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    Sept. 7, 2017 – PTS Update

    Note: These updates are currently on the Public Test Server, but weren’t posted during the update.

    Additional polish and improvements to the faction points dropdown area were made to support the new continent locking mechanics. Additional information on the upcoming update can be found in a previous dev article here:

    We’ve drastically changed how continent selection from login works internally, and overpopulation should now be funneled into the VR training room if there are no continents capable of supporting additional faction population. If you encounter any unusual behaviors when attempting to log into a continent or zone into a new one, please let us know.

    AP firing mode damage from 100-91 to 125 at all ranges.

    Safe Fall
    Rank 5: Collision damage protection from 20% to 50%
    Dev Note: Minor adjustment that makes this effect more noticeable in some situations.

    Ocular Shield
    Bug fix: Damaging targets that have Ocular Shield equipped with small arms weapons will no longer trigger a resist icon.

    Dev note: These adjustments continue to push the air game toward a relationship similar Live for ESF, while increasing the effectiveness of the remaining Valkyrie weapons, and bringing Liberator weapons more in line with the new vehicle health and resistances. Expect additional adjustments to be made, particularly to the Liberator, in the future.

    Racer and Rival Chassis
    Increased the handling responsiveness for Lightning, Prowler, and Vanguard when these chassis are equipped.

    A2A Missiles (Reaver, Scythe, Mosquito)
    Damage from 250 to 350

    Halberd (MBT, Harasser)
    Now has a 2x headshot multiplier on direct hits.

    Dev Note: Adjusting this multiplier means that this weapon now one-shot kills on a headshot on targets with 1000 health or less, even through Flak Armor. Heavies with an active Resist Shield, full health, and Flak Armor will survive a direct headshot.

    Hyena (Galaxy, Liberator)
    Damage from 150 to 75 (and 115 to 75 for Galaxy)
    Indirect damage from 200 to 150
    Inner blast radius from 0.35m to 0.5m
    Outer blast radius from 3m to 1.5m
    Outer blast damage from 1 to 25

    Resist type 8 from 75 to 90

    Direct damage from 100 to 150

    Max damage from 250 to 200

    Direct damage from 250 to 175
    Inner blast damage from 500 to 350

    Renamed "Zepher" to "Zephyr" for all variants.
    Direct damage from 400 to 350
    Inner blast damage from 500 to 250
    Outer blast radius from 5m to 4m

    Resist type from 4 to 28

    Direct damage resist type from 4 to 28

    Direct damage from 200 to 167
    Blast damage from 200 to 150
    Direct damage resist type from 18 to 5

    Damage from 180-167 to 160-125

    Damage from 200-143 to 175-112

    Damage from 175 to 160

    Direct damage from 425 to 300

    Damage from 200-167 to 190-160

    Damage from 180 to 175

    Air Hammer
    Reverted direct damage from 85 to 65

    Damage from 167-143 to 150-112

    Damage from 175-112 to 150-100

    Reverted direct damage from 170 to 150

    Known Issues
    Safe Fall description needs updating.
    Refined Cortium checkmark doesn’t appear when completed.
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