PU01 Patch Notes: Tuesday, November 12, 2013

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  1. AuxiMoron

  2. planetephantome

    F*** NO ! ! ! First you remove the ennemy life indicator and now that ! ! Don't you understand that we like having this informations? That it's part of gameplay fun and a decicise stuff ins strategic and aproches tactics ?!? And as every faction can see that, we're equal, why the hell did you took that from us? I'd realy like to know the reason for that please cause i'm truly dispointed....
  3. WNxPlatinum

    Good patch so far.

    HUD took a bit to get used too but doesn't bother me at all now.
    Love the update to kill spam seeing what weapon was used.
    FPS is 50's in Bio Lab fight, that's a 40% increase for me. but I would like to be able to remove or increase the smoothing I have a 120Hz monitor for a reason..

    What's the impact if you take smoothing to 0 and cap FPS as 144.
  4. Miyoko(Mallory)

    REALLY Cool Patch SOE! Thank you! I was playing earlier on stable 30-40 FPS in 48+ battles. After "wonderful megasuperpuperawesome patch" I'm playing on 16-18 FPS in 48+ battles. Thank you, thank you very much! GET BACK MY OLD 30-40 FPS!!!
  5. LagLight

    SO...whats the deal now?....

    Do we get content patches now?

    Or are we STILL waiting..............................................................................................................................
  6. ThePeruvian

    where are my flares fix!!!!!!
  7. ThePeruvian

    i agree, as an esf its kinda life or death to know if the enemy lib is 1/3 or 2/3 not to mention galaxies 5/12 is death vs 1/12!!!
  8. llRISKll

    so iam downloading a crappy bag of update that will make me hate the game and stop playing it ... that is great !

    if u guys want to add some stupid hight tech graphic atlest give us an option to use it or not !! ..

    we are not going to buy a new pc to play ur FREE-TO-PLAY game !! GOD!!
  9. ErenJaeger

    One word : GLORIOUS

    Mo patches, mo problems. Went from slow to stop. Game crashes in seconds! I have a nice computer... WHAT THE F***?!!! Can I get some station cash as a reimbursement for all the time I've had a "PREMIUM" membership and can't even play? This is crap!!!!!!!
  11. dirtYbird

    Still noticing balls of flame on AV turrets with no projectiles, same with Strikers.
  12. mukanya

    The frame fps has increased , well done .
    is it me or does now the graphics look like very low , i mean Ps used to look ultra real ,but now it looks like gta sandandres. But still i prefer fps than real look .
  13. mukanya

    i now received a new patch and its now back to normal
  14. Yolodoloscolo

    There are only a few changes that are sort of disappointing to see, but they are by no means game breaking. If you know that you are going to hate the game and stop playing it then why in the hell are you downloading this "crappy bag of update"?

    The new "stupid hight tech graphic" actually use less memory to draw, they explained this in their youtube series. This whole patch actually helps the game run better. (I don't know where you've been) If you read all of the patch notes instead of just certain ones you would know this.

    And finally, please speak for yourself. I actually did spend a decent amount of money on new computer just so I could finally try Planetside 2.

    P.S. You need to pay more attention in your 6th grade grammar class.

    On a more serious note, I really like the new updates and my fps went from ~35-40 in big tech plant battles to like 50+ fps now.
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  15. Nakor

    Went from 30-40 fps most of the time with 15-20 in big fights and terrible chopping all the time to 60 most of the time with 45+ in fights, with no chop. Good job developers, keep it up.

    As for the people in charge... its about damn time.
  16. RastaMoose

    I can't play the game at all. I load to the main menu nice and speedy but when I log in it has the Indar loading screen but when it gets to 95% it stops. I decided to leave it for a while but nothing happened. In task manager it still says the game is running. The music is also still playing and I have mouse control. I tried changing the graphics settings and trying different characters but none of these worked.

    Hype, dead.
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  17. Ragir

    Well, launcher gives me a G25 error and suggests my graphics card doesn't meet


    Of course it was fine on test server two weeks ago and for a year until now. I run 760, don't give me that - thought people should know. Waiting on a fix for this problem now!
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  18. Karles

    I can t even download the update. the main site is down too
  19. Inu

    I see what you did there SoE. Gave us new HUD stuff, make the game less stale. I'll fall into your trap... for now **maniacal laughter**.
  20. Daikar