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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Higby, Apr 8, 2013.

  1. Higby Developer

    Hey all -

    This morning we've activated our Public Test server. There is a separate patcher to access Public Test which you can find here:

    SOE Players:

    Pro7 Players:

    Some notes about what you will see right now on PT:

    Currently we are working on changes to Indar's facilities and connectivity on Public Test, and will be for the next few weeks. If you'd like to check out the changes, and help us get the new battle flow rocking, jump on. We're going to be coordinating some organized testing nights to really give the flow a solid run through as we iterate.

    There is a known issue with the map's performance on PT today which causes the map to take a couple seconds to fully load, we should have a quick fix up for this soon.

    Please keep in mind, there are going to be a lot of issues with Live Test, you'll be likely to run into a lot more bugs and problems with the game there. Characters may be wiped periodically and downtime will be sporadic. On Public Test you can't use Station Cash and we do start you off with some certs to help us test quickly.

    Also, be sure to keep your eye on the official Public Test announcement and discussion forums for update notes and known issues:


    Finally, be sure to check out the Public Test policies here:

    Hope to see you on Public Test!
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  2. Regpuppy

    Surprise Test server!

    I'm excited. anything to test already?
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  3. Kroova

    w00t! Thank you SOE!
  4. TheLeader

    I'm okay with this.
  5. UrMom306

    Very nice, a step in the right direction for sure. Lets get this stuff perfected so the game will be even more awesome!
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  6. LordMatt XLVIII

    Awesome, I was worried a couple weeks ago that this would get pushed off, but thankfully everything seems to be going fine.
  7. Evileet

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  8. Dovahkiin

    I f**king love you. No h0mo.

    EDIT: After realizing I have to download another 7+ GB of game files... F**K you guys... Still downloading though :p
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  9. EvilNinjadude

    You are a team of Gentlemen and Scholars. We needed this, and now that we have it, I feel it'll be an honor.

    You couldn't have provided more incentives for lone, enthusiastic players, could you? Organized events? Newest stuff? Playing with the devs?

    I've done bug testing before, and I've been in beta (though some argue that the game still is in beta, more or less). I hope I'll be able to help out!
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  10. Cleaver

    It's a shame the download is a full 7.9GB, rather than somehow using existing game files as a template and modifying.

    (and this is a great improvement on what my net used to be like, I have sympathy for people who have to spend days downloading new content for the game)
  11. Ash87

    Let me see if I can express my happiness in words...

    **** YES! ******* **** **** ******* YES! THANK YOU, **** YES!
  12. UltraBusta

    Jumping in momentarily.
  13. JayScribble

    Testing does not come without a cost: in this case it's 8 gigs of downloading.

    Can't wait to see the new Indar!
  14. DJPenguin

    Are there set times or is this going to be up nearly 24/7?
  15. Tamas

  16. HadesR

    Does this mean the test server will now be the most populated server ? I can see people staying on it as much as possible simply for that reason.

    Edit: Should have only been up for certain periods to allow testing, rather than 24/7 which will get people on it for the wrong reason's
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  17. Hosp

    They said they're going to try to keep them up as much as possible, but that due to the fact they are test servers, they'll have more downtimes and extended downtimes as they test stuff. Also, don't expect stuff on the test server to match the live servers (their words paraphrased not mine).
  18. Dovahkiin


    So are you downloading or are you not?
  19. Deathcapt

    I'm really looking forwards to actually being able to make effective holds, and pushes along the Lattice lanes. I'm tired of Making a great hold on a base just to realize that we've lost everything between that base and the warp gate!

    Anyword on something like Character wipes but free Certs to spend on stuff in game? most PBE's I see do weekly / monthly character wipes, but give like a whole ton of free exp, so that people can still test items and things while not having to grind on the test environment, and the wipes stops people from just making mains on the test environment.

    Testing things like the lattice system with a bunch of BR1s would probably not be so good. Things will definitely favour defenders, as basically no one with have AMS / upgraded sunderers / galaxies / tanks liberators. Engineers in Phalanxs are going to be boss, and LA's are going to be useless for the first couple of weeks. Diddo with AA, vs Liberators.
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  20. UrMom306

    Once someone gets in post up some screen shots i'm at work and curious to see what they have going on on the test server :eek:

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