[PTS]VS ESSR is another game-breaker like ZOE, please reblance in before on sell

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by MEU2, Feb 11, 2014.

  1. MEU2

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  2. Ghosty11

    The "no drop" will probably not make it to live, since it has been deemed overpowered in nearly every situation where it has been an actual perk to Vanu.
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  3. kadney

    Thank you for the video. Are there showcases of the other ESSR's yet? And how much damage do charged Bodyshots deal? For the terminal thing, I don't see that much of an issue there since there is only a limited chance to abuse this. Inside a spawnroom, you can pull this off with any weapon. Did you test TR's and NC's counterparts yet?
  4. Ash87

    I thought it was perfect tbh.

    The charged shot having a 4 second cool down, makes it viable. Spamming, as you showed, takes a WHILE to kill. Honestly, I could get twice as many kills using the SR-7 or equivalent with a straight pull bolt attachment... the VS ESR is nowhere CLOSE to that dangerous. This gun, as is, is fine.

    I'd use this gun if it were TR, but I'm fine with it.
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  5. ComradeHavoc

    MMMMM NC getting a shotgun sniper... wait wut?

    Silenced, Sniper, Shotgun, can damage vehicles

    Cons: Shotgun fire-mode can only one shot within 2 meters, and usually must hit the head. Torso shots are very sketchy, and re-fire time is very low.
  6. z1967

    nope. Higby said on the almighty bird site that the shotgun function was getting removed in favor of a railgun style weapon. And the TR get the SUPER SABR-13 MADDAFAKKAS. but yeah, this could get rather interesting when the rifles hit live.
  7. deggy

    I love how you're throwing the letters ZOE out there just to get the hate flowing.

    Let me put it this way: 1 shot every 4 seconds is slower than the RoF of the Lightning AP. How is this broken?
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  8. MEU2

    Shotgun mode has gone. It only have a sniper mode now, however Higby make it have incredible velocity, which is around 800m/s. Rail gun is a straight upgrade of Longshot, its high velocity make shooting move targets as a easy mode, even the bullet drop seems very little to notice.

    In conclusion, railgun make snipe easiler, but this feature is easy to balance, just change some numbers.
  9. TheFamilyGhost

    First, the only thing wrong with the ZOE was that people couldn't hack something that was hard to play against.

    Stirring up the same hate against something new... *again*... instead of talking tactics is as weak as every other nerf attempt.
  10. sindz

    Worst thread ive seen in a while.

    Lets talk about the drawbacks compared to parallax.

    You cant head shot kill people in the same rate as parallax as the heat up mechanic is bad.

    you have to time the hold breath and charge up meaning you will most likely only hit afk targets.

    its semi shot for most the shots which requires you to land plenty of follow up shots. and semi rifles atm doesnt have bullet drop either and thats not op.

    The actual bullet drop in the game is so low since the render distance is so bad that its easy as **** to account for "bulletdrop".

    Therefor, this rifle wont ever compete with the parallax in term of headshot rates, aka its worse than teh parallax. And which sniper ever runs out of ammo, ever.-
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  11. LudwigVonHellsing

    Yeah, it only took you 40 secs to kill that motionless MAX thanks to your infinite ammo pool. So OP...
    And the terminal resetting the heat would have the same effect with any other bolt action rifle (resetting the ammo instead of the heat).
    And I would gladly give up the "no bullet drop" for a muzzle velocity of 850m/s which has the same effect but also helps when you have to lead.
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  12. Master

    I do. I get on kill streaks, I also don't use ammo belt.
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  13. TommyXXL

    ? what was that ? you have really bad aim, the problem is not that the vs and nc weapons will be good, the problem is that the tr one is useless !!!
  14. Phyr

    800m/s means negligible bullet drop, so the NC rifle is even better at doing the thing you're complaining about the VS rifle doing. THe NC are getting a straight upgrade to their BASR's, VS are getting a hybrid that makes it a sidegrade of both the semi and BA rifles, and TR are getting boned.
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  15. sindz

    What this guy said. NC one will be complete OP regardless of it has shotgun or not. TR is utter garbage - unless what higby said will come true and they will get a super SABR sniper rifle. Then VS will be the ones getting boned. Will have to wait and see.
  16. Master

    Your idea of OP is hilariuos.

    What you proved is that this gun is OP in the VR. Nothing that you showed, will prove that this rifle is OP in actual combat. I mean seriously, the only time you'd be so close to an equip term and be shooting heads would be in a spawn room against very dumb enemies.
  17. Fenrys

    Came here expecting to see new OP weapon.

    Found an underwhelming peaflinger that looks like maybe it needs a buff to bring it up to par with current gen weapons.
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  18. Phazaar

    Can we just agree that ALL of the ESSRs are ******* horrible and need a complete rework? They need to be unique mechanics, not simple numbers upgrades to an already perfect weapon. None of these are fun to use, none of these are good ideas, and none of these are going to promote other than more sniper hatred.
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  19. Kulantan

    A "straight upgrade" that fires a half the rate of the previous lowest ROF BSAR and its most likely not going to get a straight pull. It will be a sidegrade.

    The VS one looks nice. Sure its a sidegrade, but one for both SA and BA. This versatility is nice. See someone standing still and one shot them, see someone running and SA at them. With no drop and infinite ammo this will be a competitive weapon. Heck, it could loose the no drop (and probably will) and still be a very nice addition to the VS armory.

    The TR's one is the one I'm least convinced of. But at the moment it is also the least finished, it doesn't even have a scope.
  20. Ghosty11

    According to a Tweet yesterday by Higby, the shotgun mode won't make it to live.