PTS Update - 04/18

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  1. Halkesh

    You're missing the part where Lancer's damage type will be changed to Rocket Launcher resist type and that they want tanks to be more resistant while AV weapon will dealt less damage to infantry.
    At full charge, lancer will deal about the same damage as default RL but will be able to shot 3 time before reloading (since it will get 9 round on its magazine).
    Projectile velocity and lifespan combined indeed reduce the max range to 450m. (from 600m or 700m)
    About the RoF, honestly who spray and pray with the lancer ? IMO you should be more concerned about the velocity nerf.

    New damage of Lancer charge 3, one hit :
    ESF 2275 dmg on 3000 hp (from 2 hit to burn)
    Valkyries 994 dmg on 3000 hp (from 3 hit to kill) [nerf]
    Liberator 1190 dmg on 5000 hp (from 7 hit to burn)
    Galaxy 980 dmg on 7000 hp (from about 12-16 to kill)

    MAX 700 dmg on 2000 hp (from 2 hit to kill)
    Harasser 700 dmg on 2500 hp (from 3 hit to kill)
    Harasser, armored 700 dmg on 3000 hp (from 3 hit to burn)
    Ant 490 on 4000 hp (from 4 to burn)
    Ant, armored 490 dmg on 4400 hp (from 5 to kill)
    Sunderer 490 dmg on 4000 hp (from 5 to kill)
    Sunderer, armored 490 dmg on 5000 hp (from 6 to burn)

    Lightning frontal 490 dmg on 4000 hp (from 5 to burn)
    Lightning rear 490 dmg on 4000 hp (from 3 to kill)
    prowler frontal 490 dmg on 5000 hp (from 6 to burn)
    prowler rear 980 dmg on 5000 hp (from 4 hit to kill)
    vanguard frontal 490 dmg on 6000 hp (from 8 to burn)
    vanguard, rear 980 dmg on 6000 hp (from 4 hit to kill)

    Edit : Dalton no longer OHK ESF
  2. Divenity

    No I didn't.

    Literally the only thing it was buffed against.

    So, all nerfs, many quite significant... I'm still not seeing that "more punch" they spoke of.

    The MAX for example, used to take 70% damage from one full charge shot, now 2 full charge shots doesn't even kill them when it used to overkill them by 40%.

    It also no longer kills Flashes in one hit.

    Also all nerfs, quite significant ones.

    So again I ask, where is the "more punch" they spoke of, because I've yet to see it.
  3. Halkesh

    Well indeed it will be nerfed, but IMO, it look like they want to reduce vehicle damage against infantry so I think it's kinda worth it.
    Honestly, if tanks can't OHK infantry that wear flak armor, I'm ok with the Lancer nerf. (witch is one of my favorite weapon).

    I hope tanks won't be OP if they can't be killed in 2 C4.

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