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  1. Blam320

    I said glass cannons. You're basically required to run lock-ons as infantry just to try and get some reasonable damage off on them. In addition, Harassers, at least on Connery, are used more than Lightnings when people don't have the resources for MBTs, since their speed combined with their damage output makes them huge threats to infantry and tanks alike.

    You're talking a lot of on-paper stuff, such as Tank Mines being more effective against Harassers thanks to their speed reducing the effectiveness of Sweeper HUD, when the reality is they are least effective against harassers. I can't tell you the number of times people have run straight into tank mines on all factions, and while other vehicles are damaged, Harassers get by without a scratch.
  2. frozen north

    Honestly, I have tended to notice that Lightning usage and Harasser usage are really similar on Connery, and frankly, it would not surprise me if lightnings were actually more popular. As for needing lock on rockets as infantry to deal with harassers, I have never really found that to be an issue. I usually find that the stock rocket launcher is the most reliable launcher for fighting harassers as infantry. Of course, I also never bother firing rockets at long range, so that might also have something to do with it.

    As for people running straight into tank mines... you cant say that every one of them was using Sweeper HUD. Trust me, half my MBT deaths reveal a lack of Sweeper HUD, so when they run into mines, they dont know until its too late. Plus, for the harasser to do the mine ignoring trick, it needs to stay in a very narrow speed range that changes based on how level the terrain is.

    Now, because of how Tank mines work when it comes to detonating in proximity to each other, any mine set up that forces harassers to run along the line of mines is basically a guaranteed kill on the harasser, since any mine after the first is almost guaranteed to be directly under the harasser, removing 3/4 of its health with only one mine. So all it takes is three mines, which is the same number needed to instantly kill any other ground vehicle.

    A side benefit of this in line strategy is that it exploits the speed requirement of avoiding the mines in the first place. Even if the harasser driver has Sweeper, by the time Sweeper HUD shows that there is more in the line, the driver is already committed and has to take the damage. I know this from personal experience. Unless sweeper is maxed, you can't reliably avoid in time at mine escaping speeds.

    That's what I meant when I said sweeper is less useful to a harasser. Yes, it does alert you to the mines, allowing you to speed up in advance, but that same speed up can often doom you if the mines are placed in an anti harasser configuration.
  3. Blam320

    I know about the mines-in-a-line trick. That fools anyone not running Sweeper, since people just assume mines are placed in a straight line perpendicular to the road.

    However, you need to hope and pray that a Harasser is going to drive down that exact path, and isn't going to be off-road or to one side 95% of the time.

    And I applaud you for using stock launchers against Harassers. You're either very brave or very stupid to engage one that close.
  4. Demigan

    Dear Devs,

    Above the latest in a line of advantages that are thrown to aircraft, but not to ground vehicles or infantry. Other advantages include things like having more weapon systems than other vehicles of the same cost and auto-granted nanite auto-repair whenever an Engineer is in the pilot's seat. I think it's time to start throwing a bone to ground units as well. For example, currently tanks are helpless against an air-threat when they don't have an AA loadout, but equipping an AA loadout heavily nerfs their capabilitiy against other targets. In reverse the aircraft barely sacrifice their capabilities and even if they have the worst possible loadout while being engaged by G2A, they can always outrun their opponents before they die to them.
    So it's time to start giving the ground units some auto-granted advantages too. For example, give Lightnings and MBT's a driver-controlled secondary weapon designed for light AA duty. Because the obvious problem of that weapon being a deterrent when tanks move in groups the weapon would need to be a skillful AA weapon. The weapon could be fired with the crouch keys which the tank doesn't use anyway or by switching weapons. Keep doing a few trends like that and the game will be much more enjoyable for more players.
    While speaking of AA, you specifically mention in your dev note that you aim to make the Liberator more enjoyable to play. So how about making G2A weapons finally something that people want to start using?
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  5. frozen north

    More reckless then anything.
  6. Blam320

    Oh, I tried your little "mines in a line" trick. Surprise surprise, no dice. The Harasser rolled right over them and suffered no damage from the explosion.
  7. Halkesh

    I did the same thing, it cost me 250 nanite to deal ~50% damage to it.
    I hope one day PS2 will buff AV mines into widow mines.
  8. frozen north

    Yeah, even ill admit I have found myself beating it at times as I face it more often (with some rather comedic results in the process as well).

    Still doesn't change the fact though that competent tank crews will defeat a harasser any day of the week, even without the nerf on the PTS.

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