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  1. WTSherman

    -50% resistance (from the Rocket Launcher damage type, which still exists) means 50% more damage, or 150% total. As you're probably aware, just multiplying by 0.5 would give half damage (75), which is the opposite of 50% more damage. Multiplying by 1 of course would keep it the same, so that's the same as 0%. To get 50% more, I have to take that half damage and add it to the original damage for 150+75=225. I can do that by multiplying it by one and a half, or 1.5, which will also give me 225.

    Of course, the confusion may be related to a bit of English weirdness: "doing 150%" vs "increased by 150%". A weapon that does 150%, was increased by 50% because the first 100% is just the unmodified base damage.
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  2. GeeBee

    The "Combined Arms Update" Should really be called "removing the functional roles of vehicles in the game so infantry farms don't get interrupted by other aspects of the game" The keystone to all of this is the medic spawn tube that nerfs the role of sunderers, first it was the "deploy shield" cause the died too quick when they weren't babysat, now its just bypassing having to deal with sunderers at all. Wrel what you said here is very damaging. Your view of planetside 2 only includes infantry and allowing you to implement vehicle changes is severely wrong, you have a strong bias and it is not for the overall betterment of the game.

    Example of excessive change - Sunderer Fury's being nerfed to 1/4 of their current damage vs the others only being reduced by half. Considering the fury is limited in range usage this is nerfing it out of viability, basi's will be better in every situation.

    So the ESF's Air to Ground Weapons are being nerfed to counter the resistance removals, but the nose guns aren't being touched? So unless the ESF's nose guns are nerfed on DPS as well expect the TTK of the nose guns to be faster than the TTK of the specialty ground weapons. My point here is maybe the resistances that are being removed just for the sake of removing them are there for a reason, the entire approach to this update is backwards and is opening pandora's box.
  3. DRAX21

    I don't know if anyone linked this yet but I will anyway seeing as it is my video. Most of the changes are tested in the video so you can see how different a weapon is on the Test Server in its current state. Remember they are likely to change or tweak things multiple times before taking them to live.

    I'm not going to worry too much at this stage. Having done the tests, I can see the benefits of most changes, a few are a bit crazy, (Halberd comes to mind) and some are currently broke (anti infantry weapons against heavy armor doing more damage than the actual armor killing weapons).
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  4. Irlogia

    I don't even know where to start to complain about this... And there is just so MUCH nonsense. So i'll just leave what the devs were apparently thinking when planning the Lancer changes:

    "Lets take this rocket launcher/sniper rifle hybrid with no bulletdrop and significant charge time that demands longer exposure time, and make it more close range oriented. GENIOUS!!!"

    ... Did the contradiction of this not occur to any one of the devs?
  5. SuperTrooperWaterloo

    TR here having an important question:

    How can i delete my account? Couldnt find it in the account settings. (For real, cant find it.)
  6. yasinzz

    thank you for nerfing everything. it was already hard to kill anything . now its impossible. i mean what the **** its a ****** rocket cannon you fire next to a player and nothing happens. atleast lower the zoom price.
  7. yasinzz

    omg ****** agreed man
  8. yasinzz

    you guys better remove hornet missiles and tanks from the game already. i mean what the ****.
  9. yasinzz

  10. yasinzz

    these updates will make game smaller by that i mean people will focus on small battle area because everything got nerfed not enough range to have big battles. good job. keep nerfind it and make it medieval again
  11. yasinzz

    ****** agreed man i cant even kill anything already now it will be impossible
  12. yasinzz

    i swear the god i never complained about updates but this one even made me angry ill uninstall the game if this goes live
  13. Checker2k

    This update is like the worst update in the history of Planetside 2.
    Guys like me who dont really enjoy the infantry part no longer have a reason to play this game anymore.
    I think the devolopers dont really care about the players who spent a lot of time to get good with vehicles because some vehicles arent that easy to play than some guys think, especially lib pilots like me will hate this update, we spent months to be able to kill more than one esf per run (i spent over a year to learn how to hit esf kind of good with the dalton) and now all the practice we did is for like nothing.
    In my opinion the vehicle balancing wasnt perfect but it was very good.

    And all the players who think the dalton is too strong: you are right the dalton is too strong against ground vehicles but for sure not against esf, you need a lot of practice to hit a esf once, if you need two or more shots its impossible to kill a esf.

    If this update goes life its going to destroy the game for a lot of players!

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  14. Ziggurat8

    Fire supression and NAR passively buffed? Repair sunderers and engineers nerfed? Where do Mines and C4 stand? Basilisk and skyguard now the best AV weapons in the game? Godsaw AV damage crazy good now? Where does MAX armor fall in all these AV weapon changes?

    Here's an idea. Put resistance values in game, then you don't have to change a bunch of stuff to make it more "intuitive". Players will know what damage their weapons will do.

    Finally, thanks for putting AV damage on all top guns. Watching all my PPA ammo being wasted on enemy sunderers will be a thing of the past.
  15. yasinzz

  16. yasinzz

  17. yasinzz

    why the **** they are changed tank round visuals to make it easier to track? why the hell stealth is for then? its already easy to spot who is attacking you. making it more less realistic thanks for the ********.
  18. yasinzz

  19. yasinzz

    why you guys made new projectile visuals for tank rounds? for making it more easy to track and spot the stealth equipped tank ? i mean why the hell you guys doing this its already easy to spot...
  20. yasinzz

    thank you for the Lance.... cancer changes
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