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  1. a-koo-chee-moya

    I got the Pulsar C a long time ago when I first started. Now, I'm going back to LA, and I was considering getting compensator for it. I watched a couple of videos, and it was about half for and half against. I'd really like the communities opinions on the compensator for the Pulsar C and attachments for it in general. (Not that anyone's using it since they're all hipfiring their way to 100s of certs.)
  2. GrymMSK

    If you haven't gotten it already, HVA is really good now, especially for carbines. It extends min damage range by a large margin, and higher bullet velocity is always nice. After you put that on there, as well as adv foregrip of course, see if you can control the gun as is. If you can, compensator isn't really necessary. If you think you could be better with it, go for it. I actually use the suppressor some with this setup because HVA cancels out the negatives, and I can deal with the extra vertical recoil, and I enjoy not being seen. Its situational though, up to you.
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  3. a-koo-chee-moya

    I thought that both forward grips are near useless or useless for the Pulsar C as it has 0 degrees of horizontal recoil. I like the other points though.
  4. Ripshaft

    Bwaaaaa!? the foregrips are a night and day difference on the pulsar c - the compensator is far less noticeable as you'll tend to be bursting, but it's still great for closer range sustained fire.
  5. a-koo-chee-moya

  6. Ripshaft

    Yeah.... no. To be blunt, you really need to spend some time playing the game and not looking over spreadsheets. The pulsar c is surprisingly solid in cqc once you know how to handle it, and the compensator doesn't have a notable effect on it, the shot spread tends to be bizzarely tight when bursting in cqc, whether you have compensator on or not.

    Edit: and to be clear, it will take awhile to learn how to use it in cqc
  7. a-koo-chee-moya

    25% is not a noticeable difference?
    Also, good luck winning in CQC by bursting.
  8. Ripshaft

    Dude. I'm a confused on what kind of advice you're seeking, I'm someone who has actually used the weapon, quite alot actually - it was my favorite gun in beta, and when they changed the name at release I was certain they had removed the weapon because it was so ludicrously OP in my mind. It's still my favourite gun despite having barely touched it in ages, and still has my most kills, though not by much. I don't need luck to win with it in cqc, I have experience. I didn't need to look up the information on spreadsheet, I've actually used it, I know how it handles.


    If you just hop in VR it's extremely easy to verify that the foregrip makes a absurdly massive difference, and you can see for yourself that the cof change on the compensator is hardly 25%. In actual combat you'll see that comparing the size of the reticule means squat compared to what you're actually able to do with it.

    Or you can just sit around on the forums waiting for idiots to tell you what you've found online.
  9. Ruvan

    The Pulsar C has a horizontal shake that restricts your effective range. At certain ranges you don't have to correct this by burst firing (i.e. artificiality lowering DPS/increasing TTK). The Advanced Forward Grip reduced this horizontal shake, meaning you do longer bursts and the overall effective range of the weapon is increased.

    HVA for this weapon is obvious. It's a Carbine, it has low velocity.

    Compensator, also obvious imho. Helps you keep on target for head shots at longer ranges. Reduced vertical recoil when burst firing.

    You *could* try and set this weapon up to be more of a mid range standard weapon. I don't particularly see why you would though as the Solstice with a Laser Sight would just be plain better...
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  10. a-koo-chee-moya

    If you actually clicked on the link, you would see that it is 25% while hipfiring. Also, the size of the crosshair makes a massive difference as it determines how far the bullet can deviate from the center of the crosshair when firing from the hip.
    If you ADS while in CQC your going to lose most if not all of your shield. A SMG would be a much better choice. The servers were down. so I wanted to see some other opinions before I play again.

    Why would you want a Laser Sight? it only increases hipfire accuracy? I'm trying to set the Pulsar C up so I can flank around, get to a nice position 25-50 m from enemies, ADS, and get a few kills before dropping back.
  11. Iridar51

    Do not use PS2 wiki as a reliable source to quote. It is the worst resource you could possibly use.

    As for the compensator - it's crap, don't use it. As far as recoil goes - and I wrote the book on this topic - vertical recoil is the most irrelevant statistic on the weapons with Pulsar C's recoil pattern - constant horizontal recoil with no recoil angle.
    Simply not worth the drawbacks.
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  12. Mongychops

    So you basically use it like a Merc with crappier fire rate? Eh, I suppose it is an option.
  13. GrymMSK

    ^This. Vertical recoil is really easy to compensate for on most any gun. I think the most complained about thing for the pulsar is the recoil recovery rate, which if I recall correctly is very slow for this gun, meaning it takes it longer for the gun to recenter on your screen than many other guns, which can actually be pretty annoying when burst firing. Perhaps if the compensator helped with this a bit, or was just better at reducing the vertical recoil so that this stat didn't matter as much it would be worth it, but as it stands it just serves to increase bloom in hipfire (which really isn't a HUGE deal for this gun because if you're hipfiring with this thing you'll probably lose anyways). All in all a waste of 100 certs haha
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  14. Iridar51

    Not exactly. All carbines have inherently good hip fire, and it's more than viable hip firing any carbine in CQC situation.
    You're right that Pulsar C has relatively low recoil recovery, and the compensator does help with it, since the gun "accumulates" less recoil that needs to be "recovered".
  15. a-koo-chee-moya

    I just tried and bought forward grip and its amazing. They really need to make it more obvious that it is needed. Thanks for all the help!
  16. asdfPanda

    Pulsar C has no horizontally biased recoil. It still has random horizontal shake.

    I'd still take adv. foregrip for most ranges that I use the Pulsar C.
  17. repairtool6

    Just my opinion but this is how you play with this gun.
    F.grip + HVA -> play like this for 'normal play'

    F.grip + HVA + compensator + 4x zoom -> play like this from time to time for long range play.

    Don't use compensator on guns unless you want to use 4x zoom at same time. It's not really needed imo
  18. Ruvan

    Carbines are inherently shorter range weapons when compared to LMGs or ARs. They have lower velocity and more damage falloff (in general) but also very nice hip fire CoF. Hence, the Solstice benefits a lot from making this already tight hip fire cof better.

    Light Assaults as a class need to keep moving and abuse their hip fire capabilities for optimal pewing.

    Solstice is already really controllable without a Forward Grip due to it being a mid range Carbine.
  19. a-koo-chee-moya

    Oh well, already used my certs and I'm doing pretty well. I do play LA on the move, just a medium range. I jump jet up to a flanking position and sneak along it, picking off players in the main battle as I go. If I see an opportunity to go in, I'll take it, but mostly just to c4 armor or a large group. I like it better than just hopping around hipfiring.
  20. Kanya

    You wont need a compensator on this gun.