Discussion in 'Test Server: Discussion' started by Doomzzg, Sep 20, 2014.

  1. Doomzzg

    Makes you crash when you try to login
    And your characters are gone, just a heads up
  2. DarkTexas Volunteer Quality Assurance Assistant

    known issue;
    thanks anyway.
  3. Doomzzg

    That was for other players, go back to your **********
  4. Pikachu

    It's because these the server is down for maintenance.
  5. Doomzzg

    If it was down for Maintenance i would not even be able to make a character, let alone even click the play button.
  6. Pikachu

    That is not always the case. Have you never had this happen when the live server is down?
  7. Doomzzg

    This is PTS not live
  8. ciotta2013

    For what i can see PTS is offline, it does the same exatcly as LIVE when is UPDATING.
    Have we an estimated downtime? Will be online in 1 hour ?
  9. DarkTexas Volunteer Quality Assurance Assistant

    Guys, we are aware of the issue @ the Testserver.
    Please wait a while till it's back
  10. DatVanuMan

    How long might it take, man? And thanks for keeping us informed:D
  11. Pikachu

    Until monday. :rolleyes:
  12. RyanGUK

    Probably just needs a reboot, amirite.
  13. GlueHead

    But I wanna' go there and drive the flash...
  14. DatVanuMan

    I see...
  15. DarkTexas Volunteer Quality Assurance Assistant

    not 100 sure. I didn't get any ETA yet since the PTS should be on since yesterday night.