PTS Update - 04/18

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  1. OldMaster80

    As far as I understand tank will not oneshot you as long as wear Flak Armor. Btw c75 Viper never oneshotted.
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  2. strid3r478

    4 direct hits to kill one infantry guy with saron are you freaking mental? there is no freaking way to kill infantry with 4 direct shots and if the guy wears flak armor it will be impossible to kill it at all , either the enemy must be afk or complete ****** not move while received 3 direct shots into his skull , even now if infatry if far away it's near to impossible to kill it with saron because after each shot i have to wait for a full second that the guns cof to recover. BTW wtf increasing health of vanguard that thing have a freaking shield that reduce damage by 75% and you give it even more health common guys there a lot of good changes but this one's really?
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  3. Liewec123

    Orbital Strike Changes
    • Can now target within no-construction areas
    i see how every base fight ever is going to end now.

    also lol on hornets dealing 500 damage, just remove them from the game already. XD

    credit where credit is due however, the Mjolnir and Phoenix changes look tasty,
    pretty much a straight buff for phoenix, and mjolnir finally getting the splash to make it a real grenade launcher.
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  4. Eternaloptimist

    Nerfing RLs but leaving aircraft unchanged (for now) is the first change in nearly two years that will adversely affect my personal play style (I love G2A) :(.

    Not sure, but it seems like splash damage will be more lethal against infantry as well.
  5. equinub

    I dare DBG & Wrel to push this entire patch to live. I predict we'll see a bigger exodus of ground vehicle players than the skynights exodus from the PS4 "unifying code" Air Control patch.
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  6. Celeris

    So, if I'm reading this right, you're saying that no tank will be a OHK against infantry? You wanted tanks to be more involved in the game right? How will this help exactly other than segregate tanks even more from the rest of the game? First it's walls around pretty much anything related to a capture point (that's cool, HE spam on point was lame), now it's everyone able to deal small, yet significant in aggregation damage to tanks, from infils with explosive crossbows to every LA having a rocklet launcher and now heavies who'll be able to launch 50% more shots at tanks and who'll now no longer be OHKs...TO A FREAKING TANK shell.

    I don't see how these changes will be remotely what ANYONE wants. I was nervous with the first release of the "combined arms" posts a while back, I was hoping to see that I was wrong to be nervous, it appears I was right to be fearful. These changes look like change for changes sake, none of which will be an improvement none of which anyone who's ever spent time in a tank wanted. Except maybe the changes to vanguard shield and the handling of tracked vehicles...the rest of the stuff...extraneous and completely unnecessary.
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  7. Celeris

    Changing wholesale what I (personally) feel is one of the most rewarding and fun aspects of the game (not perfect by any means) being armour, is dumb, go slow, change a few things...test them widely and get useful feedback (like what people said regarding the gatekeeper, but you know, act on it this time) and don't change EVERYTHING in ONE GO.
  8. JohnGalt36

    If this goes live I, and most other tankers, will uninstall. This is the biggest ******* slap to the face to date.
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  9. Isterichka

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  10. Zaves

    Did you guys expect more from some kid from youtube who has zero talent to work on games? What asshats sat around a conference room table and thought this **** up? Ill just put another month worth of gold into World of tanks before I hop into the "highest dps tank" in the game aka the Sega Genesis. Seems to me they want a 2 faction game. Just remove the TR at this point. Why are they even here? Well enjoy one less player in the player base. I wont be supporting this re-sinking ship.
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  11. JohnGalt36

    Just reread this and CANNOT BELIEVE how ridiculous it is. Just remove vehicles and be done with it.
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  12. Cyropaedia

    Not just tankers bro, you won't be getting any air targets now...
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  13. Cyropaedia

    This patch is BS. Rocket pods direct damage from 500 to 143. Hornets from 1500-500. Am I flying a water gun? Sad day for Planetside 2.
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  14. LegendarySalmonSnake

    Can't do maths well enough on my potato phone to get a picture of the damage changes. I'm kinda saddened by the lancer changes. No more sniping esfs, harassers and maxes at long ranges. If the changes remain like this I'll just run with nemesis/annihilator from now on. No point in using it in medium ranges either (where I guess its getting a buff) since you are better of with decimator/s1. Hornets are still not hit and run weapons and just like vlg are all about hovering above and spamming. Possibly even more so than before the Nerf. Oh and vehicle retrofit bay as constructible object should be a thing.
  15. LegendarySalmonSnake

    Did you miss the walls of text about vehicle healths, resistance values and groups being thrown into blender or what?
  16. Cyropaedia

    Lol. Notes say MBTs will get a 1k hp buff. He doesn't describe what removing the 25 resistance values entails. For all we know they maintain their old resistance (comparatively speaking) but merely streamlined for the sake of coding. What we do know for certain: MBTs 1k buff, Hornets 66% damage reduction.
  17. WTSherman

    They specifically mention that they are completely removing armor resistance. So, for example, Vanguard with side armor: Before: 75% DR, After, 0% DR.

    So, your hornets do 66% less base damage. But, without that 75% DR, everything (including the Hornest) does 4x damage to a Vanguard. Let's see... 0.37x4=1.48. So at the end of the day, the Hornets do 48% MORE effective damage to a Vanguard. The lost DR is larger than the lost damage.
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  18. PanzerGoddess

    well at least were getting new content. Mine taps lol...... o_O

    As for OS, being able to use in non-constructed zones will help mitigate zergs if you have an os setup early enough at checkpoints, the intention being as a self defense weapon not so much as a strike weapon.
    And wtf is this more os when a sky shield is up rofl. Da hell.....I swear some things either I'm missing or just straight face palms me.....vehicles cant pass through sky shields......aircraft the magical dart of OS cant be used through sky shields.

    This patch all I can say lol.
    PS1 had how many continents? Even had caves, hell we even had water, even had islands!

    Now we get to enjoy the same continents with combat patches....that's right I said it combat patches....not just patches...COMBAT!!!!
    who comes up with this stuff
    0-10 star rating
    WREL = -1 star
    Dev = 2.1245 stars
    Player voting on changes = ....errr wait we have player voting :eek:

    oh and btw its bring your kids to work day on Fridays, now we know where all these ideas come from, box of papers and some you have combat initiative.
  19. cobaltlightning

    Eesh, player response is a lot like the echo chamber for when Minor Stealth Implant was released, and it turned out to be not nearly as bad.

    The only thing I see, on paper, is that things are getting changed. It's difficult if it'll be for the better or worse.
    It does not seem like Tank vs Infantry will change much, if at all. Just moreso changes that a Tank's main priority should be an enemy tank.
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  20. Hajakizol

    And max units are officially dead.... It was bad enough walking around with av weapons when it took multiple hits to to kill infantry. Now it takes even more and double that with Flak? Falcons were the only mid-range option nc had now it will take 4 hits to kill a planetman? With a 2 second reload between salvos? Just refund max users the daybreak cash and delete them. No talk on archers. Now would be a great time to make them useful against ALL vehicles not just maxes give them the teeth tey deserve as they sacrificed an anti-infantry slot.

    Or am i missing where they said that infantry health was halved? And all infantry weapons do half damage? A rocklet rifle will out-damage a max now..
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