PTS Update - 3/16

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    The PlanetSide 2 Public Test Server will come down this evening for an update.

    New Construction Blueprints
    Pain Spire
    This spire will damage enemy infantry and MAX within 15 meters.

    Routing Spire
    This spire allows the user to equip a deployable spawnpoint Router. This can be pulled from the spire when charged.

    The Flail
    The Flail fires a volley of 4 mortar shells in quick succession, doing moderate damage to all in range. Requires AI module as well as a manually fired targeting dart in order to fire.

    Construction Fixes
    • Resistances for Siege Weapons are working.
    • Elysium Spawn Tube now decays properly.
    • IPC will fire its burst a bit faster now.

    Known Bugs:
    • Welding tool and Deconstructor tool will overlap if bought in the same life.
    • Projectiles from the IPC Targeting Device are not showing up.
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