trying to flank my squad. For those long range situations where the enemy is more or less entrenched, I switch to a 4x scope, HVA, and semi-auto fire - plink, plink, plink. Again, I'm in no way a killing machine, but I get lots of hits and assists and can generally contribute to battles where the enemy just won't come any closer.
  4. ShumaKun

    NS 11C bullet velocity is pain, I like Pulsar C for that I can use silencer and still have no bullet drop and I score more headshoots with pulsar then ns11c. I dont have much experience with default VE3, but VE3 burst is decent after buffs, but its just bad in CQ
  5. Ruvan

    Stay away from the Solstice VE3 as a Light Assault - it's a better weapon for Engineers who are constantly group working. As a Light Assault you're going to be facing Heavy Assault players with potentially more than double your health. Hence, you don't want to be using a weapon with a similar ideal range to what they are using, otherwise they will just turn around and go "LOL I HAVE DOUBLE YOUR HEALTH" and kill you. Solstice VE3 has a similar effective range to what most Heavy Assaults use.

    You either want to be using a weapon that has so much range that they can't hit you effectively (that is probably either going to be a Pulsar C, NS11C setup for long range or a Solstice SF set up for long range), or you want to be using a weapon that kills a lot faster than theirs and/or allows you to move faster than them (e.g. SMG, Shotgun or slug shotgun).

    Pulsar C is a dedicated long range weapon. You need to be using it at a range where it's accuracy can make up for the poor time to kill. HVA and Advanced Forward Grip are a no-brainer. Compensator an option but it makes you more visible on the mini-map (shots usually show within 40m radius). Suppressor hides you on the mini-map but severely impacts your effectiveness at range (damage falloff/velocity). Enemy might be using scan darts, scout radars that render this useless. Enemy can still hear the sound of laser beams. Flash Suppressor can be very useful when fighting at night when you're not using the other options. You might just want to run nothing at all in the Suppressor/Compensator/Flash Suppressor slot in the day. Your choice of optics - personal preference.

    NS11C, when set up for long range, is a hybrid between the long range Puslar C play style and a medium range play style. You're not as effective at long range but you're more competitive at medium.

    HVA is obvious. Probably Forward Grip. Optics, again personal preference. Same situation with Flash Suppressor/Compensator/Suppressor. Suppressor is, however, better on this weapon due to it's non-faction specific sound and white tracers. Using a Suppressed NS weapon you can really notice that most enemies (not all) noticeable react less to you. I would be inclined to run a Suppressor on this weapon just for this reason.

    Solstice SF is very much like a NS11C in stats. Lacks faction neutral stats, 0.75x ADS movement speed multiplier, larger clip. However, has far higher velocity and access to underbarrel attachments that perform very well as LA. Namely the noob tube. Smoke launcher as isn't that bad.
  6. Ttariel

    I would go with the NS-11C
    It is decent at your wanted range but also works at lower ranges if you switch some parts.
    And like other people already posted, it has its hidden bonus points

    - Having close stats to stock its easy to learn
    - 0.75 ADS speed
    - 35 Mag
    - 2 Sec long reaload
    - White trail does not say what faction
    - And what i did notice: While with most weapons you should burst 5-6 shots, you can hold the NS-11 weapons down up to 10-13 bullets at longer ranges.

    Pulsar C will work better for you if you dont plan on ever switching ranges or setups.
    Besides its good out of the box while the NS needs most if not all the unlockable stuff so you can set it up.

    Dont use the VE3 if you use LA, only engi can get the most use out of them while it has its ups you can do much better with other weapons as LA.
  7. Erendil

    I guess a lot depends on what you mean by "Mid to long range" since that can mean different things to different people. However, given the weapons you're asking about and the fact that you like the 2x reflex, I'm going to assume you're talking somewhere in the ~40-80m range.

    So, with this range in mind, I'd forget about the Solstice VE3. It's a good starter weapon and a good generalist, but in a world filled with Nano + Resist/Adren Shield HAs its small damage per clip puts it at a disadvantage. The VE3 kills slightly faster than the other two carbines up close, but it's the least accurate so you have to start burst firing at shorter ranges than the other two, which increases your TTK. It also is somewhat short on the list of attachments (no comp or adv foregrip). So it's decent but IMO the other two are better for 40-80m.

    The NS-11C is a fun weapon. I dismissed it for a long time due to its low damage output, but I started playing w/ it in VR the other day and I really like it for this range. Its lower RoF and almost nonexistent recoil means that you can take full advantage of its .75x ADS movement and not lose much accuracy at all. This thing is made for ADSing while strafing. :cool: And the extra 5 rounds in the mag really help to ease the pains of dealing w/ the ever-present Nano. Just don't let them get too close to you though. Any closer than 40m and anyone w/ a CQC weapon will eat you alive if they can aim at all.

    The Pulsar C is my personal favorite though. It's incredibly accurate, and when properly equipped for long range (OG-4 4x, Comp, adv Foregrip, HVA optional) it is IMO the best long range carbine in the game. Only the NC's Razor and maybe the AC-X11 can compete with it past 150m. If you're only using the 2x with this weapon you're not taking full advantage of it range capabilities. Its real benefit is the ability to kill your opponents before they're close enough to even be a threat to you. :D It's even pretty decent at close range if you can land headshots due to its higher damage per shot (167 vs the others' 143).

    Its saving grace in the 40-80m range is that its accurate enough that you don't have to burst fire at all. Just hold down the mouse button until your target is dead. However, since it still kills pretty slowly (in between the NS-11C and VE3 at most ranges) it's best used when firing from a flanking position (which makes it perfect for LA) or from behind cover.
  8. Qasar

    After getting Auraxium + about 400 kills with the NS-11C, I find it hard to put down. The only time it leaves my hands now, is when I'm in CQC situations where I currently use the VX6-7. The NS-11C is hands down my favorite weapon in the game. ADS while strafing and aim for the head. It's just so accurate that I'll often win face to face engagements with HAs just by repeatedly shooting them in the noggin. Shield be damned! The thing is just a beast at medium and a bit into long ranges, where I like to operate.
  9. Scientiarum

    If you think the Pulsar C is a long range weapon you are mistaken. It CAN function at long ranges and the attachments would suggest that it should but if you look at the damage drop off of the Pulsar C compared to other 167 weapons you will notice it is lower at only 125 compared to the 143 of ARs. That still doesn't seem bad until you consider the ROF and you'll realize that you aren't putting out that much damage down range. There are no truly long range carbines for any faction. It is a carbine after all. The Pulsar C's stats are set up to be a mid range specialist primarily. The closest thing to a true long range carbine are the burst variants which are passable since the buffs. Theoretically they should be very good because of reduced FSM but I don't think most players can get into the right play style to properly utilize them.

    As a light assault it may be tempting to fly up into a tree and try and snipe down on people from a distance. As a new player I was stubborn in trying to do this even though people kept telling me I was doing it wrong... It turns out that I was wrong. It is a highly ineffective way to play light assault. If you don't want to use a shotgun as an LA go for the VS6-7 with adv. laser sight. Any of the SMGs could be an option as well though the VS6-7 is the better shotgun alternative IMO.
  10. AmitGr

    Pulsar C doesn't have flash supressor attachment, which I find as a must in most situations where I tree-camp from med. range. Without it, you are too easily detected.
    I auraxiumed pulsarC, and solstice VE3, and working on my ns11C atm, I find NS11C the best among them, and I disliked PulsarC the most due to the lack of flash supressor.

    With NS1C I stay undetected longer, and I use 1x scope, so I don't find the forward grip essential - using laser dot instead, which also makes it viable at close range if you encounter someone on your way to your ambush location.
  11. Crackulous

    Solstice SF. Sit on a wall or tree and throw nades at your enemies. Excellent if engineers are nearby to supply ammo.
  12. MorganM

    Mid to long range? Forget the Pulsar C. It's a carbine and I love it but not at the range you desire.
  13. Eejay

    Pulsar C is awesome for biolabs. The VX7 has much higher firerate and a theoretically lower ttk. But outside HS/NV range you magdump and still not kill people. Sure, you can burst, but then they'll get away. With the Pulsar C it is much easier to land 100% of your shots regardless of range due to low firing rate. HVA+Compensator if you don't like to lead your bullets (yes, people run but you still have to kill them).

    People will see you on the mini map, but if they all got short range carbines and your rightfully positioned, this is when the fun begins

    Tower fights are something else though, go with high firing rate as there are no medium ranges
  14. Dimachaerus

    Honestly, I've been using the Thanatos with extended mag, slugs, and a 4x scope for the ranges you're talking about fighting at. Even works as a slightly less accurate but punchier marksman rifle thanks to our slugs lack of drop. Also works very very well at short range too.

    I've tried going back to carbines, but headshotting some poor schlub from 300m from the top of a tree/tower is just too damn fun.