Pulsar C Attachments, Help Required

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Wroth, Mar 5, 2015.

  1. Wroth

    Me being the incompetent ***** I am xD

    Most people tell me that I should use a Compensator (reduces vertical recoil), Advanced Forward Grip (reduces and, in this case, practically removes horizontal recoil) , and no HVA.

    However, I found that the gun could manage alright in close quarters combat, provided I landed my shots, so I was wandering whether I should buy the Laser Sight to increase my Hipfire Accuracy.

    Any ideas?
  2. _itg

    HVA is actually a reasonable option, because it will extend your 7-shot kill range. I'd take it unless you're really struggling with the gun's vertical recoil.

    Advanced forward grip and compensator is the way to go for maximizing your ranged effectiveness, but the laser sight isn't unreasonable for a midrange loadout, where you might be forced into close-range encounters. If you go with the laser sight, drop the compensator, since it erases most of the benefit of the laser sight.
  3. Mystogan

    If you go for open fields or open bases (like Amp Stations) go HVA/Compensator/AFG. If you go more on mid-range (most bases with roofs, biolabs, tower etc.) go Laser/HVA.

    But mostly just go with first setup, second is great for biolabs. Pulsar C is still beastly accurate.
  4. Iridar51

    The issue with Pulsar C's attachments is that they don't do all that much.
    • Pulsar C already has really good horizontal recoil, so forward grip is not mandatory.
    • Its hip fire is not super good, and laser sight isn't gonna change that.
    Both HVA and Compensator are very controversial as well for this gun.
    • Normally, HVA is a no-brainer for carbines, but Pulsar C doesn't get a lot of velocity from it, and Pulsar C's vertical recoil is already kinda high.
    • I normally don't recommend using Compensator, except for very few guns that get an unusually high benefit from it (mostly 200 damage NC weapons), but then again - high vertical recoil...
    We can't say "oh yeah, there's only one good set up for this gun", like we can in case of AC-X11. Pulsar C doesn't have distinct weaknesses, and its attachments do not offer distinct bonuses. So it's a toss-up whether to use any of them.
    Myself I'd probably use it with 1x reflex / HVA / Advanced Forward Grip / No barrel attachment. This set up will have the highest vertical recoil, but with 1x it's gonna be relatively easy to compensate, and vertical recoil is the most controllable part of the recoil anyway, especially for this gun - with no recoil angle.
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  5. repairtool6

    I really really really like using the silencer on this particular gun.
    Not really for CQC - but for mid-range light assaulting. True CQC i would just pick another weapon.

    Normally i DONT use silencer at all, and i dont really play much Vanu either.

    But pulsar with forgrip and HVA and silencer is such a great option.
    Imo by far the best 'silenced option' for light assaults. A gun that actually WORKS at mid-range with the silencer. Can't really say that about any other carbine i can think of. Just my opinion.

    But yes, you CAN use the laserpointer if you want to use the gun as a hardcore flanker:
    -> Laser, HVA, Silencer.

    This setup allows you to mix a bit between close-range and mid-range fighting.
    Flank around and drop down behind enemies. just Hipfire down the closest one and then ADS the rest of the guys.
    It works okey

    However: fundamentally the gun is really really boring. It IS GOOD, but it is good in a very boring and straight-forward way.
  6. UnDeaD_CyBorG

    Supposedly 'long'-ranged options are often surprisingly good with a silencer and HVA at midrange. Pulsar C, Ursa, etc. still have the muzzle velocity to be efficient at those ranges.
    HVA means you really want a compensator, not taking it means you don't need one, either. Well, matter of taste.
    With a silencer, your effective range drops a bit, so no need to miss the compensator despite HVA.
    Sights are again a matter of taste, in my experience everything up to 3.4x works, my fav being IRNV and 2x Reflex.
  7. Illucidator

    I actually use pulsar c for cqc most of the time anyway. 1x sight and laser sight do you just fine and you dont really need hva all it does is add more recoil.
  8. Noktaj

    This is the answer OP was looking for.

    If you need a CQC carbine for VS HA switch to Serpent.
    For everything else: this Pulsar C setup with maybe 2x istead of 1x if you know you are gonna fight mostly long range.
  9. Reclaimer77

    Compensator turns the Pulsar C into a headshot machine. I know ppl who disagree, but that's my experience.

    HVA? Meh, there's a very short list of guns where HVA makes any sense. The 'C aint one of them.
  10. omfgweeee

    Totaly off topic do you use HVA on NS 11 c?Does it make any sense ?
  11. Iridar51

    It doesn't make sense to use NS-11C without it. Carbines in general get a lot out of HVA. NS-11C gets the most. That carbine has good accuracy, but velocity is just godawful, and limits effective range a lot.

    NS-11C has mild vertical recoil, so percentage-based recoil increase of HVA will not affect much. Bullet damage increase at range is also nice.
  12. omfgweeee

    Ty for fast reply my master /bow.

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