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  1. LordKrelas

    I'm getting that you can't understand complicated sentences.
    I stated 5 times, that a cannon should one-hit kill, but I had the horrid notion of explaining why such a shot might not.
    Hit the arm with a planet or a rock, And unless that also impacts the rest, you'll only affect the arm.

    Never said Flak deflecting cannon fire was "fine".
    I just stated how bloody rare that was to even find, and that the top gun still exists, as does ramming the rare idiot, if not using a prowler which shoots twice.

    And tankers can use EOD, if not sight them manually, or.... see if the target is even an engineer if so, then maybe not drive in a straight line towards them.
    You know, think about the target a wee bit?

    Unless there's an engiee right beside that Heavy, they have like 5 shots or so.
    Unless swarm, which won't even manage the feat in 5 shots anyway - And it needs you to move out of cover to get LOS.
    And stay in LOS for the entire lock period, which isn't instant.

    Your Top gunner can use an AI option perhaps, rather than always AV for killing infantry, tanks, and everything.
    As it seems AI weaponry on vehicles can now damage vehicles, for all the lunacy of that.
    Don't ask me why they can, they just do now.

    Your tank btw is strong enough, It just right now can't one-shot with any gun it picks.
    It can survive multiple rocket hits, use two weapons at once, destroy vehicles easily, be rapidly repaired, and outdistance infantry AV weapons.
    Getting out of it, is simply an Option, as it surprises the hell out of infantry.
    As is AI weaponry for killing infantry, rather than AV being the jack-of-all-trades.

    - And again, yes tank cannons should one-shot kill. They don't right now, but you do have options.

    If cover was pointless, tanks wouldn't be using it.
  2. Nekron

    Is there an ERROR or why does Prowler HEAT not kill Infantry with 1 shot?!?
    AP and HE (HESH) does kill with 1 shoot, but HEAT needs 2...

    I don't understand?!?
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  3. yasinzz

  4. flouvio

    What... the... like... I mean... man.... whaaaat ?
    What is even the point to pull vehicles ?
    No, just no, don't do that. So far on the paper it seems like being the worst update ever... really... don't do that.
  5. Dreadnawesome

    I play Planetside on PS4 and play mostly vehicles. That being said I was already frustrated with the thermals change. Why avoid reality, thermals can't see infantry? But if they are on turrets sure. No logic. Now we shall take a step further and vanguard ap rounds won't even 1 shot infantry. I agree with other comments this is a huge slap in the face. Vehicles will be near useless against infantry even anti infantry weapons with the new damage and infantry defense armors. And the dalton... It is not over powered at all on PS4 most players don't even run it because it's much harder to aim. This game was truly special because of vehicles, and now they are turned obsolete, only capable of countering themselves. It already feels like vehicles have been receiving slight nerfs for a while now.

    I am going to hope this patch changes or goes away before it completes it 6-8 month journey to PS4. I fear an uninstall in the future, a paid br120 member.
  6. LordKrelas

    In reality, aircraft can't have the armor of an MBT.
    And of course, infantry can carry rockets that can pierce tank armor, and destroy it from the inside.
    The logic, was balance, but perhaps pointless on Land vehicles, it did need to be done for aircraft.

    Can't one-shot on Max-flak-armor infantry.
    Find infantry that would trade Any Nanoweave for Max-ranked Flak, to then need a second round, or any Top-gun fire to kill.
    Most infantry, don't see a point, unless operating vehicles like MBTs themselves to use any Flak-armor let alone max rank.
    Why? As nanoweave is far more practical, than preventing a tank's main cannon once.

    Vehicles now have a practical resistance table.
    You know what does what to what, easier, can calculate how many shells, rockets and more you can handle before the red-zone.
    Beyond the rare Max-rank flak infantry, Killing power of the Main cannons vs infantry hasn't changed in favor of infantry.
    Vehicle AI weaponry are also now capable of attacking armored targets, making them more viable rather than AV everything being the most common.

    If you can't kill an infantry target, with a Top-Gunner, main cannon, health advantage, armor advantage, range advantage, speed advantage, and the ability to ram the target.... What exactly are you doing with that tank?

    Are you solo'ing a 2-man MBT, and unwilling to move the vehicle at all?

    On PC, the Dalton can be fired from sky-limit, one-shot ESFs, and since on PC, aiming a weapon is often easier... You can see where this is going.

    If not being able to One-shot every single infantry due to rare infantry hampering themselves with the highest-ranked Flak armor, makes Your vehicle obsolete... You weren't using it very well to begin with.
    It's a 2-man tank, with a vast array of weaponry options, beyond the main cannon.
    You aren't limited to one-shot, you have a second weapon, operated by a second player.
    And for Prowlers, you do have two-shots on that primary.
    For Magriders, a practical speed-boost to ram the sods over if dodging \ strafing ain't your thing.
    Vanguards, have a shield to increase the TTK slightly.

    You have options with every vehicle, that doesn't require one-shotting anywhere on the target body of infantry to win the fight.
  7. IceCreamSucker

    Thank you for nerf it again. Do you really think that burst weapon can be used for long range combat? So TR now has two close combat weapons.

    Damage from 70 to 85
    Magazine size from 10 to 8

    Lowered the magazine size, but upped the damage. With the above resistance change, puts TTK a little lower than Halberd and reduces the time needed to maintain aim through the burst.
    Thank you now I don't need gatekeeper I just can buy Halbert.

    Gatekeeper needs 24 shots (3 clips) to kill Harasser, Saron needs 13 shots (2,2 clips) to kill Harasser and Enforcer needs 8 shots (1 clip) to kill Harasser. Good job nefr TR buff NC.

    • Inner Blast Radius from 1 to 0.5
    • Blast
      · Outer Damage from 1 to 25
      · Outer Radius from 4 to 3
      Dev Note: Marauder outer blast settings got missed in the initial round of changes.
    Thank you for the second M40 Fury.
    RPM from 800 to 600
    • Min Range from 200 to 50
    Yes nerf TR again!
    By the way Vulcan and Mjolnir kill Harasser slowly but Aphelion still needs 3 acceleration to arc to kill it.
    • Reload from 2.5 seconds to 3.5 seconds
    Maybe then second shot will be done automatically or for example the recoil will be only after second shot?
    Thank you for the new shield for Vanguard. Finally you removed this imbalanced invul.
  8. LaughingDead

    1. Flak is being changed to level 4 you can no longer be decked by tank shells in one hit. Level 4 is not 1211 certs, it's 211, or free if you're an engie, by no means is this rare considering people use flak to not die to grenade spam like medics, heavies and infils. 211 certs is an easy grab for a C4 light.

    2. This is not about just the one shot itself, it is about the efficiency of the tank. If I have an easier time getting out of the tank, shoot the infantry that can resist the tank shell, wtf is the point of the tank? A tank is basically a main cannon strapped to a harasser but is slower, less mobile and has about as much air harassing it as the harasser. If there was a side kobalt then no one would care about the one shot, if the flak was actually rare or at level 5 then maybe people would care less, but until I as a heavy play peekaboo with a tank and win and prevent them from pushing up like a tank is supposed to, this is a really stupid update.

    3. AI tanks fighting as well as AP tanks is not a good thing, they pretty much watered down the goods and bads of it, vehicles banding together to overcome each ones individual weaknesses is what made vehicle strategy actually fun and meaningful, but as it stands, AP pretty much got worse, Heat has the highest AV dps, HE can now fight both AV and AI, AP can move 50 meters faster, increadible. Vehicle players never wanted this, vehicles never needed this, AI for vehicles is still subpar and nerfed against infantry, all they did was shift focus and nerf exactly like thermals, and there were 70 threads on it.

    How bout you explain to me; why is this a good update? Resistance types that we still have over 30 over? AI tanks that break their niche role and fight vehicles as well? No more rocket primaries? If this is a joke, I ain't laughing.
  9. LordKrelas

    If said infantry is going to engage any infantry, or near them, they'll have a better use for Nanoweave unless there is grenade spam.
    So again, pretty rare considering.
    And I never gave any cert numbers, literally. Nor did I say which level beyond Max Level - Aka not 5, 4, 2, 104 etc.

    The tank with a heavy AoA cannon, usually designed to shred armored targets, and the Top-Gun..
    The efficiency of the Tank, is determined by one-shotting infantry targets with an anti-armor aka Anti-vehicle cannon shell.
    What in hell is the efficiency of using AI on AV duty? Sub par. Use AV vs AV. Yet AV is better at AI than AI is... the hell man.
    Why is AV more effective at AI? As it one shots it, and takes down vehicle targets as well.

    The point of the tank?
    The thing with heavy armor, A main cannon & top gun tank, with more health than a harasser tank?
    Since it can't one-shot an flak-armor target (Oh flak actually works? Shucks) with an AV primary? My gods.
    Imagine if an AI vehicle was being raged about how it was rendered ineffective against tanks if they had mine guard.

    You can't one-shot a fleshy target using Max-Ranked Flak using an AV weapon? Okay, maybe use the top gun?
    Or an AI weapon when attacking an Infantry target... aka use anti-infantry rather than AV (anti-vehicle)?

    Like what are the odds, the target is wearing flak, and manages to survive your main shot, and top-gun?
    Hell, right now, AV top gun, and AV main cannon, is the only set of tank weaponry anyone uses all that often.
    As you one-shot infantry, severely damage vehicles, and don't lose out on anything...
    Like dear lord, Tanks play peek-a-boo with cover themselves, with One-shot cannons at that.

    Never mentioned that.
    They are tuning that as well - In addition, AI tanks are meant to be practical, just like AV tanks.
    An AV tank could do what an AI tank could do faster, and still kill armor faster - The hell did you pull AI top guns for?
    Then since AI needs work, it can be improved, as presently it has to compete with AV weapons being superior in every way.
    Infantry target, regardless of what: One-shot. Vehicle target: Severely Damaging per shot.
    AI weapon? Useless against vehicles, and not as fast as AV weapons...

    So now vehicle AI can actually get some love.
    I hope.
    Thermals for aircraft needed that nerf, ground vehicles not really.
    - But hey, at least vehicle AI now can compete, without AV being the god-sent Perfect-weapon for every possible target.
  10. LaughingDead

    Saying it's rare is far from actually being rare. And I know you said max level, I'm telling you right now, you do not require max level, only level 4, which also makes it more common considering how cheap that is compared to max nanoweave or etc.

    That's not what I'm talking about, I'm stating AI is subpar for AI and should be buff in it's AI role over giving it an AV role. Kobalt suddenly doing plink damage to tanks does not help the kobalt. AV is more effective because you engage both targets as effective as HE engages infantry. No one wanted HE shells that could take down tanks, but they should for the love of god have the ability to be as effective as a lib when it comes to AI work. It's all in the topgun.

    Point of the tank is now to pretty much always push up with infantry, but now we need tanks even less. Heavy armor is considered null when confronted with a lib, however the lib via tank encounters are generally fair because it's a counter, tanks in this game comparatively counter nothing. Libs kill tanks faster than tanks, kill infantry more effectively, create no go zones better, and kill heavy air better. This is relatively fine for the most part because ESFs can take out libs effectively, the only problem is tanks have no use as anything but a slab of armor, no one needs a slab of armor, a better slab of armor is the sunderer because it spawns infantry.

    AI is still terribad and they nerfed it. Why should I use the worse of the two options on a vehicle thats worse than something else I could pull?

    Tank's can't always have cover, infantry generally always does. They don't need to operate out in the open like tanks do, and tanks are almost always exposed unless relying on other units. A heavy on the hand can tank that tank shell from 350 meters away, throw more rockets on the tank and the tank can do nothing but repair while the heavy self sustains with implants. Hows that fair at all? The heavy uses a no aim requirement weapon verses a tank that has slower shells than pistol bullets and can do nothing to this heavy because he has flak, so he simply takes the rockets as a permanent HP hamper for no reason except devs don't like infantry dying to vehicles. ON that subject, infantry got a massive boost to rocket lock, reload and ammo capacity. Now I can use flak instead of munition pouch because there's no reason to use any other suit slot. So no, flak isn't as rare as you claim it would be.

    Expecting them to increase the lethality of AI weapons to infantry is expecting which way furies were supposed to be nerfed. They were a "versatile" anti infantry grenade launcher. Nerfed the splash because they were too effective against vehicles. So basically they're buffing AI against vehicles so they don't have to do as well to infantry. If you don't see that by now then I'm afraid you are getting your hopes up.

    Thermal all around was a stupid change. It was a complete change to the optic, no refunds for it, still highlights infantry in VR which should have been a ******* easy fix to not deceive new players into thinking thats how it worked on live and was pretty much a slap in the face at anyone who shot at infantry. Air did not need the thermals nerf as well as vehicles. Why should I have a duster on my lib now? To shoot ants that can deal half my HP in one shot when my gunner can't always see them? If this was actual combined arms, infils should be able to highlight infantry for the air to shoot at, not just have invisible ******* infantry.

    Personal note, ESF I can live without thermals, dedicated AI bombers should not have gotten the nerf as well as dedicated AI vehicles.
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  11. yasinzz

    guess who wins! prowler with big two cannons vs a guy with 5 rockets with rocket launcher runing zigzags

    youre right! prowler cant do direct hit kill dont even ask splash damage lol
  12. yasinzz

  13. yasinzz

    why turning this game into a ****** infantry cod?

    rip aircraft and ground vehicles
  14. Kristan

    133mb stealth update. :eek:

    Any patch notes on it?
  15. Magma52

    I don't understand what he means here. Did he mistype it? How is reducing damage from 365 to 175 giving a weapon its bite back? It's a huge nerf...what is he talking about?

    Fury became useless against infantry when they reduced inner blast damage to 150 on Flash. I didn't think they would go ahead and make it more useless.
  16. Sir_Colin

    "Vulcan (Prowler/Harasser)
    Fire Rate from 75 to 100
    Max Damage from 167 to 143
    Max Range from 10 to 20 (Prowler Version Only)
    Min Damage from 125 to 100"

    So the damage is reduced, but the fire rate is increased... Meaning that the most OP harasser weapon is getting buffed in DPS by 14% while most all other AP weapons are being taken behind the woodshed and beaten? I'm willing to give the rebalance a try before crying gloom and doom, but this does make me wonder what play-testing procedures are in place.
  17. CroixRougesNC

    Ok, tell me if I misunderstood something, but...

    1. How is an armour designed to reduce explosion damge, and only reducing explosion damge, supposed to save your life from a AP shell (theoicaly little to no explosion) ?
    And if you reply with something like "it's to avoid 1 shot kills" , then either give the tank a headsot bonus too, or make FLAK reduce sniper rifle headshot damage too.

    2. To make it easier to understand about how damage works, with damage reductions and all the math behind it, why not start by sharing the data you have, the math the game use, with the players ?

    3. Will the phoenix be able to snipe out snipers now ?

    4. Why give the HA more rockets ? I think it's good like it is now with a "need" for ingeneer to get some ammunition, which also makes it harder for a single HA to take down a sunderer with shields.
  18. Ziggurat8

    You're reading it wrong. It's fire rate. As in, time between shots. It's going from 75, to 100. I'm assuming milliseconds as the RPM on a Vulcan is way way way higher than 75. If it is ms, it's going from 800rpm to 600rpm.

    Essentially it's getting a nerf to RPM, a 1 tier MAX damage nerf and a 2 tier min damage nerf. It's a huge drop in damage output vs infantry. I'm not sure how it will match up compared to the new vehicles as far as ttk. Which is all anyone really cares about when talking in terms of effectiveness.
  19. Divenity

    Please don't nerf the Lancer like this... It's half the reason I even still play this game.
  20. Divenity


    "The long range capabilities of the Lancer have been reduced, and given more punch at shorter range. As a result the launcher will feel more worthwhile in more situations, and require more players to scale up at long distances."

    where is this more punch you speak of at short range?

    • Rate of fire from 200rpm to 120rpm
    • Charge 0 from 150@400m-110@500m to 100@150m-50@300m
    • Charge 1 from 375@400m-275@500m to 350@150m-175@300m
    • Charge 2 from 750@400m-500@500m to 700@150m-350@300m
    You reduced both it's damage at short range, and it's rate of fire.
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