PTS Update 10-19-15

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  1. Slash Hammer

    I guess the linking of two enemy WGs is easy to achieve (compared to the other victory conditions). We shouldn't be able to lock a continent with just doing this.
    Anyhow, I like the idea. It supports teamplay and platoon leadership and adds some strategical gameplay.
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  2. Iridar51

    Moving CoF - yes, starting CoF - no. They also have high vertical recoil and lower DPS in case of Lynx.

    Trust me, I've been thinking long and hard on this issue, and came to the conclusion that it all adds up, and Lynx and TORQ would be worthy choice - if just the CoF bloom was brought up to par.

    I kinda dislike the whole trend with TR weapons "easier to use, but lower potential". Would be nice to get rid of it at least here.
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  3. elkikko92

    Can be improved: adjacent little outpost of large outpost protect him with increased capture timer if you have the outposts.
    No comment on you, I Report your last comment
  4. Goretzu

    That seems a little too easy on the servers with massive population inbalances or huge Zergfits on just one side. :confused:
  5. elkikko92

    With only lattice its to hard to do that! Impossible
  6. elkikko92

    WITH LATTICE YES, but if they will reintroduce strategy = hex system a good outfit can always cut off a lattice lane!
    Now planetside 2 is "strategy for kids" = shout aganist zerg
  7. Handsi

    So are these LMG changes nerfs of buffs? Never understood all the techno-jargon on infantry weapons :-/
  8. Eternaloptimist

    Yay - EM1, Polaris and T16 getting improved and T32 getting more reserve ammo. All on my favourite weapons list (apart from TTK up until now)
  9. Traumatol0g

    I think "Victory Points" are unnecessary complication of the alert winning mechanism and does not brings anything useful.
  10. Scr1nRusher


    Dude, the Traditional Marco-Lattice(separate from ICL) cannot be done at this stage of the games development.
  11. BIllyGG

    Why is the VS weapons getting buffed? Taking away something they should never of had in the first place calls for buffs for everything else?

    Makes absoulely no sense
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  12. Scr1nRusher

    Tears are powerful things. :p
  13. xMaxdamage

    nice changes!!! only one question, I may be wrong, but I think that the first iteration of these changes was addressing the "heat recharge while medkitting" feature too, by removing the ability for the BG to reload itself while not in use. is this change still in the works or it was considererd too much punishing?
  14. Gundem

    Cept' the VS LMG's aren't good because they are OP, they are good because the VS players who use them have thousands of hours playing HA and tens of thousands of LMG kills and they are pretty ******* good at playing HA.

    Don't expect to suddenly do well against that BR100 VS HA who kills you with a laser accurate stream of headshots suddenly because he moves 25% slower while ADS then before. In fact, they may be even more dangerous because they are going to be even more accurate now.
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  15. xMaxdamage

    if a weapon is well suited for hipfiring it will also be less performing somewhere else, like in dps or ads accuracy. if they are good to hipfire it means you will be likely to use them more often from the hip, and how do you counter the fact that you are using a gun suited to be fired from the hip, having now far less accuracy than ADS? Movement! you move and you dodge more that's freaking INELUDIBLE. even the best pro player will NEVER be able to achieve REAL-TIME compensation for different movement speeds, and we are talking about the first, most accurate shots of the burst.

    movement does matter, there would be no sense to hipfire at all if otherwise, that's why this Orion/BG change is gonna give a side buff to all those weapon suited to hipfire a lot and use movement to out-dps the opponent (lasher and MCG included).
  16. BIllyGG

    where the **** did you get that from my comment where you ramble on like a ******? They shouldn't have had the 0.75 ads to begin with because it defeats the purpose of having the shield on and it being a disadvantage in movement speed, but finally taking that away should not mean they should get buff in everything else.

    you sir are a dumb ***.
  17. Gundem

    I'm terribly sorry you think that. But what I meant, was that many of the complaints towards the VS LMG's are founded in the idea that the x.75 movement speed multiplier somehow makes them vastly superior to any other LMG in the game. This is simply not true. And when these changes finally do come around, there's going to be a lot of confused and dissapointed TR and NC, wondering how the heck the VS are still owning them with their Orion's. And it will be because, as I said, the VS LMG's are not stronger because they get a x.75 movement speed, but as I said, because the VS HA's are stupidly ******* good with them, because the VS LMG's are pretty much the only viable weapons in the VS arsenal in the game(Considering the balance of the infantry classes as well).

    As you are advocating the removal of the move speed increase, you obviously think that they are overpowered. So you will also be among those sad and dissapointed NC/TR, when you get instagibbed by a laser accurate stream of plasma into your cranium from 50 meters away, because the VS heavies aren't going to magically get bad at aiming because they move 25% slower. Only now, you will die from 80 meters away instead of 50 because our LMG's are going to be more accurate.

    Plus, if you actually read once in a while, you'd see that the VS LMG's are actually statistically worse then NC or TR LMG's. Worse recoil, smaller magazines, bad recoil tolerances, and that ungodly first shot recoil that makes us avoid the LSW like it has AID's. The faction specific advantage for the VS LMG's is generally that they are more agile and mobile, having faster reloads and generally acceptable vertical recoil. Since aparently the other factions have whined enough, they are going to loose that, and in return gain improved accuracy. If the Orion was simply nerfed, it would be among one of the worst LMG's. Of course it would still be used, but only because every other VS LMG still manages to be even worse then it would be somehow.
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  18. Scr1nRusher

    Oh its not easy at all lol.
  19. BIllyGG

    They're the most used statiscally across the board! the Sv-88/orion/betel are fine they way they are.

    losing movement you said just awhile ago, would not hinder anybody, so why the buff? I chew through guys with these guns too, AND THEY ARE THE BEST LMGS IN THE GAME Movement speed or not. I've played with all the guns and it's hands down they're the best. The buffs are COMPLETELY unnecessary and I would like to hear DBG's reason for it.

    Most likely it will go like this

    "well, we would look stupid on us if we took away something that should never of been included and admit to our mistake so we better just buff some stuff or will face hell"
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  20. Neo3602

    The changes to the Butcher look interesting, though would it be possible to make it so that if you resume firing with in say .01 seconds of stopping you maintain the increased fire rate?

    Also the 60 extra rounds for the Bull are going to be nice too bad I'll have finished with it's Aluraxium medal before these changes go live.
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