PU01 Patch Notes: Tuesday, November 12, 2013

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  1. Tanelorn

    On top of all the obvious thank you's, THANK YOU for revising squad deploy!!!!1!1!!
  2. Commandant Cleavage

  3. MagicTroll

    WOW! Amazing. can't wait to finish DLing the update and play! Thank SOE, this patch was a much needed thing! :)
    Keep up the good work! ;)
  4. VonStalin

    Amazing! In heavy fights i am having about +80% better fps rate than before. Before ~40fps. now ~75fps on same graphic settings.
  5. mrSplendid

    Game actually become worse for me. I hate this update.
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  6. SasoDuck

    Everything AWESOME!!! Except (and I have to be nitpicky about this) removing enemy vehicle occupancy count was a very bad idea. It's extremely important to know exactly how many enemies are inside, say an enemy Galaxy, so you know if it's just a one-man show or if you really need to worry. Please reverse that decision SOE.

    But again, AWESOME NEWS for the rest of it.
  7. CharlesFckuingRamsey

    I've never seen so many positive comments regarding game development...interesting. Nice for a change, from the usual "Well thats SOE for ya" type ****. Looks like all the ******** paid off, which seldom occurs!

    Now if only this could happen on the blizzard forums.
  8. CaptainAmeda

  9. BatFastardd

    I was 100% on board with this update until I saw this...
    • All spawn timers are now the same at 15 seconds. Previously the spawn timers would scale based on location or type from 14-18 seconds, with the majority of spawns being at 18 seconds.
    • Squad deploy will no longer drop pod players into the center of a bases. It will instead spawn the player at the closest hard spawn point to the squad leader, which includes facility spawn points, deployed Sunderers, and squad spawn beacons
    • Increased the drop speed of drop pods. They now accelerate as they approach the ground. Collision damage multiplier reduced to account for the higher pod velocity.
    • Reduced the horizontal movement speed of drop pods so they land closer to their origin points
    What the eff is this? Not everyone in this damn game enjoys a zerg fight. Many of us enjoy smaller squad on squad battles and this update removes many options for a single squad assaulting a base. This is forcing a squad to bring a sunderer and therefore giving pubbies a place to spawn.... you see where I'm going with this.
    I will admit, the addition lattice lanes help somewhat but that addresses a slightly different issue. SOE, if you're optimizing the game just so you can create larger and zergier battles then I'm done with this sh**.
  10. Wezdor

    **** you SOE. ****. You. Why did you **** the Magrider up. Why?!
  11. SashsaACIII

  12. Emotitron

    Is the game now hard capped at 60FPS? My BENQ 120hz monitor is feeling like a waste of money at the moment if it is.

    Nevermind - smoothing was doing that.
  13. evansra

    Squad beacons are still there for that :)
  14. Torn Mandate

    Am I the only one experiencing a random disconnect (+game closing) in 10 or so minutes after starting the game.
    That, and the visual quality of everything looks like absolute crap right now. Although the latter might be an issue with my settings menu not working. Since it also shows my (TR) terminals as blue, instead of red. (Using faction colors.)
  15. Dwup

    I disagree, now you have to assume any Galaxy is full or risk loseing the ground behind you. Now instead of one one Galaxy or Sunderer you can pull three, needing two as decoys. Makes the game more interesting and there was no reason we should have been getting crew counts before, I never understood how I would have been able to know that using the iron sights on my gun.
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  16. DirArtillerySupport

    Why do I get the feeling this has been turned off for good?
  17. Torn Mandate

    Okay, yeah, so, still getting random disconnects, and the settings menu refuses to update, but I can change my graphics, colors, and other stuff back...
  18. Chubzdoomer

    Dear PlanetSide 2,

    I ask for your forgiveness.

    You were like a wife that was nothing but good to me. Maybe not the prettiest around, maybe a little rough around the edges, but amazing for all the right reasons. I spent hundreds of hours with you and never got tired. I developed new friendships. I felt complete! But then Battlefield 4 came along, PlanetSide 2, and I was swept away by its beauty. It had all these new features that captivated me, and it looked and sounded better than anything before it. But it took me for a sucker, PlanetSide 2. I gave it my time and money and all it did was insult me, and laugh in my face, and ask for more money to do basic things. But you, PlanetSide 2 -- you've grown. You're less rough around the edges and you're prettier than I last gave you credit for. You're as close to perfect as anything will ever be.

    I'm coming back, PlanetSide 2, and I'm so, so sorry. I've missed you.
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  19. gagle

    As the official post says, I've clicked the button "reset to default graphics". Now the brightness is fuqed up, TOO bright. The graphics quality on ultra is now a crap or it's my impression? The mouse control is now a holy crap. I use an optical mouse and noe it seems that it has some sort of acceleration. Oh MY FUQIN GOD, SOE!!!!!!!!! What are you doing, seriously??
  20. aoyagiaichou

    Not bad, it got my laptop from 25 to 30 FPS . How far do you expect to go with this?