PTS Update 25/01 (Squad Vehicle Spawning, inc. Whales!)

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by lyravega, Jan 25, 2014.

  1. lyravega

    An awareness post, which I'm happy to read!

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  2. Prudentia

    I have to test that while 'raining man' is running as a loop and i make barrelroles with my cute little whale.
  3. lyravega

    Indeed hah
  4. NoctD

    So I'm trying to understand how this works - it means that you can spawn inside a transport vehicle, as long as a member of the squad is present in said vehicle?

    Also sundies get utility slot freed up? Now this I like!
  5. RasFW

    I don't like this. I imagine now instead of sunderers being static targets that couldn't move if they wanted to spawn troops, they're now going to be high-speed mobile spawn points for squads.

    But who knows. Maybe it could work...
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  6. vincent-

    OH **** yes I'm going to have fun chasing them with harassers and tanks. High speed fun sounds fun!
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  7. Octoknight

    This means I could put a shield diffuser on my AMS sundy...:D
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  8. NoctD

    If its squad based as the wording indicates, and you already need 1 person to be in vehicle, the max potential adds are 11 other squad members. It could certainly be enough numbers to make a difference, but at least its not unlimited/open to just anyone.

    Although it sounds like they're taking a shortcut to actually building an AMS add-on for the Galaxy. So this is literally the squad AMS.

    I know they're considering there vehicles, but that's a bit silly, having people being able to spawn directly into flying Libs and moving tanks and such. That part doesn't make sense really.
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  9. LibertyRevolution

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  10. Octoknight

    Reminds me of another game...*cough* BATTLEFIELD *cough*
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  11. Cowabunga

    So a sundy inside non deploy zones will then poop platoon members? :F
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  12. treeHamster

    When they mentioned this as an idea months back, I said it was the WORST idea ever. They already nerfed the spawn system and hot drop because platoons/outfits were abusing it horribly. This will mean they can abuse the spawn system to no end.

    Imagine 2 Galaxies @ the flight ceiling over a base in northern Indar. They could create a spawn point for essentially 50 people that never ends.
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  13. Delta102

    They could still do the squad ams for gal attachment. If what people have been saying and that the spawn timer for spawning on squad vehicles is the longest of the spawn timers then the gal option could reduce it to normal ams timer.
  14. Delta102

    AA and air superiority take care of that, gals are very easy targets to hit.
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  15. treeHamster

    Not if they bring a few ace pilots to guard.
  16. Klondik3

    ESFs will actually become useful in larger fights YAY!
  17. Delta102

    This could be tough to stop in smaller battles, but you don't see gal gunships exactly owning it up so I don't see why ams would be able to stick around. Bursters in the spawn room and skyguards a hex away pretty much make hovering over/around a base pretty difficult if you don't have terrain to break los. Its worth a shot to at least make a galaxy a little more than a one way taxi.
  18. treeHamster

    Not the point. The point is that it gives too much power to outfits and platoons. A platoon could setup a SINGLE Galaxy on top of a base like the Skydock, outside of the line of sight of the spawn, then just stick one guy from each squad in the Gal, throw a few engies outside of it to repair, and all of a sudden you have an invincible spawn point.
  19. Klondik3

    Galaxy not only has to be occupied by your squad member but it also has to be owned by him. Platoon leader would pretty much have to constantly move the pilot/owner to different squads.

    Is this approach really that much superior to simply using spawn beacons in the scenario you described?
  20. MasonSTL

    *Squad owned transports (i.e. Sunderers and Galaxies)

    I'm guessing squad owned means that if a gal is owned by alpha squad only alpha can spawn in it not the other squads.

    That said I am still on the fence about it. Mostly the galaxy part of it.