PTS Patch Notes - August 8, 2013

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  1. Stew360

    Actually no sonce the mobility allow you to avoid 30 % more shot lol avoid c4 much more to avoid been shot by a rocket much more , ZOE can be activated and disactivated on will with no cooldown

    Also as a anti tanks Zoe can spam Left rigth and shoot with lazer accuracy avoiding been shot and shoot at will

    30 % is a joke unless you face a NC maxs at point blank ;)

    agains infantry it as NO downside
  2. Sedisp

    It is more resistant with the shield and yess according to the in game statistics they do in fact kill more infantry than other MAXEs.

    You've said no to mobility so what exactly is the VS MAX supposed to get?

    I sure hope it's an ability that all factions get acess to but somehow worse, then I can get a themeing bonus for having my Magburner and my ****** MAX ability!
  3. TheJackofAll

    I certed ammunition belt to level 3 on two of my characters, it's not fair that I have to pay 1000 certs for level four when it used to cost 500, this should be refunded.
  4. Runegrace

    I've not really had an issue with ZOE maxes after they got a re-balance. They're great when ambushing and flanking, but in large-scale gunfights that glowing pink 'shoot me' sign draws a lot of bullets. Sure, when one rolls on top of you you're pretty screwed, but not like that doesn't happen with other MAXes. I fight more NC MAXes than VS. I wonder if people just notice VS more because they glow.

    As TR, I'm kinda envious of the other MAX abilities. Any point where you lockdown and can see enemies to shoot there's a ton of stuff to shoot back at you, or people who can C4/explode an immobile target. And unlike our tanks, you can't shoot (accurately) while deploying/undeploying so you actually lose out on DPS unless you're anchored for a while. The ability is useful for bursters and little else. That stood out when AA was way OP but now that it's been toned down it isn't much of a selling feature. I'd take the NC Aegis any day over Lockdown.

    I also don't get this fascination with Nanoweave. It's great...if you typically die without killing someone. If NW is the difference between you living or dying in a gunfight, then the next encounter like that means you're dead. That extra health only comes back if you're being healed by a medic after every fight or running med kits, so otherwise that next fight you're going from 750 health to less than 250. Rather than having +250 max health per spawn I'd much prefer my 500 shields coming back faster time and time again. Or 1/2 of all explosion damage not hurting me, as then it rarely even gets through shields. Or even having more spare ammo so I can go on longer sniping sprees or flanking runs with LA.

    I think in general higher-skilled players will find more use in the other suit options. NW addresses the issue of dying too much. The other options improve your ability to go out and kill multiple people. I do agree that NW should not prevent a OHK from a bolt-action sniper, though.
  5. SnuggX

    spotted a few hugh FPS drop at 1 of the interlink fac.
    from 90 to 20
  6. EmperorPenguin5

    What about the Reverse Thrust nerf? you gonna Undo that Catastrophy?
    SOE Hire some aces from each Server as Consultants for your flying game, ASK THEM before messing with the mechanics that many hold so dear.
  7. DeadliestMoon

    Did you watch FNO last night?
  8. vanu123

    How do you avoid 30% more? If you cant hit a max then you simply suck. Also any and just about all max weapons tear apart ZOE. Not to mention decimators nearly one shot ZOE.
  9. Stew360

    Decimator 2 shot ZOE as well as 2 Shot any maxs from any factions if they dont use flak armor lol same for Zoe it take the exact same numbers of decimator shot to kill ALL maxs

    the main problam is ZOE are much harder to hit , first VS maxs and tinyer and more slim than TR and NC ones but with ZOE direct hit them is much more tricky also you should consider the insane range and stopping power of a ZOE maxs ;)
  10. Spookydodger

    Sorry, Disco Stew, they 1 shot a ZOE MAX.

    I get 1-shot by decimators all the time. I tend to run nanite armor, and this happens to me as a result. The only time it takes 2 shots is if the ZOE MAX also has high level flak armor on. The 1-shot comes from the explosive damage combined with the direct fire damage.

    Also a Decimator will bring a normal MAX down to half. A ZOE with high Flak will be brought down to less than 20%, enough to finish off with your choice of sidearms.
  11. Spookydodger

    You were stung as a child, weren't you... by a big ZOE using bee.


    Fracture MAXes seem to have no problem making life hell for a ZOE, and those pinpoint accuracy (vortex, perhaps?) weapons require 3 seconds just to charge and shoot or else you are shooting nerf rounds. Comets are better, but you better have good cover because firing Comets with ZOE on leaves HUGE trails pointing right back to you.

    And for the last time, it's 30% less ARMOR. That equates to more than 30% more damage! It's the resistance value that is 30% less!

    If I go toe to toe I might be able to win with ZOE on against, say, a Mercy MAX or a ScatMAX at range, but I'm going to be so close to death a stiff breeze will kill me. I usually turn ZOE off if I have to fight anything 1-on-1.
  12. Stew360

    LOLLLLL proove it ;) show me a video of a ZOE maxs getting rocket by a decimator and been one shot lol

    You cant because it wont happen , here a little video for ya even if its outdate the 10 extra % wont make it become a one shot kills and this is Whiout flak armor so yeah keep it on man

    ZOE maxs avoid decimator with ease , Zoe maxs extra punishement is a true Joke and ZOE maxs are still really imbalanced and discusting

    Decimator will damage a NC maxs around 1full bar + 1/4 while ZOE will get 1 full bar and 1/3,or 1/2.5 no big deal here especially when they dodge rockets with ease ;)
  13. Spookydodger

    I get rocketed at point blank range quite often. A heavy pops around the corner and wham, rocket meal.

    I saw ZOE MAXes get rocketed from 50 meters away when they were on the balcony inside a Tech plant while overlooking the cap point.

    If YOU personally are a freaking lousy shot, then just admit it, Stew. Don't automatically assume everyone else is as sucktacular as you. It's ok, I assume you have strengths in other areas of life, like pastry making, or perhaps auto-repair.

    And I haven't tested it directly, but I know I have gone from full health to DEAD in one hit, and I was 100% damaged by a Decimator.
  14. Stew360

    Sorry but you are misleaded , its impossible

    Zoe maxs cant be one shot by decimator if you dont already have 60 % damage on your first Maxs health bar it is simply impossible it take 2 decimator shot to kill any maxs including ZOE so stop it already
  15. vanu123

    No they are not. Our maxs are still about the same size as any max and maxs in general are still a HUGE target so if you cant hit it then uninstall the game.
  16. Spookydodger

    Well, I tried it out with some testing. A ZOE took about 75% damage from a Devastator and an ML7. It took about 60-65%% from an S1. I don't know how I was 1-shot by shoulder fired rockets before, but I've definitely been hit once and died instantly, with only that weapon doing 100% of the damage.

    Perhaps there is some anomaly like how droppods affect Liberators. Sometimes they do 1/3rd, sometimes they 1-shot a full-health Liberator, and sometimes they do like 85% damage.

    I tried both body shots and head shots to see if there was difference but there didn't appear to be one.
  17. McFail

    I did some testing myself, and it seems to support your results. At point blank range, a Decimator body-shotting a ZOE max with ONLY ZOE did about 75% damage. Ironically, a headshot from that same distance did LESS damage, only doing about 66% damage. From a greater range, a body shot with the Decimator dropped a ZOE to just 1 tiny bar of its health, while again, a headshot did less damage. From continued testing at the same range, the damage done from a body shot inexplicably dropped to only doing 85% damage instead of the 98% it should. This continued, with headshots again doing less damage.

    It seems that the damage done from rockets seems to fluctuate for no proper reason, but I can say that I definitely do remember seeing footage of a ZOE max being OHK'd by a rocket launcher. I've tried to find it, but haven't had any luck.
  18. Spookydodger

    Hrm, I'll have to go back and try some more testing then from various distances.
  19. Artifex78

    Ladies and gentlemen,
    as a grunt you are not supposed to one-shot kill a max. A ZOE Max is an easy prey for 2-3 grunts with one Deci and small arms fire.
  20. exLupo